KibaSin: I did not want to actually bring out this little fic until after I had finished Stains of the Heart, but I wanted to update something today so badly. It's my birthday, and I wanted to get something out, since I've spent so much time working on my schoolwork, instead of actually typing anything. So, here are some notes that I want you to remember throughout the story:

1. The story takes place a few months after the chuunin exams, but before Sasuke leaves Konohagakure to train with Orochimaru.

2. Some of the events have been sped up a bit, but only a couple.

3. This is really my first attempt at anything that does not have a major pairing, but little fluffy parts, and is meant to be more humorous than drama-filled, so do not expect it to be a lot like my other fanfiction. I am trying to get into the humor section a little, instead of staying in the drama and romance section my entire life, but it will go into those sections a little throughout the story.

4. Please, don't take this fanfiction completely serious, because it is fanfiction.

5. Please, also ignore the out of character-ness the characters might developed (or have developed) because they are meant to be that way.


Sensei Exchange

By: KibaSin/Kiba

Summary: Their senseis' have gone nuts, deciding that they were going to be taught for two weeks by a group of shinobi from Sunagakure. Crazy thing, these shinobi are barely older than themselves. [Inuyasha/Naruto Crossover

Disclaimer: I own neither Naruto nor Inuyasha. They belong to their creators Kishimoto Masashi© and Takahashi Rumiko©. I simply gain self-accomplishment from writing this fanfiction.

Genre: General/A little Drama/Minor Romance/Hopefully Humor

Rating: T; rated for Language, Violence, and those Fluffy Moments

Chapter One:

Their Decision

"What's going on?" Naruto asked, blinking as they waited at the gates. "Kakashi-sensei!" he whined when he got no answer.

"Be quiet, Naruto," Sakura hissed, shaking her head. After doing so she turned her eyes back toward the direction the group was facing. She was also wondering what was happening, since Kurenai's, Asuma's, Gai's, and their own team had joined together for something. It had to be something important, since they were told to dress nicely and act decent when something happened. They hadn't been told what, but just when it happened they'd know.

Kurenai glanced back and shook her head. "It's alright that he asks," she said.

They perked up; all twelve of them turning their attention toward her, though some weren't as noticeable.

"We're waiting for the Sunagakure shinobi who're meant to arrive any minute now," she continued.

Naruto jumped up, smiling. "Is Gaara going to be with them?" he asked. It'd been a while since he'd seen his friend, at least seven months or so. He hoped he was fairing well.

"I don't know," Kurenai replied. "I just know that there will be four or more of them."

"There they are!" Gai shouted. Turning toward his rival, he mocked, "I saw them first, Kakashi. That makes it one hundred and eight to eighty-three!"

Kakashi rolled his eye and shook his head lightly, flipping the page in his book. Sighing, he decided to humor the other jounin, saying, "There are seven of them."

Gai blinked and squinted his eyes, before nodding. "It seems there are! Very good, Kakashi! Maybe someday you'll be as good as I, your rival!"

"Seven!" Naruto shouted. "Who are they? Who are they?"

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke muttered. "They're too far away to tell who they are, especially with the fog that's settled around the village."

Naruto growled, glaring at the other boy. "Sasuke-teme," he said darkly.

"Idiot," Sasuke replied.

Sakura sighed, "Please don't fight."

Naruto instantly brightened, "Anything for you, Sakura-chan!"

"Tch," Sasuke snorted, turning his attention toward the people marching toward them. Or they seemed to be, until one of them screamed 'hentai' very loudly and slammed a huge weapon against the head of another, who was instantly picked up by one of them muttering to themselves. The other was shaking their head and walking behind the figure that he supposed was Gaara from the fact that he didn't seem to care about what was happening behind him. However, as they came closer, Sasuke's eyes widened slightly at the appearance of the ones following behind Gaara and his siblings. It made him wonder why they were waiting for shinobi who were obviously less then fifteen years old.

