Sorry everybody but this is not another chapter.

This is just an Author's Note to fill people in on some things.

First: I got a crazy amount of reviews of people complaining that this fic ended in the middle of no where. I'm sorry. i suppose I didn't make myself clear. This ended at this point because I was letting the TV show continue the story line and I was going to pick up after Buu was dead. Make sense. I hope so. I ended it here because I liked the show as it was and didn't want to take the time to rewrite any of it, except for those drabbles I hope everyone found. So there, that's why this ended the way it did.

Second: I am now beginning my posting of Alternate Reality: The Sequel...well it's actually gonna be called "A Saiyan Way of Life" unoriginal I know. I want everyone who liked this story to go check it out. The story is already halfway done and will be about 15 chapters, but posting will be a bit slower.

Important: For everyone who doesn't know I will be having majoy surgery on Feb. 4th, 2008, so I will be out of commission for at least two weeks. Please read and review but do not bug me for updates. I will post when I can, but my recovery comes first.

Third: For anyone who doesn't know I have set up an account with a friend and we are posting stories we have done together, both tag-team and otherwise. Please check it out. The stories are much different than what I usually do but it has been fun. So any support is much appreciated.

That's all for now I go and read the sequel.