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Maddie curiously looked at the Fenton ghost portal, she thought she had seen something come out of it.

Carefully she looked over to the middle where Jack was showing Danny and Jazz some new weapon.

Suddenly she heard Danny gasp as the temperature of the room dropped a couple degrees.

I quickly looked around for danger and felt the temperature drop a few more degrees.

I heard some evil chuckling and looked up.

The Wisconsin ghost was floating above them glaring with full intensity at all four Fenton's. then out of nowhere three other ghosts appeared and grabbed Maddie, Jack, and Jazz.

Maddie watched in horror as the Wisconsin ghost floated over to her son who was glaring daggers at him.

Suddenly in the blink of an eye Danny preformed a stunning back flip and when he landed he had a weapon pointed at the ghost.

Maddie held her breath as he pulled the trigger.

A build up in power, the usual humming noise, a spark, then nothing.

Danny stared at the powerless weapon "you think I, Vlad Plasmious, would be stopped by something as useless as that" he taunted.

Maddie watched in horror as he grabbed her sons wrist and shocked him.

She saw Danny go unconcious and fall to the floor.

Then the ghost turned to the six of them "all of you are going into the ghost zone, there you will be out of my way" he said.

Then all of their visions went black.

When Maddie woke up she looked around, they were in a jungle and Jack and Jazz were laying close by, just beginning to stir.

she looked around and groaned as she heard the evil chuckling.

All three looked up sharply to see a huge robotic ghost floating over them.

With out saying anything he raised a charging cannon on his arm.

All three closed their eyes and heard it go off.

However they did not feel an impact.

They opened their eyes and saw Danny Phantom between them and the ghost with and ecto shield up.

She snarled angrily, how dare he!

She watched as the two ghosts battled it out for a bit.

Finally Phantom caused the robot ghosts armor to fall off.

Phantom landed unsteadily in front of them and panted for a little.

Then he turned to them and they all gasped, he had obviously been in a fight before that.

There was a long cut running down his left arm and he had a black eye starting.

There were cuts and scrapes all over him.

He winced "that bad" he asked.

Mutely they all nodded.

Phantom sighed "can I talk to Jazz for a second" he muttered.

Jazz quickly grabbed him and pulled him into the bushes with a yelp.

She leaned over "explain, now" she demanded.

Danny nervously rubbed his neck "Vlad hit me with a device and got some cheap shots to test it out" he said quickly.

Jazz folded her arms and Danny sighed "and I'm stuck in ghost form until I receive a possibly life threatening injury" he finished lamely.

Jazz slapped her forehead "come on, we'll figure this out later, we had better get mom and dad" she said.

Danny nodded and they both walked to where they left the two adults.

They seemed in even more shock to see Danny "what" he asked, getting thoroughly annoyed at the staring.

Jazz studied him for a second before laughing "your healing fast, your smaller cuts and scrapes are already gone, obviously they aren't used to it" she said.

Danny pouted "can we get over this 'mess with Danny Phantom just because he is a ghost thing' and get moving" he complained.

Both adults snapped out of their trances and nodded silently.

Danny led the way through the dark forest "wait, why should we listen to you?" Jack suddenly asked after about five minutes.

Danny sighed "your in the ghost zone, aren't you always calling me ghost kid, see the connection, not to mention I have just as big if not a bigger grudge against that stupid Wisconsin ghost" he said.

Jack fell into an embarrassed silence.

After a while they arrived at a clearing.

Danny quietly had them hide in the bushes while he waited to see if it was clear.

He had them all stand still for one minute, two minutes, ten minutes.

Soon it reached half an hour and Danny heard the rockets kick into life.