It wasn't long before they were standing before them, their senseis' greeting them friendly and welcoming them to Konohagakure. Sasuke, however, blinked at the sight of the one standing so closely to Gaara, while the demon vessel didn't even seem to care. It wasn't that that really drew his attention, but the fact that she stood with such confidence, her chakra signaling that she held a large amount of power, yet she smiled happily, like there was nothing bad in the world. Not to mention she had to be interesting if Gaara allowed her so close.

"Why don't you introduce yourselves?" Kakashi said. "And state your ages."

They nodded, before one of them stepped forward. He had white hair, which was falling halfway down his back, and cold golden eyes, which he used to glare at them with. His lips were forming a scowl, while he crossed his arms over his chest. His brown clothing was nothing special, but he did carry a sword on his side, and a holster on his thigh. His Sunagakure headband was wrapped around his arm. "Feh, I'm Inuyasha, age fourteen," he said.

The girl beside Gaara shook her head, and also stepped forward. Her hair was black, and also loose down her back, her Sunagakure headband holding her long bangs out of her face. Her eyes were a misty blue-gray, and there was a bright smile on her face that could have warmed the heart of anyone. Her clothing was black and silver, and there was a symbol of two white wings crossed over each other, each outlined with red, on the front. Her weapons weren't anywhere to be seen, which lead them to believe she may have them hidden. "Hello," she smiled. "I'm Higurashi Kagome, age thirteen."

The other girl stepped forward, her face slightly harder than the female before her, but her eyes friendly. Her hair was cut up to her shoulders, black in color, and her headband was wrapped around her neck. Her brown eyes matched her brown clothing perfectly, but it was the large boomerang-like weapon she carried on her back that caught the most attention. "I am Sango, age fourteen," she said.

The final boy, who'd been revived recently, was finally standing to his full height. His black hair was pulled into a small ponytail, while his headband was covering his forehead. He had warm brown eyes, and a lecherous smile, while he scanned their large group silently. He wore red and brown clothing, and carried a staff in his hand. "And I am Miroku, age fourteen," he said, eyeing the girls. "I would love to get to know everyone of you girls!"

"Shut up, lecher!" Sango hissed, pulling on the strap of her large weapon.

Miroku laughed nervously, waving his hands in the air. "Sango, I meant no offence to you darling!"

"Stop calling me that," Sango growled.

"U-um, excuse me," came a small voice.

Kagome smiled, stepping forward more, until she was standing in front of the dark haired girl with white eyes. "Yes?" she asked.

"I-I'm Hyuuga H-Hinata and I was just wonder w-why you're the o-only one with a s-surname," she stuttered, a light blush coming onto her cheeks.

"I am the only one willing to share it," Kagome smiled brighter. "I'm sure in time they'll tell you theirs, but right now we're here simply because—"

"We're here," Inuyasha butted in rudely, "because we're supposed to whip you idiots into shape."

Kagome scowled, turning to glare at the white haired boy, who suddenly stiffened. "We're here because Gaara-sama wishes it," she muttered. "He could have picked any shinobi for this task, Inuyasha, you're lucky he chose you. Idiot."

"Don't you fucking call me an idiot, you fucking wench!" he snarled.

She pulled out a kunai from her waist, twirling it on her fingers. Her eyes turned hard, and her smile completely vanished. "You want to settle this right here, right now, asshole?" she asked, her voice hard.

Hinata took a few steps back, waving her hands in the air as she tried to stop them. She squeaked when she bumped into someone and turned to find the girl named Sango standing there. Blushing a bit more, she apologized, before asking, "W-was it something I said?"

"No," Sango shook her head. "Kagome's clan and Inuyasha's clan have always been at odds. They've been at each other's throats since we became genin at the age of seven, Kagome the age of six, and were put onto the same team with Miroku. They're taught from birth to hate each other, so this comes naturally to them."

"T-this is n-normal?" Hinata asked.

"Yes," Sango nodded. "They've always been like this and always will be. Don't worry about it so much."

Inuyasha pulled his sword from its sheath, and pointed it at her. "Why not, you fucking whore!" he roared.

