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Harry Potter and the Shinigami's Death Note

Chapter 1

"Why are we doing this," Ron groaned. Harry just smiled and Hermione shot both boys a glare.

"Just because you're wizards doesn't mean that you can't learn and have fun at muggle attractions!" During her rant, Harry was mimicking her, causing the redhead to snicker. Their antics, of course, made the witch seethe in anger.

Harry put his hand on her shoulder. "You know we're only joking," he told her.

Ron held her other shoulder. "But of course! Even though muggles don't have magic, they've got to have some worthwhile things." Hermione sighed and tried to retain her dignity.

Although the Quidditch World Cup had been a disaster, the three best friends were still in bright spirits. They had yet to purchase their school supplies, but had been allowed to sightsee in London as long as they promised to contact the Weasleys every hour. Ron had made the mistake of calling five minutes after; if Hermione hadn't negotiated with his parents, the three teens would probably be in the Burrow playing Exploding Snap.

"All right then," Hermione said at last, "but you (Ron); stop complaining!" The redhead agreed, though to his other best friend he whispered, "McGonagall." Harry grinned widely as they made their way to the tourist site.

"Misa, you are to meet back at the hotel at no later than five o'clock, understood?" Said idol puffed her cheeks and nodded, clearly bored. Misa's manager left, also clearly annoyed.

"Finally!" the blonde exclaimed, straightening the sunglasses on her face. "Rem?"

"Yes, Misa?" A shinigami appeared behind her. Noting from the voice and appearance, this one could probably be female. Rem stood slightly hunched, a frown etched onto her features. She was tall with a bony frame and her hair appeared to be in dreadlocks.

"What attraction should we go to, Rem?" Misa asked.

"Perhaps the giant clock tower. It is nicknamed 'Big Ben'." Misa nodded and they happily (Misa at least) made their way there.

"Wow!" Misa and Rem stood at the spot where the taxi had dropped them off. "There are so many people here!" The death god nodded and they continued to walk towards the clock.


"Yes, Misa?"

"Should we send those tapes to Sakura TV when we get back?"

"If you wish to, Mi-" Rem's words were caught in her throat and her eyes widened. Those wings, that posture. There was no mistake about it.

"What's wrong, Rem?" Misa asked, frowning.

Said shinigami narrowed her eyes in the direction which she had seen him flying. "They may not be the ones you want, but there is another death god here." Misa's eyes widened as she turned to look at where Rem was staring.

"Rem; please take me to that shinigami!" Rem nodded once before she began to run towards the tower. Misa kept up as best as she could, but she fell behind.

"Oh!" the female note owner winced as she bumped into someone, the force of the recoil sending her to the ground.

"Sorry about that. Are you all right?" The idol looked up and saw the most intense emerald eyes she had ever seen. The face that they belonged to was a handsome one, and though slightly younger than herself, it held little baby fat. One of the most interesting features of his, however, was a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead.

"Yes, thank y-!" Misa's words fell off her tongue as she looked up to see the boy's name. Harry Potter. No visible date of death.

"Kira!" she exclaimed, wide-eyed. "Please; are you Kira?!"

Harry's eyes opened as he looked at Misa. "You…!"

End of First Chapter.

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