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"What was that bastard?!"

"what are you deaf now?"


Sigh again.

Sakura and Hinata watched their boyfriends argue pointlessly back and forth. Their eyes darted from one to the other as comments were dished out.

"dumbass! Stop being so loud! You're disturbing the peace!" Sasuke shouted running out of patience

"there's no peace with you around, Uchiha-bastard!"

"you're one to talk…" Sasuke muttered taking a sip on his soda

"what was that?!?!?!"


Sakura and Hinata sighed once again. They thought this double date would be fun, but all that happened was "Sasuke-teme this" and "Naruto-dobe that" at first they admit it was kind of amusing at first, but now it's just plain annoying.

The second they walked into the restaurant there was arguing about Sasuke tripping Naruto and Sasuke yelling defensively that Naruto tripped over his own feet.

Now both girls sat opposite each other and their boyfriends right next to them arguing…

"guys! Cut it out!!" Sakura shouted and slammed her hands on the table, nearly making it collapse

Hinata looked around nervously as people began to stare.

"we're here on a date NOT to argue!"

Both boys huffed and listened to their former teammate. They simultaneously grabbed their steaks and bit off a huge chunk of meat.

Sakura sighed and leaned her head on the palm of her hand, officially bored and her mood was ruined. Hinata shook her head and had a disappointed look on her face.

Naruto and Sasuke both looked at their dates and sighed in defeat.

(there is a lot of sighing today O.o)

They were about to say something when Sakura abruptly stood up. She motioned Hinata to do the same and Hinata obliged.

"guys… let's go home…" Sakura said disenchanted

Sakura began to walk away, but a pressure on her elbow prevented her from moving a step further.

"Sakura. Sit down." A stone cold voice said

Sakura growled. Sasuke sure had some nerve to demand anything of her after all of the yelling she put up with.

"Sasuke!" Sakura screeched as she whirled around

Hinata looked at her from where she stood and Naruto was grasping her hand. The attention though was on Sasuke and Sakura.

"if all you two are gonna do is argue then I'd rather go home the stick around for a show down between best friends and former teammates!" she yelled aggravated

"Sakura" Sasuke said in his 'obey-me-now-or-suffer-my-wrath' voice "you dragged me to this 'double-date' and now you're gonna go through with it."

Sakura glared.

Sasuke glared back ten-fold.

"asshole" Sakura growled and crossed her arms stubbornly

"Sakura, sit your damn sexy ass down and eat your tempura" Sasuke said with a smirk

Sakura's eye twitched. 'flirting when I'm practically livid!'

"Sakura-chan! We'll behave! Promise!" Naruto said with puppy dog eyes

Hinata felt bad and almost instantly sat down and Naruto grinned and glomped her.

"Arigatou, Hinata-chan!!!" Naruto cheered

Hinata looked at Sakura with the 'give-the-two-idiots-another-chance' look. Sakura sighed and sat down. Sasuke followed suit.

Just because she was staying didn't mean her mood was lightened the slightest bit. Sasuke saw this and frowned then he smirked.

'well here goes my pride' the Uchiha thought taking deep breaths for what he was about to do.

Hinata was sitting awkwardly as she felt the aura her female friend gave off. Naruto bit his lip from the anxiety at all and Sakura was completely oblivious to the fact she was creating such a mood.

She was too busy sulking.

Sasuke opened his mouth to say something but then closed it abruptly.

'should I do this? Maybe I can find a different solution… - No I have to' he thought

Sasuke's brain and pride was having a mental battle as he opened and seconds later closed his mouth then opened it again. He kept on repeating the process and soon enough Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto looked at him weirdly.






Clo –


Sasuke snapped his attention to Sakura who had an annoyed yet bemused expression. The Uchiha boy just realized how stupid he must've looked doing that.

He sighed.

'might as well do it now…' he thought

He eyed Naruto carefully after everyone went back to their thoughts. He watched the blonde pick up his cup to take a drink of his Coca Cola drink.