She smirked evilly, "Wow, that was intelligent, considering the fact that it came from your mouth, dobe. However, I do believe you have us mixed up, considering the fact that you're the one who's always trying to get into Kikyo's clothing. Though, I have to admit, you did come rather strongly onto her once she was kicked out of the Higurashi Clan. Would you suddenly like me if I didn't hold my surname?"

"Bitch," he roared, rushing at her. However, a wall of sand suddenly appeared before him, and he slammed against it. Crying out, he backed off, knowing from experience not to go against the word of the new Kazekage. Hell, he'd always been frightened of that brat, knowing what he could do.

She jumped to the top of the sand mound, and stared down at the boy. "We will continue this at a later time, Taisho. And when we do, I will run circles around you," she smirked.

Inuyasha growled, before sheathing his sword. "I'd take you on right now if you weren't protected by the Kazekage, whore. You and your fucking clan."

"It is not my fault your clan opposed Gaara-sama's reign, while mine accepted it," Kagome shrugged. "Besides, my clan is loyal to Sunagakure, thus I shall never turn my back on my people. Gaara-sama, no matter what he is considered to be, is apart of Sunagakure, and that makes him like family. Only you and your stupid clan are the ones that we cannot stand." She jumped down from the sand wall and moved to stand beside Sango, listening to the sound of Inuyasha's grumbling, a smile turning up on her lips once more. "But don't worry, dobe, when I kill you, your death will be quick, though I can't promise it will be painless."

She turned to the others completely, not listening as Inuyasha went into a rant about her and her clan. "Why don't we get started?" she asked, smiling brightly.

Sango shook her head; "You really shouldn't get him riled up like that, Kagome."

"It's the idiot's fault, not mine. It's not my fault he was born with a mental disorder," Kagome mocked. "Besides, the dobe can do what he wishes, I have no time for him right now. My mission is to protect Kazekage-sama, but since I have been ordered by him to teach these Konohagakure shinobi, I shall."

Sango sighed, "Kagome-chan…"

Miroku, having inched away from the chaos of the two rivals, stepped next to the girl he'd set his eye on. She had hair like he'd never seen, and it was exotic to his male eye. Seeing her give him a wary look, he smiled reassuringly, and then took her hand. "My, what a beautiful young lady you are," he said. "May I ask for your name?"

She blinked, "Ah… Haruno Sakura." She blushed looking into his eyes, and wished that Sasuke would look at her like that.

"What a beautiful name," Miroku smiled. "Tell me, Sakura, would you mind bearing my children?"

Sakura turned several shades of red. "W-WHAT!?!"

"Oh god, he's at it again," Sango hissed. "Pervert."

"It's a simple yes or no answer, Sakura," Miroku pressed.

Naruto's mouth had fallen open, and he suddenly pointed his finger at the Sunagakure shinobi. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING ASKING SAKURA-CHAN A QUESTION LIKE THAT?" He turned to Sasuke to find that the other boy had simply shaken his head and turned his eyes toward the two new females. Eyes wide, he grabbed Sasuke by the arm, "AREN'T YOU GOING TO SAY SOMETHING, SASUKE-TEME?"

Sasuke pulled away from him. "Stop touching me, dobe," he growled.

Sakura tried to pull her hands away, but found that his grip was strong and sure. She gasped, and then finally pulled hard enough to free one of her hands. "I'm waiting for Sasuke-kun, you pervert," she shouted, slapping him across the face. Feeling his head snap back, she pulled completely away from him, and then turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun!"

"Stop whining," Sasuke muttered.

"She hit him, I'm impressed," Sango said.

Kagome pouted, "I hit him, Sango-chan! You were never impressed with me!"

"You're apart of Sunagakure," Sango explained. "I'm impressed because a kunoichi from another village actually had the idea to hit him. I'm amazed she hit him so hard, too. Though, yours was much harder."

Kagome brought her arm up and placed her hand onto the muscles. "I train like a fighting machine, Sango-chan!"

Sango rolled her eyes, "Yeah, about that phrase…"

"As interesting as this all is," Kakashi said, catching the attention of the ones involved and watching the chaos, "I believe we should get down to business."

