This is my first story and is about my all-time favorite Naruto Couple and second favorite song made by the artist BowWow

So hopefully you'll enjoy.

"Shika!" Ino called before running to the lazy Chunin, hugging him tightly from behind. He groaned. "What is it, Ino?" He asked, looking to her from the corner of his eye. She pulled away, twiddling her thumbs. "Don't waste my time, Ino. What do you want?" "..I can't remember." Shikamaru sighed, falling back onto the grass under him. Ino sighed and sat beside him, looking up to the clear blue sky. "There's no clouds." "I know." "Then why are you still looking to the sky?" Ino asked, looking to her team mate confused. "Just because there are no clouds, I can't watch the sky?" "…No. Just asking. Oh! I remember what I wanted to ask!" He turned and looked to the blonde as she jumped up. "What?" "Ummmm, Can you come with me to buy a new kimono for the festival?" Shikamaru let out a lazy and tired yawn. "I just came home from a mission. Can't you get Sakura or-" "Please, Shikamaru?" He sighed again. "Sakura'll-" "Billboard brow has no fashion sense and..I asked you." Ino whispered softly, shifting her eyes away from his. "Alright. Don't ask me to come anymore." "Okay. Let's go then, Shikamaru!" The chunin sighed lazy before standing, pulling a cigarette from his pocket. Before he could light it and take a drag, Ino slapped it from his hand. "What did I tell you about those, Shikamaru!" "You troublesome woman! I can smoke when I please!" "Not around me you won't. Now come on." She said, grabbing onto his hand, pulling him to the store of her choice.

Shikamaru sat on the small stool as Ino and the store clerk ran around, arms full of colorful kimonos. "Troublesome women…" Shika whispered before taking a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it and taking a very long drag. He exhaled the smoke and looked to Ino as she glared at him. He shook then put the cigarette out. "What do you think about this one, Shikamaru?!" Ino asked as she wore a yellow and green with colorful flowers scattered all over. "Hn." Shikamaru answered. She glared at him again then sighed before going to try on the next kimono.

All of the kimonos Ino tried on, sadly got the same answer. A bored and tired 'Hn.'

"This is the last one, Shikamaru!" Ino called from the dressing room. The lazy Nin did a happy dance inside his head. The faster this was over, the faster he could be away from his blonde team mate and smoking a cigarette while watching the sky. 'Hn. Why wait? I could light up one now.' Shikamaru said before pulling the half smoked cigarette from his pocket, putting it into his mouth. That was all in vain because the cigarette fell from his mouth once he saw her in the kimono. Ino looked away, blushing lightly from the look on Shikamaru's face. 'I guess the kimono's cuter than I thought.' She thought before giggling softly.

The kimono was a dark blue-purple, the same color as the clothes she wore regularly with a long split infront of her legs and a v-neck cut, showing the breasts that Mother Nature blessed her with.

He shook his head, blushing just as lightly as she. "Ummm.." Shikamaru said, lost for words. "Ummm?" Ino asked, her head tilted confused. "Is..Is that the one you want?" "I don't know. How does it look?" Ino asked, looking down at herself. Shikamaru bit his lips, closing his legs and sitting up from his normal lazy, 'Leave Me Alone' sitting posture. "You troublesome girl. Would you pick one already?" He yelled, picking up the cigarette from the floor. "Shika!" She yelled before going to slap it from his hand. Shikamaru grabbed her wrist. "Get the kimono so I can go home." He said, his eyes trying not to look at her breasts. She ripped away from him, her arms folded under her breasts. "Whatever, Shikamaru." Ino said before going back into the dressing room.


He looked back to his plus-sized friend, Chouji then grunted as he hugged him. He looked around the store then to Shikamaru. "Uhh, You're a cross dresser now?" The lazy Nin scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Of course not. I'm with Ino." Chouji's eye brow rose. Shikamaru shook his head, waving his hands before falling back out the chair. Ino opened the door, her hands on her hips as she looked down at Shikamaru. "..Why did I have to get in a team with such weirdos?" She joked before going to pay for the kimono.

"Ahhh, I don't have enough money!" Ino complained. "Chouji…" She whispered before turning to him. "Nope! Nah-uh!" He yelled, waving his hands. Shikamaru sighed deeply before putting the remaining amount of money on the counter. "Shika..maru." She whispered the light blush from before returning. Shikamaru never paid for anything unless it was more Ramen or Cigarettes. "Great. Now I won't be able to buy anymore cigarettes." He complained before walking out the store. Ino smiled, holding the kimono to her chest. "Thank You, Shika!" She yelled, kissing his cheek. His brown eyes widened as he froze. Ino waved to Chouji before running home.

Shikamaru shook his head, a light tint of blush coming into his cheeks. "You alright?" Chouji asked. He shifted his eyes away from him, his blush darkening. 'When did Ino start doing that?' He thought as he looked towards Ino as she slowly disappeared.