((This is about a new vamp in town. Stronger than any of the other vampires the Cullen's have met, they may have found the biggest threat to their lives. What she can do makes the Volturi look like kittens. She's 'vegetarian', but she doesn't follow their diet very well. Her ability, 'Talents,' she calls them, is to turn into smoke. When she was a human, she worked as a chimney sweep, and was able to hide extremely well. She has gold-brown hair that looks red in the sun, is a little longer than shoulder length, and is straight. Her eyes are a darkish yellow that gets darker when hungry or unhappy. She was changed at 17, but is actually some 266 years old. She has very angular features, and looks very vampiric. Her name is Sam.))

I looked around from my high ledge on a mountain. So this was the little town of Forks, where the Cullen's live. I looked farther along and saw the reservation at La Push, where the werewolves were. I could almost smell them from where I was, a mile away. I gave steep rock face below me a short glance, and then jumped off, letting out a whoop of joy. About a millimeter from the sharp rocks waiting at the bottom, my feet disappeared. To anyone standing, it would have looked like I sank through the rocks. Only the wisp of smoke swirling around valiantly betrayed the fact that I was alive.

No, I am not a human, as you may have realized. Unless humans can convert into smoke, which I doubt. Sorry, I didn't do an introduction. My name is Sam Craghvang. Say it with me- Sam Crag-vang. Cr-ag (rhymes with bag) vang (sounds like fang, but starts with a v.). I am a vampire, changed at 17 years old, have been a vampire for 266 years. My Talent is to turn into smoke, and when in smoke form, I can do terrible things that your worst nightmares would flee from. And I was searching for the famous Cullen's.

I didn't really want to kill them or eat their little pet Bella like most of their visitors; I just wanted to find out the real story. I collect people's stories of mortality as a hobby, and I thought it would be interesting to find their backgrounds out.

So, back to the cliff. I whirled away towards Forks, but dived around it, heading towards La Push first. It would be best to find out how powerful the werewolves were first.

I poured myself into my body in the woods behind a house heavy with the scent of werewolves. I had spent a long time with wolves once, so I didn't hate them as much, and had grown to sort of like their musty smell. I flipped my hair out of my face and strode boldly up to the door. When I got there, I heard whispering.

"Wait… someone's at the door. Smells sort of like a vampire, but not as cold and sweet. It almost smells nice. What on earth could it be?" someone whispered. I let a feral smile creep across my face, my trademark 'crocodile grin.' I heard footsteps, and the door swung open. A tall Native American was glaring at me.

"You're breaking the treaty, leech! Get back on your own side!" he exclaimed, his arms already starting to vibrate.

"Who is it, Sam?" someone from inside shouted. I started a bit at my name. Okay, so this wolf was named Sam too, I guess.

"What treaty?" I asked innocently. He glowered at me.

"Don't you play all goody goody! I know that you know about the treaty! Who are you?" he snarled. I quickly flipped through the options.

"I'm Arrow. And I'm new," I lied easily. I didn't know if these wolves communicated with the other packs, so I wasn't risking telling them my real identity and getting attacked right then and there. Notice I said 'attacked', and not killed. My Talent allows me to do many things that have saved my skin many times.

He continued to glare, and I smiled happily back. Finally, he let out a sigh.

"Alright, Arrow. If you're new, then you'd better head over to Cullen's. Follow the road until it forks, and take the right one. Then take two lefts, a straight, and another right. Look for their driveway, it's not easy to find. Their house is a huge one; you can't confuse it with another house. Happy trails," he said gruffly, and closed the door. My scent wasn't exactly like other vampires, so they usually found it harder to hate me. Many of them really like my smell.

I followed his advice and went to the Cullen's, only stopping to hunt a young black bear so that my eyes would be more gold. I had eaten a human last, so they were a bit redder than I'd have liked.

I traveled quickly, going as smoke. When I got to their house, I stopped for a moment at the door, examining their beautiful house. The slight scent of a mouthwatering human lay strongly, so she must be there. I raised my hand and knocked on their door, hoping my control was up to Bella's famous smell.

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