"Yes, yes," Gai nodded. "Quite right, we should be getting you all onto the path that will lead you to the ultimate achievement of youth!"

"Really, Gai-sensei!" Lee shouted.

"That's right, Lee!" Gai shouted back.



Neji and TenTen twitched slightly, while the others simply stared at the now hugging pair. However, Neji, determined to show indifference toward them, spoke up. "What exactly is this business you speak of, Hatake-san?"

Kakashi gave a small smile, allowing the book in his hands to tilt forward slightly. "I'm glad someone asked," he nodded. "For the next two weeks you will be the students of these Sunagakure shinobi!"

The twelve members of the four squads froze, and stared at the four shinobi from Suna. They then glanced toward the young Kazekage, and watched as he gave a single nod, before his eyes settled onto Kagome. It seemed that the Kazekage had a new interest, but they each doubted he'd go for it.

Naruto's lip quivered, and he rushed toward Gaara. Standing in front of him, he said, "Please tell me it's not true, Gaara."

"I would be lying," the Kazekage replied.

"NO!" Naruto shouted. "I already have to put up with Kakashi-sensei and Ero-Sannin, and you brought… that… that pervert who hit on Sakura-chan! How could you, Gaara?"

"It was not that hard," Gaara said, shifting his eyes to the vessel of Kyuubi. "He is a strong jounin."

"Jounin!" they shouted.

Kagome smiled, nodding. "I thought that would have been obvious. We're all jounin, have been for three years now. Of course, I've always wanted to work close to the Kazekage, but I never thought I'd be training genin and chuunin. But if my Kazekage wishes it, then it shall be done."

Gaara gave a single nod.

Naruto blinked, and turned to her. "Why do you keep saying that?"

"What?" she asked, blinking in surprise, but her smile still remaining.

"You keep saying you'll do anything for Gaara, why?" Naruto asked. He didn't really understand the look in Gaara's eyes when he'd once again turned toward the girl again, but he hoped it was something good. And he hoped that whatever it was, she returned it, since Gaara needed something in his life to keep him from falling back into the dark place he'd been at.

"My loyalty lies first with my Kazekage, Gaara-sama, second with my clan, and finally with my village," Kagome stated, standing very straight. "I will protect Kazekage-sama with my life, for it is my duty to my village to keep him safe. Besides, if I held no loyalties to Gaara-sama, then I would not make a good personal guard."

"Personal guard?" Naruto blinked.

"Yeah, she's his fucking lap dog, kid," Inuyasha grinned. "Follows him around everywhere, no matter where it is." He flinched when the Kazekage's eyes settled onto him, the glare clear as day. Bowing slightly, he said, "I meant no offence, Kazekage-sama."

"That's not true, dobe," she snapped. "I am to watch his back, not whatever you're thinking of. I protect Kazekage-sama from those who are not worthy of his skill or his time." She paused, and then grinned, "People like you."

Inuyasha stiffened, then growled. "Fuck this, we settled this NOW!" he shouted, watching as they stiffened. Grabbing his sword, he watched as her eyes narrowed, and she settled into a stance he'd seen many times. "Kekkei Genkai already, bitch? Fine," he said. Allowing his bloodline trait to flow through his veins, he felt his appearance changing, and grinned at her. "I'll show you just how unworthy I am."

Her eyes swirled until they were completely silver, with three dark blue ovals forming around where the pupil should have been. The ovals began to spin, creating what looked like a large blue circle surrounding her nonexistent pupil inside the piercing silver. "You seem to forget something, though, dobe. My Kekkei Genkai allows me to counterattack every attack you make. I will see through everything, and I will have a defense for it. Then, when you're weak, I shall bring upon my Kekkei Genkai's Genjutsu, and it will be then you'll experience more pain then you can imagine." She swung her hand, and suddenly they gave off a white looking chakra visible to the eye, and it seemed to leak from her very skin after she stopped the movement.

He raised his sword, his voice darker than it had been. "Wind Style: Wind Scar Jutsu!"

