Alternate Reality Chapter 1: "Out in the Woods"

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Summary: An alternate view of those seven years we know nothing about. With a Goku/Vegeta twist. Enjoy.

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Okay here is where you can stop reading if you want. I'm just gonna ramble for a bit. My plan for this story is that it's part one of three. The basics of this one is I'm filling in an alternative way the seven years between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga went, with a Goku/Vegeta twist of course. I also made up alot about the physisology of Saiyans, there is mpreg reference in this first story and there will be mpreg in the last part of this series. The second part of my series I hope to keep short, but my plan is to write some key moments form the Buu Saga from my story's pov. Most of the saga I'm leaving alone but there are some parts that wont fit into my ideas. The third part will pretty much ignore GT (except for Uub, I like him) and will be AU and a continuation of our boys' lives during peaceful times. I may have bitten of more than I can chew but it's worth a try. Feedback is welcome (and encouraged) for my ideas so far. So yeah, that's it for now I'll let ya'll read. If I remeber anything I'll post it in the following chapters.

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Chapter 1

It was over…finally over. Cell was defeated, the world was saved…and Kakarot was dead. Vegeta gave a sigh as he rolled over in his bed at Capsule Corps. It had been seven days, one week since Goku disappeared and sacrificed his life for the lives of those he loved. Vegeta sighed again, now once more one of the most important people in his life was gone. He pulled the blankets tighter around him, starving for comfort he knew wouldn't come. The glow of the city around the complex flowed in through his window, giving the room an eerie cast of shadows, but he didn't mind. The shadows distracted him from his thoughts of the only man he truly loved.

One more sigh passed his royal lips as he thought back to the time before the androids and Cell, for those few years things had been good…no great. He had trained along side Kakarot, his son Gohan, and Piccolo, and had formed a close knit bond with them. None of the other's knew of it, they still only thought Vegeta desired to be stronger than Goku, which was no longer true. Vegeta secretly adored having the companionship, because these fighters understood him unlike anyone else. Piccolo in particular understood him the best, since he came from a not too bright past as well and had once been an enemy like Vegeta but had been given a second chance. Gohan, even though he was only half Saiyan, showed strong traits and interest in his nearly forgotten race, making Vegeta silently look upon this young man as a son he never thought he would have. That was of course until Trunks came along.

The night Trunks was conceived was a night Vegeta didn't look too fondly on. He had gone into heat about a year before the androids were to arrive, and no one was around to slake his lust except Bulma. He had never loved her, but he did respect her, even though he never said it out loud. She was smart, beautiful, and stood her ground against him. Part of him had definitely wished it had been Kakarot that had found him, naked and spread eagled on his bed, erect and sweating with arousal, but it was not to be. She had come to him to say dinner was ready, but had been detoured at the sight and had gone and given him a much needed release.

The next morning she was furious with him, calling him all kinds of names to cover up for the real fact that she had had the best night of her life with an alien when she shouldn't have. After all she could have left him there; it was her decision to engage in such activities with him. For someone who created things to help others she was incredibly selfish and closed minded, not able to see past the fact that he was an alien. He had been hurt. Even though he didn't love her he thought at least they could be on friendly terms since they lived under the same roof. Apparently not.

A couple of weeks later Bulma found out that she was pregnant with Vegeta's child, and took it upon herself to make his life a living hell. She said that because he put her in this position he had to do whatever she said or she would get rid of the baby. He had agreed because he could not bear the thought of losing his own baby. Even though the child was not made from love, Vegeta was still proud that he would have his own child to raise, but Bulma did not make things easy. She forced him to do all kinds of things like making her meals, giving her massages, or cleaning up after her. He had not complained too much at first because he believed she needed the help in her condition, but soon things got out of hand, yet he still did not raise a finger for fear of losing the child. She didn't show the Prince an ounce of respect or gratitude, calling him all kinds of terrible names, putting him down at all hours of the day, but still working him to the bone. His only reprieve was his daily sparring matches with Piccolo, Gohan, and Kakarot. He never mentioned what was going on to Gohan or Kakarot because Bulma was their friend first and he did not want to break them apart.

Nine months later Trunks was born. The labor was long and difficult, due in part to Bulma's bitching and lack of desire to bring the child into the world, since the babe wouldn't be fully human. Vegeta had finally put his foot down when Bulma wanted to cut his son's tail off, he won the argument thankfully, but it was the end of any kind of relationship for Bulma and Vegeta. After that they lived a lie.

In front of others Bulma was the image of the perfect, happy, loving mother, holding her son and cooing into his tiny pudgy face. Behind closed door, Trunks was lucky if his mother ever looked his way. She spent most of her time in her labs, catching up on lost time from when she was pregnant, and other times were spent with her on and off lover Yamcha, never sparing a glance towards her son or the father of her child. Vegeta took it upon himself to care for the child whenever he could or to leave Trunks in Bunni's care.

