Respected readers of "The Constant Companion",

As you know, our column by Mrs. Victoria Bates and her column "Keeping a Moral Household" will no longer run in Companion, as she and Mr. Bates are moving to a small rural town in France. I am sure this has nothing to do with the birth of their latest child and the unladylike rumours that the infant has an unusual skin tone for the child of two Caucasians.

In its place, next week we will introduce our new column, called "Questions to a Holmes Wife" written by Mrs. Ann Marie Holmes, best known as the wife of increasingly known HRM figurehead Mycroft Holmes and sister-in-law to the famous Sherlock Holmes, whose adventures are printed in our masculine equivalent "The Strand".

Each week several questions from our readers will be printed, and Mrs. Holmes will do her best to answer them. Questions about the household, recipes, and ever-wanted insight into the enigmatic Holmes family, all will be accepted as long as they lay in the bounties of good taste.

We welcome Mrs. Holmes to "The Constant Companion", and await her first publication!

AN: Alright, let's kick this off! First off, do not put questions in your reviews, as that violates the Terms of Service. Send them to me via the private mail link in my profile. As stated above, they will be answered unless they're simply not relevant, if they're repetitive, or if the wife of Mycroft simply isn't likely to know the answer. "The Constant Companion" will usually be published on Friday.