Welcome to Konoha University! Where only the smart and beautiful correspond! It's still me Sakura Haruno reporting live! I guess you can say I grew up a lot from the outcast, victim at Konoha High. Well a lot has changed. It's Sophmore year and everyone is emerging once again. Catfights, newbies, and even new hook-ups!

General POV-

Sakura sat under the huge willow tree smoking a cigarette, listening to a new Kiyoharu cd, and reading a Shakespear drama.

"Hey stranger," greeted a familiar face. Sakura looked up. Her waist length strawberry pink hair shifted. It was Shikamaru Nara. They hardly ever talked, but were at least friends. He took a post graduate year and now he was here.

"Hey you," she exclaimed jumping up, holding her cigarette in between her fingers. They hugged.

"Yea, I just got in," he murmured lighting his own cigarette. Boy had Sakura changed. Her breasts looked a tad bigger and she had that whole rebellious and artist looked going on. Her ragged straight leg jeans hung loosely on her size four hips; her black tank top read 'In Construction'. She had a light line of eyeliner, with her usual clear lip gloss shimmering over her pink lips. She still had that innocent demeanor though. The one that always melted hearts. Secretly…even his. He still remembered that drunken kiss they cemented senior year of high school.

"Cool. What are you majoring in," she asked picking up her books and putting her Ipod on hold.

"Accounting. I had no choice. I threw away my scholarship when I took my post graduate year. Dad was pretty pissed. So my folks are paying my tuition. Not, that we need scholarships, anyway."

"Yea. We're trust fund babies," she giggled. They were walking back onto the campus main. Sakura looked at the time.

"Look, I got another class right now. Here's my room number. Come over in about an hour and a half." He nodded taking the piece of paper she just scribbled on. He nodded staring in those beautiful emerald eyes.

"Hey a couple of my friends and I are going to this lounge spot downtown. It's for watercolor artists, drama, documenters, writers and poets. You should come?"

"Yea, I guess. I have been doing a tad of my poetry again." He knew that would make her smile and it did. Sakura always enjoyed his poetry. That's the whole reason they kissed. And did a lot more. Sakura's smile slowly vanished. She could always read his mind.

"Look Shika, let's not revisit that again, okay. I'll see you later." He sighed watching her walk away. Good going Nara.