She dropped lower, her hands coming together even before he'd spoke, knowing he'd been making the seals before he'd shouted. Watching the white streaks as they soared toward her, she noted that Gaara was close by. Gritting her teeth together, knowing that he could be injured, she made the final seal. "Wind Style: Dance of the Dragon Technique!" She instantly went into a spin, moving faster with each turn, until a large twister formed around her. The effect was enough, for the attack Inuyasha had unleashed was swept away, completely disappearing from view.

Inuyasha growled, moving forward, his sword held tightly in his hand. The winds did not die, but she stepped away from the swirling vortex, chakra keeping her to the ground as her hair was lifted with the winds. He brought up his new claws, and was preparing to slice her to pieces, when she went into another series of hand seals, this time spinning the opposite direction once she had completed them.

"Wind Style: Multiple Dragon Dance!" she shouted, forming another large twister, which clashed with the first twister, while the others tried to keep themselves attached to the ground. Once it was completed, she flipped out and instantly went into another one, forming the third and final one. Once it was completed, she made sure to exit differently, knowing that Inuyasha was waiting for her on the outside. His Kekkei Genkai allowed him demon strength and speed, which meant she needed to use her head.

"Bitch!" Inuyasha shouted when she allowed herself to be sucked up into the vortex. He glanced upward, wondering when she'd come out, and watched as she suddenly zipped into the air from the top of the smallest twister. Knowing that any weapon or jutsu he threw at her would be sucked inside of the three growing twisters, he moved away, watching her with his keen eye.

She pulled out two scrolls, allowing them to fly in the opposite directions until they were completely unraveled. She twisted herself, the winds keeping her upright, and pumped her chakra into the scrolls. "Fire Style: Black Flame Dragon!" she hissed, feeling the scrolls suddenly burst into flames. She twisted again, allowing the shape to take form, her chakra continuing to flood into the mix, and watched as the flames turned completely black while surrounding her. Hearing what sounded like a roar, she knew the dragon was complete, and turned her eyes to Inuyasha, her body moving the dragon easily.

The dragon moved, swooping down on Inuyasha as he jumped out of the way. The flames licked the ground, the flames instantly igniting along the path the dragon took, chasing after Inuyasha. However, just as it was about to shallow him whole, Gaara's hand shot out, and a wall of sand formed between the two fighting jounin. The dragon swooped upward, circling into the sky, and then burst apart, the girl inside beginning to fall toward the ground. The girl instantly went into another set of hand seals, and fell softly to the ground, the wind whipping violently around them, before she waved her hand.

"If you wish it, Kazekage-sama," she whispered. "I apologize for not obeying your orders." She moved to stand in front of him, and knelt there. "I shall take whatever punishment you would settle upon my shoulders."

Inuyasha panted, his Kekkei Genkai fading as he stood off to the side. He glared at the Higurashi, his distaste for her still strong, even as she instantly turned into the obedient bitch he knew she was. That was why he liked Kikyo; because she didn't follow the rules and that was the reason she'd been kicked out of the Higurashi Clan.

Gaara did nothing.

Feeling the sand caress her face, Kagome stood, bowing her head deeper. "Thank you, Kazekage-sama." She lifted her head, and smiled.

The Konohagakure shinobi stared in silence—with the exception of one.



Chakra – life energy

Chuunin – middle ninja; journeyman ninja

Dobe – dead last

Ero-Sannin – perverted sannin

Genin – low ninja; junior ninja

Genjutsu – illusion technique

Jounin – high ninja; elite ninja

Jutsu – technique

Kazekage – wind shadow

Kekkei genkai – bloodline limit

Konohagakure (no Sato) –Village Hidden Among Leaves

-sama – suffix used in very high respect

-san – a polite and formal suffix meaning "Mr." "Mrs." "Ms." or "Miss"

Shinobi – ninja

Sunagakure (no Sato) – Village Hidden Among Sand

-teme – bastard (used in suffix form)

(KibaSin: I think that's all of them, correct me is I'm wrong)