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Bella's PoV:

"Edward…are you sure this is okay?" I asked uncertainly. I followed him slowly through the darkness.

"Of course, Bella! Why wouldn't it?" Edward whispered with confidence.

"Um…because we're trying to annoy a teenager…in the middle of the night?!" I whispered a little loudly.

Even though we were seven-year-olds, we were very mischievous. We used to get into so much trouble…I mean…have so much fun together? We were inseparable. He had my back, and I had his. We were best friends.

"Don't worry, the worst he can do is yell…and we could always run into my room and then pretend to sleep!" Wow, he really had this thing planned out.

I really wish that I haven't agreed to visit his house for a sleepover anymore. I mean, Wes was really nice to me, and I want it to stay that way. I don't think putting ice all over him would cause him to like me anymore.

We were just at the foot of Wes's bed, and Edward lifted up the bucket of ice. He crept over to the side of the bed and…

I never knew what happened next. I just took off running.


"Edward…are you sure this is okay?" I repeated for the millionth time in our little almost-nonexistent-ten-year-old lives.

"Bella, if it wasn't okay, would we be doing this?"


He paused and then turned to look at me. "Have we ever gotten in trouble, Bella?" He sighed.

"Yeah, there was that one time when we…you poured ice on your brother's head…and that one time when we soaked our parents with the super soakers…and that one time when we ripped my sister's stuffed animals' heads off…and that one time when-"

"Okay, okay, I get it…but have we ever been in jail?"

He had me there. "No."

"Were we ever on the most wanted list?"

"No," I said with a sigh.

"So no harm done. Totally painless!"

I sighed heavily again and then gathered up all the water balloons into the bucket. I can't believe I thought up of this idea. Me! The former innocent little girl who was Daddy's little angel. I am now daddy's little devil.

"Ready…set…go!" Edward commanded, chucking jumbo water balloons at his neighbor's windows.


"Edward, are you-"

"Yes, Bella! I am one hundred percent sure that this is completely okay! Got it?" Edward interrupted, frustrated.

I sighed, and then proceeded into the dark alleys of Chicago. I walked into one deserted alley, and Edward entered into the alley across from mine.

I wonder, seventeen-year-olds can go to jail, right? Or is it eighteen? Either way, I'm going to be in big trouble. I could sense this.

I looked at Edward with a worried look. Then, headlights suddenly rounded the corner. We got the spray cans ready when a dark figure suddenly grabbed Edward from behind…and then he was gone…into the darkness. I dropped my can and then ran into the alley. Nothing.



That was thirty years ago. Thirty years ago when Edward disappeared. Thirty years ago when I had tried to commit suicide. Thirty years ago when I ran away from home. Thirty years ago when I was taken to a home. Thirty years ago when I became a vampire.

Being a vampire can be depressing at times. There are few ways to be destroyed, and that was what I was trying to avoid thirty years ago. Avoid being immortal.

Don't get me wrong, being a vampire isn't that bad. Senses are heightened, super strength, super speed, and a wonderful family to support me.

Monica is just like my mother. Caring, nice, cheerful, everything that a mother is. No major powers for her, though.

Gerard (Monica, be glad I paired you up with someone you actually like) is Monica's mate, and a father to me. He keeps the family in order, and he is very caring. He was the one who changed me when he found me running away from home, and I appreciate it, although not one of the first things on my to-do list: to get changed into a vampire. His power is x-ray vision. Oh, the joys of having a father with x-ray vision.

Emily reminds me of my older sister. She always cares for me…annoying at times, but everything a sister could be. Lucky Emily ended up with the power to control the weather. That made life more interesting, with a sister who controls the weather.

And Kenny, Emily's beloved, my older brother. A big pain in the ass at times, but I still love him like a brother…especially because he doesn't have any powers. If he did…then it would be the end of the world for me.

And then there's me. Bella Swan. The outsider of the family. The outsider of the school. The outsider of everything. Then again, the whole family is outsiders in public. Nobody really talked to us, and we never talked to anyone else. Anyway, I was the one kid in the family who was always locked up in her room. I was the one who wandered around on her own. I was the one who went hunting for animals on her own. I was the only one in the family that has never had a mate. Never.

The power that I brought into my second life was a combination. The power to fly, disappear, and transport somewhere else, all of them that could help me escape from anything like a free chicken.

Yeah, so that pretty much covers the life of the lifeless Isabella Marie Swan.

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