He had discovered that Bulma's parents were nothing like their daughter. Dr. Briefs would frequently spend time with Vegeta, talking to him about his travels in space, acting like a surrogate father. He was a very bright and interesting man, and Vegeta enjoyed his company. Bunni, even though she was a bit absent minded, was very caring and warm, not to mention a fabulous cook. She often spent time in the kitchen with Vegeta teaching him how to cook for the times she wasn't there and doting on the Prince like a proud mother. Vegeta grew increasingly fond of her, especially with how much she adored Trunks. She was always willing to look after him when Vegeta left for his training with the others. Vegeta was very grateful to them both, since Trunks basically had one parent.

Another event that happened in the time before the Cell games was the heated affair Vegeta had with Goku. It began some time after Trunks was born, when a sparring match came to a head. Punches turned to caresses and kicks turned to kisses, and before either knew what was happening, Goku had his prince pinned to the ground, spread wide as he plundered his prize. Vegeta loved every minute. It was the first time he saw the true Saiyan behind the happy-go-lucky mask and he was overwhelmed and falling helplessly in love. Afterwards, though, Goku had been torn between what he felt and what planet Earth taught him was wrong. But Vegeta had set him straight (or not so straight, however you look at it).

Back when the Saiyans still thrived on their planet, nearly the population was male. When a male cub was born, they were either a Dom or a Sub, coming into their heritage at the age of 18. The Subs were gifted with the ability to conceive whenever they so desired. After a couple had mated and wanted a child, the Sub would spend time in meditation, mentally changing their physiology so they could conceive. The Saiyans had adapted to this way of conception because of their warrior nature. When a Sub felt safe and ready their body would be able to have a child. At the time after conception the dominant mate would get an energy boost so they were more prepared to protect their mate.

Another unique aspect for the Saiyans was that for every Saiyan they had but one mate. When a Saiyan comes of age they have dreams of their future mate and in time if they find each other then the bonds formed would be unbreakable. Of course not every Saiyan finds their fated mate, but those who do were the luckiest of all. For those bonded to their fated mate if one dies, the other would follow shortly after, yet they would always be together, but those bonded not with their fated mate were not bound as tightly and death was not shared.

Vegeta was born a Sub, to which his father was not happy about at all. He had been swayed though because of how strong Vegeta was at birth. He knew Vegeta was fated from birth to be a Super Saiyan so that meant his destined mate would also be a Super Saiyan since he would have to be stronger than his son. So that meant that there were two future Super Saiyans on the way that could free them from the clutches of Freeza. It is too bad that day came after the race was wiped out.

Even though Vegeta grew up away from his home, being sold to Freeza at the tender age of 10, he still went through the all changes that Saiyan Subs go through, and he was lucky since he had Nappa and Radditz to guide him, or else he would have been on his own in the cold, cruel world Freeza had created. He came of age, went through his first heat and dreamt of his beloved, a Saiyan with crazy spikes and gentle eyes. Nappa and Radditz were a mated couple but were not fated to one another, their true mates had died with the planet before either of them could find them, but they still found comfort in each other's arms, as did Vegeta. Both Radditz and Nappa wanted Vegeta to know the pleasures of being intimate, because with the lives they lived they worried Vegeta would find pleasure no where else. So whenever the Prince went into heat his companions would show him the joys of intimacy.

When Radditz was killed on earth, Nappa was devastated. He asked Vegeta that if he could not beat the fighters that had killed his mate he wanted Vegeta to take his life and then take down the fighters himself. Vegeta was reluctant at first but at the look on the face of a man he looked up to, he agreed, that pain was too much for anyone to bear.

It happened just as Nappa said but what was not expected was for Vegeta to run into his destined mate, the long forgotten Saiyan and brother of Radditz, Kakarot. They both held looks of recognition on their faces when they met but because Goku was ignorant of his heritage the fight was continued. Vegeta was beaten but set free, and then the entire episode on Planet Namek transpired including the destruction of Freeza, and Vegeta returned to earth an unlikely ally.

After their passionate romp during a sparring match, Vegeta had sat Goku down and explained what Saiyans were all about and what that meant for them. He had blushed as he finally explained their roles in the relationship, but was surprised when Goku had grabbed him and proceeded to take his breath away in an incredible kiss. That was the beginning of their relationship.

Gohan and Piccolo had eventually found out but neither was disgusted or surprised, both just accepted it and kept on training. Goku had been incredibly relieved by his son's reaction; if anyone's opinion mattered it was Gohan's. But Gohan had smiled and said he preferred Vegeta to his mother, who was un-accepting at best. For those few months before the Cell games Goku and Vegeta were living in a blissful state of happiness.

Goku had never loved Chi-chi like she had claimed to love him, but for fear of what would happen to Gohan he stayed in an abusive relationship with a woman who could never understand him. But Vegeta did. And that's why he gave in so easily to his instincts, because he had been starved for affection and respect in a relationship for so long. Vegeta understood he needed to be free to fight and live. Vegeta respected him, guided him, and he suspected even loved him and he was happier with him than he ever was before.

