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Danny slowly sank against the wall and pulled the knife out of his shoulder.

Using some last reserve of strength he threw it at the main frame of Skulker's operating system.

The machine shut down and the chains on Danny's friends vanished.

Suddenly two rings appeared around Danny's waist and Jazz ran into the specter speeder.

Danny struggled to keep from changing.

After a moment Jazz ran out with a first aid kit.

Maddie, Valerie, and Sam quickly ran up to help.

They did their best to bandage the wound but the rings continued to want to appear. Sam touched his shoulder gently "Danny stop wasting your energy trying to stay in ghost form, just change back and save your energy" she told him, her voice quavering.

Danny slowly relaxed and gave into the rings.

The two Fenton adults and Valerie gasped as he was suddenly replaced by Danny Fenton.

Then frostbite came up "I can help the great one, it's a gift my people have when with another of ours" he said.

The three girls moved back.

Frostbites hand glowed blue over Danny's wound.

After five tense minutes Danny's breathing evened out and frostbite took his hand away from the wound.

They gasped, the wound and bandages were gone.

Valerie looked at frostbite "how…" she asked.

Frostbite grinned "it is an ability we can only use on other members of the far frozen, or in the great ones case, because of his ice abilities" he explained.

Sam nodded blankly.

Suddenly Danny groaned and opened his eyes "what happened" he muttered.

Sam gave him a huge hug along with Maddie and Valerie "you passed out" Sam explained.

Danny looked around "where are we, and why is Val in her hunting gear, and Skulker's suit is here, and what of the other ghosts" he asked in a really confused tone.

Jazz stepped up "long story short, you got slight amnesia from who knows what, Vlad threw us into ghost zone, Phantom saved us, told me he was stuck in ghost mode unless struck will a life threatening wound, Walker kidnapped everyone, ghost and human alike, we went to free them, you got stabbed in the shoulder and changed back to Danny Fenton, and now we are explaining what happened" she said.

Danny looked panicky for a moment "uh…" he started.

Maddie gave him another hug "don't worry, we'll always except you" she said.

Danny smiled and looked around "so now it's time to get out" he said.

He looked over to Sam and Tucker "Sam Tuck, you guys see if you can use your human intangibility on the ghosts, Danielle, they'll find out anyways so change to normal so you can help escape, Wulf you get home with your portal creating gift, clockwork get back to your layer quick, with him in their it shouldn't be left unattended" Danny called as he stood shakily up.

Quickly they all did as they were told and Danny turned to his parents and Valerie "wow, you sure command a lot of attention in the ghost zone" Valerie complimented.

Danny roughly shook his head "not nearly as much as Vlad, that monster has the entire ghost zone at his display" he told them.

Valerie nodded, "I believe it" she muttered.

Danny stumbled in surprise "w-what are you t-talking about" he stuttered nervously.

She grinned "I saw him after we rescued your cousin, Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmious are distinctly one and the same" she said.

Danny sniggered "serves him right, you finding out and all" he said.

The he turned to the wall "we need to get out of here, dad, you drive the speeder out of the prison once there we will get Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Danielle, I don't want her on her own now, and we need to leave, like, ASAP" he said.

They nodded and followed Danny.

At first they were hesitant about running through walls but later fell comfortable with the idea.

Once they were outside they all piled into the speeder and Danny took the wheel, at least until Sam forced him to move over saying "you have gotten us lost WAY to many times in the ghost zone" and was vouched in that by Tucker.

After five minutes and two agitated Fenton's and one agitated Fenton/Phantom later they headed for home using Tucker's GPA.

After five minutes Danny looked around "stop" he said.

Sam slowed to a stop and they all turned to him "what's up Danny" Valerie asked.

Danny looked out the window "we should be nearing where the portal is supposed to be" he said quietly.

Sam shrugged "sooooo" she said.

Danny pointed to the plain green in front of them "there is nothing there" he said.

They all gasped and Danny walked up front and made Sam scoot over "what are you doing now Danny" she asked annoyed.

Danny ignored her and turned the speeder completely around and headed for the opposite direction.

After a few minutes "real world item detected" a computer voice said.

Danny smirked and turned in the direction it said.

Soon they arrived at a giant purple football with a small scarf on top "I figured Vlad would do something like this" he explained.

Then with out warning he blasted the football out of the way to view a shut portal.

Danny sighed and turned into a ghost and went up to it.

He carefully studied for any flaws in the design.

After a few moments the portals opened up and Danny flew through with the specter speeder.

Once inside Vlad clapped "very good Daniel, I see you escaped fatal injury from Skulker but how about escaping me" he taunted.

Danny smirked "how about we get this over with Masters" he taunted back.

Vlad stared at horror at the glaring faces around him "fine, then you should all know that the evil ghost brat Danny Phantom is also Danny Fenton" he said with a smirk.

Danny laughed "evil ghost brat? Even the box ghost can do better than that" he joked.

Vlad looked dismayed at the lack of expression "oh and by the way, for the update, yes Skulker hit me with a fatal device, yes I changed back in front of all of them, yes they all accept me, and yes I am completely healed" he said with a bow.

Vlad growled and launched an ecto beam at Danny that hit him against the wall. Suddenly Vlad was hit by a side blast.

Everyone looked over to see an extremely furiousDanielle standing with fists and eyes ablaze "did I ever tell you how thankful I am for everything you've done" she said sarcastically as she launched another ecto blast.

Vlad took a surprised step back "child it's because of me your even here" he tried reasoning.

Danielle launched a particular powerful blast "no your not, Danny is the reason I'm here" she growled.

Vlad smirked "oh is that really so" he said.

She launched another blast to the surprise of the watchers.

Even Danny stared at awe "lets review, you clone me, you then pin me against the one who I'm a clone of, you use me to try to create a perfect clone, you think I am a mistake, you tried melting me, and you convinced Valerie I was an evil ghost until Danny changed her mind!" she yelled.

Everyone stared at shock.

Plasmious grinned "well if that's the way you think of things then I will have to get rid of you" Vlad said as he launched a powerful ecto blast.

Danny quickly swooped off the wall and created a shield in front of them both.

Danielle stepped in front of him when he was finished and took a deep breath.

To everyone's surprised she unleashed a powerful ghostly wail.

Vlad was thrown back against the wall and changed into Vlad Masters.

After a few minutes the wail faded, leaving Danielle in human form.

Vlad slumped against the ground.

But quickly got up and advanced towards Danielle.

Angrily Danny jumped in front of her "don't touch her" he yelled before unleashing his ghostly wail.

This time as Vlad and Danny changed back Sam put the specter deflector on him.

Danny smirked "tough luck Vlad, looks like your plan backfired" he said.

Then suddenly Danny frowned "now what did you do to the portal" he asked.

Vlad flinched "it's unplugged, from the ghost zone it's as though it doesn't even exist" he said nervously.

Danny quickly motioned for the others to get into the speeder.

He turned them intangible and they soared out.

Danny turned to Danielle "so how did Plasmious find you any ways" he asked.

Danielle smirked and pulled something out of her jacket.

Danny rolled his eyes at the boooomerang in her hands "of course" he muttered.

All of the passengers laughed at the comment as Maddie directed there course back to Amity Park.