'bingo' Sasuke thought

"Oi, Naruto" he was ignored as the blonde began gulping down the drink


"… last night me and Sakura – " 'Sakura's gonna kill me' he thought "had a mind blowing romp"

Sakura twitched and was about to yell out when something expected or totally unexpected occurred.

Naruto spat out his drink, spraying the drink all over Sasuke who was across from him, and yelled out:


Hinata looked shocked then looked at Sasuke. She giggled and then soon enough she was laughing heartily.

Naruto looked at Hinata oddly.

"Hinata-chan, how is Sakura-chan and Teme – " he stopped mid sentence when he looked at Sasuke

"PWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Naruto laughed hysterically

Poor Sasuke was drenched in soda. His hair was matted and sort of sticky and his clothes were drenched in the brown liquid. Soda ran down his face as he glared at Naruto lividly.

His body trembled in rage.

Practically the whole restaurant was laughing and the rest were silent in shock of what happened to the onyx eyed teen.

'DAMN DOBE!!!' he thought angrily, completely forgetting the fact that it was his own idea

"NARUTO-DOOOOOBE!!!!!" Sasuke yelled angrily

"Sasuke-teme! It wasn't my fault!"


"I was shocked and I – you were – I couldn't – Gomenasai!" Naruto cried out panicked at what his best friend would do

"YOU'RE DEAD, DOBE!!!!!!!!"

Just as Sasuke shot up from his seat he halted as a melodic sound ran in his ears.

Sakura was laughing. Hysterically and with a grin on her happy face.

She hugged Sasuke's arm to prevent him from moving even though he was frozen staring at her.

"ahah – don't kill him Sasuke – hahah!" Sakura laughed

The Uchiha looked hilarious.

His angered eyes softened at the sight of his smiling Sakura. Then he just remembered this was his idea.

'oh yeah' he thought and smiled gently at the girl

Soon the restaurant was quiet and all eyes were on the pink haired girl who was wiping a tear from her eye. Guys grew hearts in their eyes at how innocent and cute she looked.

"KAWAII!!!" they cheered completely forgetting about their own dates who huffed angrily

"FUCK OFF SHE'S MINE!!!!" Sasuke snarled out and wrapped his hands protectively around her waist

Naruto laughed at how his best friend glared at the guys who even looked at the kunoichi. Hinata giggled with her boyfriend.

His right eye twitched as he went to over-possessive boyfriend mode. When they wouldn't stop staring at her and cat calling Sasuke gently gave Sakura to Hinata.

"DAMMIT STOP LOOKING AT HER!!!" Sasuke shouted

He grabbed his kusanagi (out of nowhere) and held it over his head as he angrily chased the drooling teens who are now running for their lives (literally).

Sakura sweatdropped.


Just as Sasuke cupped his hands to his mouth for one of his specialties a pink haired girl glomped him from behind. Making him stumble forward a bit and disintegrate the chakra he was building up.

"Sasuke-kun! You look so cute maniacally chasing off ogling guys!" Sakura chirped as her arms wrapped around his neck from behind

Sasuke cocked a brow and his eye twitched.

'cute???' he thought as his eye twitched again

Hinata and Naruto looked at her weirdly and sweatdropped. They made a good, weird, but good couple (they mean SasuSaku, but NaruHina is just as good!)

"um, guys" Hinata started

"we have to go now or else we can't go home back to Konoha" Naruto said

Sakura slapped her forehead "I forgot! We're leaving today!!!" Sakura yelled and dashed out the door dragging behind a confused Hinata

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other then dashed after their girls.

At Konoha Gates…

The Konoha shinobi were supposed to be there by 4:30 and what time was it?

Tsunadae lifted her sleeve and glanced at her wrist.

…No watch…

The people around her, ANBU and Shizune, sweatdropped as they watched their hokage screw up her face in concentration and tried to read the 'invisible watch' …

It was 4:31…

According to the watch.

Tsunadae's face became worried as she put a hand to her mouth, her eyes wide.