They had agreed though during their affair to not complete their bond because in the worst case scenario that one of them died in the up and coming battles, they did not want the other to follow, especially since they were two of the strongest fighters on earth, one of them could be the final hope. How right they were…

Vegeta was torn from his musings when he heard the unmistakable cry of his son. He climbed from his comfortable bed and walked across the hall to his son's room. Tiny whimpers and cries escaped the lavender haired boy, and he took a moment to admire his exotic Saiyan look. Trunks was certainly built like a Saiyan but his coloring was completely different. This child was the reason he did not fling himself into death after the Cell Games. No matter how much he loved Kakarot, he had a responsibility to this child, since his mother would have nothing to do with him.

He gently scooped the whimpering baby into his arms and began to purr deep in his chest while stoking Trunks' tail. In a matter of moments the child was calmed and curled into the sweet scent of his father as he drifted back to sleep. It was in that moment that Vegeta made a decision. He was not going to live under the same roof as a woman who cast her only son aside for publicity and attention. Tomorrow he would leave and take his son to the forest where he would raise him to be the best man he could possibly be. He knew he would miss Dr. Briefs and Bunni, but he would visit when he could, and right now he needed to raise his son in a fit environment for a child of his nature.

The next day he went to Dr. Briefs and asked for a few empty capsules and a small capsule home for him and his son to live in. He got all of that plus many more capsules full many simple necessities he might need. He took the empty capsules and packed his son's things as well as his own. He then scooped up his child, said good bye to the Briefs and took off searching for a place to live. He decided not to tell Bulma of his plans to leave just to spite her, knowing that after her anger died down she wouldn't care.

He touched down in a clearing in some woods within a short flight to an ocean. If he remembered correctly, Krillin and Master Roshi lived out on an island not to far from here, and the mountains to his back are where Goku lived with his family, yet he still didn't understand what drew him to this spot. He noticed an abandoned house not too far from where he stood and decided to go inspect. It was a small oriental home made of fine woods and rocks. It was in desperate need of repair but Vegeta felt up for. He decided he and Trunks would live in the capsule home he had until he could repair this place, maybe even improve it if he felt so inclined. He popped the capsule not too far from the abandoned home and settled in for the night with Trunks safely wrapped in his arms.

The next day he awoke at dawn and walked outside to stretch in the early light. Judging by the weather he would have to say he arrived in this area at the tail end of winter, what perfect timing. This is where a Saiyan should live, out in the wild with home made from the natural surroundings, allowing them feel free to live wild and carefree, letting their natural instincts out. He heard his son call for him from the capsule house and he went back inside to fix them both something to eat.

After breakfast he brought Trunks outside and set up an area where he could play. He surrounded the area with a chi barrier just in case Trunks tried to wander off. He set his four month old son down on the grassy floor with some toys and watched proudly as his son crawled around in the grass and explored his new 'habitat.' A smile wove itself onto his face and Vegeta was convinced this was the right idea. Next he went to the abandoned house to inspect it more closely to see where to begin. He was actually rather excited. Living on his own, having to fend for himself and his son, just like his ancestors did on Planet Vegeta.

For the next few months Vegeta spent time fixing the house and playing with his son. Soon his son learned how to walk and Vegeta spent time playing with his cub and teaching him simple games and ways to defend himself. When Trunks napped Vegeta would do some of his own training, mostly katas and meditation since he didn't want to leave his son unattended.

About nine months after he left Capsule Corps and headed into the wild he had finished the home improvements on the house he discovered in the wild. He had expanded it a great deal from the original one room design, adding more rooms and a second floor. And just in time too since winter was just setting in. Now he and his son had a large home to live in for the winter.

He had used some of the equipment Dr. Briefs had given him, like a heater system, entertainment equipment, kitchen appliances, and a septic tank for a pluming system. It was an earthy home of wood and stone with all modern technology had to offer, Vegeta was rather pleased with himself. The lower floor was composed of a large kitchen, living room and bathroom in the front half, and a library/study and a large greenhouse to grow food during the winter in the back of the house. There was hallway stretching from the front door to the back door, putting the kitchen and greenhouse on one side of the house and the living room, study and a bathroom on the other side of the house. On the second floor was a small landing area that three bedrooms opened up to and a large set of widows opened up to the back yard and a deck, two rooms were regular sized and the other was the master bedroom. Each had its own bathroom with a shower. On top of that was a huge attic that could be turned into a work space or play area. There was also a porch below the deck upstairs that could be accessed by a door from the large hallway downstairs. On the lower level of the porch there was a large bath tub that was practically a mini pool. It looked out towards the mountains where the sun set. He had also cleared an area in the back so come next spring he could grow some crops to go along with whatever meat he caught in the surrounding area. He had no idea why he had built such a large house for two Saiyans, but you never knew what could happen…


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