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A/N: This story is dedicated to Kei-Ten! For it is her birthday (2 days ago). Anyway, this is for you!

Warning: A bit OOC with an OC. You have been warned…

Kisuke Urahara was no where to be seen.


A new record. Thirty-five minutes late.

I walked around the outside of the shop a little bit and then sat down on the steps. He was always late, nothing new, but today was different. Today was something special and he said that he would tell me that way to the Soul Society.

I had to get there. I had to save my sister. But that's a different story for a different day.

I sigh in defeat as I watch the school kids walk home. I remembered those days. Those days where all I worried about was grades and my little sister.

"What cha thinkin' about?"

I looked up and my eyes met with pools of green.

"Nothing…just wondering why you are late, sensei," I said a bit more sarcastic than I intended.

"Sorry…but I was getting you something…" He replied with a smirk.

My eyes grew wide.

"Is it an zanpakutō?" I asked with hope.

"Nope…you are not ready T.k.," He stated non-chalantly.

"Well what is it?" I persisted.

He began to dig through his pockets when he pulled out a card and a rose.

I was speechless, uncertian of what to make of it…

"Is this…for me?" I asked.

"Of course! It is your birthday…" He replied as I gratefully took the gifts from him as our hands brushed against eachother.

I began to blush furiously and he smirked.

"Thank you," I choked out.

"Yourwelcome. Now, where did we leave off from yesterday with your trainging?" He asked politely.

I'm not sure of what to make of this, but maybe there is a chance for us. Maybe if I survive the Soul Society, and get back to him, then maybe…there could be a future for us…

All I have to do is hope…

The End