"What happened to my apprentice?! She's never late!! What if they were ambushed?!" Tsunadae yelled in agony

"Hokage-sama! They are only a minute late" Shizune said as she patted the back of the hysterical Hokage

"-sob- it's my fault! –sob- I should have ne-hic-ver sent them on a vacation!" The Hokage cried

"no!" Shizune shouted "you did the right thing!"

"-sob- From –hic- now on I'll never –sob- give any of –sob- my Shinobi a break!" She yelled and sobbed into an uncomfortable ANBU's arms

The ANBU looked unsure as he awkwardly patted the Godaime's back. Earning a loud cry and more sobs. The ANBU looked to Shizune and his fellow teammates for help.

The Godaime gently pushed the ANBU away (more like shoved the ANBU, making him crash into Ichiraku)the other ANBU looked slightly frightened of who may be the next victim.

"and to think I stopped drinking just to see my apprentice when I'm sober!" cried Tsunadae as she whipped out Sake from her bag and chugged it.

"look there they are!" shouted an ANBU as he pointed into the distance

"WHERE?!?!?" cried a tipsy Hokage as she shot up from the floor

"Tsunadae-shishou!" chirped a happy Sakura as she ran at the Hokage… only to be mega glomped by her old teacher

"where have you been my child!!!" Tsunadae cried with a flushed face and a bottle of Sake in both hands

"what about us, Tsunadae-baa?!" asked Naruto as he stepped forward with the rest of rookie 9 behind him.

"Naruto-baka! I missed you too, idiot!" Tsunadae insulted/cried as she happily glomped Naruto


Then she hit him upside the head.

"WHY DID YOU MAKE SAKU-CHAN LATE!!! I WaS WoRrIeD, BaKA!" Tsunadae yelled/said

"we almost missed the boat" said a stoic Uchiha

"…" Tsunadae glared at him

"what no hug?" asked the Uchiha sarcastically as he raised a brow


The Uchiha walked up to Tsunadae and whispered so only she would hear.

"We" he started glancing at Sakura briefly "will make a god kid (or kids) for you" he smirked

Tsunadae grinned more than just tipsy.

"God kids!!!" Tsunadae chimed as she glomped the Uchiha who was starting to regret what he said

Sakura raised a brow. Sasuke smirked at her and gave her the 'restoring-the-Uchiha-clan' look he used to give her when he had some porno sickness (from the earlier chapter! Remember horny Sasuke? .)

Sakura blushed. Rookie 9 noticed and the guys smirked (except for Naruto who grinned) while the girls smiled mischievously.

The Hinata got a devious (yes you read right, DEVIOUS) smile and scribbled something down on a note. She passé it to the girls and guys of Rookie 9 (except Sasuke and Sakura).

They all GRINNED and nodded.

"later" they chorused and proofed away

"what was that about?" Sakura asked Sasuke and he shrugged

"let's go to my place" he suggested and she nodded not knowing what awaited them

They poofed away leaving ANBU, Shizune, and Tsunadae.


"hey what's this?" asked Tsunadae

She caught a folded up note and read it, then she had an evil grin. The ANBU looked at the note and paled. They knew they HAVE to help the Hokage with whatever she told them to do. Shizune read it and had a shocked look.

"I have to warn Sakura-chan and Sasuke-san!" she hollered

"get her!" Tsunadae ordered

The ANBU did as they were told and tied her up with Chakra ropes.

"Tsunadae-hime, you can't do this!" she protested

Tsunadae only grinned and poofed away leaving the ANBU to guard the medic-nin.

And what did the note say?

Plan Uchiha Restoration a.k.a SasuSaku get together

1) Seal Uchiha Compound so there is no escape

2) Seal Sasuke and Sakura in the Uchiha Master Bedroom

3) Make sure Sakura changes then take away clothes (girl's job!)

4) Take away all of the clothes leaving only lingerie (so Sakura can't use Sasuke's clothes)

5) Make sure the bed is extra soft

6) Take away Sasuke's condoms (they want kids right?)

7) Avoid a livid Pink Haired Kunoichi unless you want to die

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