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Chapter 8

New Students

Sanzo was quiet the whole ride to Tenpou's house, deep in thought about the people he had just met. He didn't know why, but he couldn't get the boy with the bunny doll out of his head.

'Though, now I guess he isn't the boy with the bunny doll, since he gave it to me…' he thought, unconsciously squeezing the bunny doll in his hands tighter. It seemed to stare up at him, with big black shiny eyes, as if it were speaking to him. It was kind of creepy.

Konzen shot a side-long glance at his little brother and the freaky little bunny doll he was holding. He had composed himself earlier and come out to see Koryuu standing stock-still by the gate, clutching that doll so hard, Konzen was sure it's head would've popped off if he had waited a little longer to call out to him. When he asked where it came from, Koryuu had only mumbled something about a bunny man. Slightly worried, but not wanting to press after what had happened this morning, they had both gotten into the car and were now enduring an awkwardly silent car trip.

His amethyst eyes scanned the doll over and over again. Something was irking him badly, something was telling him that he'd seen the thing before. It was a simple white bunny with black bead eyes. Nothing too outstanding about it. But for some reason, Konzen found it strangely familiar - and it made him angry.

It wasn't till some time after he dropped Koryuu off did he realize where he'd seen it before.

And when he did, it made his blood run cold.


Konzen stepped out of his car cautiously, as if expecting an attack. He looked left and right, checking to see if anyone was watching, then he walked tentatively towards the door of the café, which was just outside city limits.

'Downtown' my foot, he thought sarcastically. As he scanned the almost empty establishment, he noted that he was glad he hadn't told anyone he was coming here. One, Tenpou and Kenren wouldn't have let him hear the end of it, and now secondly, he didn't have to face the double taunting from them, considering he had been stood up. Homura wasn't even there.

That bastard!, he thought angrily. He did this on purpose! He probably has a friend working here, to tell him if I actually showed up so he could have a good laugh about it! That asshole! Konzen ranted on in his head as he turned back towards the door to head out, masking the slight disappointed feeling stirring in the back of his heart. Whatever, I'm wasting my time here anyway. I should be at the orphanage, with Goku. An even angrier look crossed his face. After all, Ling told me just the other day that he's been getting attention from some guy. If I'm not careful, Goku might be…No! I won't think like that! There is no way that some creepy priest-guy is going to…to…

Something niggled at the back of his mind, trying to force itself to be remembered. Something to do with the situation at the orphanage…something to do with Goku…something to do with…someone… He swung the door open to head out, and bumped into someone coming in.

"Sorry. Wasn't looking." he grunted, attempting to sidestep the person. He just wanted to leave.

"Hmm, It looks like I arrived just in time. We almost missed each other, Konzen."

He froze, and looked up into the face of Homura Taishi. "H-Homura…" Damnit, I said his name!

Homura smirked, placed a hand lightly on the other man's arm. "Now Konzen, shall we have a seat?"

Konzen couldn't fight the blush that formed on his cheeks.


The two men sat down at a table in the back, away from the prying eyes of the other customers. For the first few minutes, while the two waited for a waiter, ordered, then waited for their food, there was silence. But soon after the second waiter brought their food, Konzen let his gaze drift up to Homura's face. The taller man was staring at him, a small smirk playing on his lips. He scowled, taking a long drink of his sweet tea.

"What? Is there something on my face? I haven't eaten anything yet!" he snapped.

Homura smirked. "I can't help it. You have such a beautiful face."

Konzen blushed and looked away from him. "Shut up…"

Homura's smirk grew steadily softer. "It's true. I could stare at your face all day…and all night."

Konzen's eyes widened, and the blush spread like wildfire on his face. He turned and glared at Homura. "Y-You-!!" he cut himself off, shocked to find Homura's face hovering only inches from his.

The dark haired man's eye were slightly half-lidded, an undecipherable look in his beautiful blue and gold eyes. Their faces were so close their foreheads were touching lightly, and Konzen could feel the warm, moist breath drifting across his mouth.

Konzen's blush darkened drastically, deep purple eyes widening in shock. He could only stare at the handsome face in front of his, eyes boring into his; reading him like a book. If Homura were to only lean down a little bit…

He did.

The kiss was hot and messy. Homura had to support himself on the table with his hand, wobbling a little as he buried his free hand in Konzen's luscious golden locks. His tongue slid past parted pink lips, re-exploring the mouth it used to invade nearly every moment spent alone with the blonde boy when they were younger.

Konzen whimpered into the kiss, and wrapped his arms around Homura's neck out of reflex. Homura smirked inwardly and deepened the kiss, controlling the situation a little more now that the initial surprise at his own actions had worn off. When they broke for air, and Konzen's mind finally started clearing up, he realized with faint horror what had just occurred. He looked up at Homura with shock etched all over his face. Homura only smirked.

"Now look what you made me do…I have food all over my shirt." he said in his low, teasing voice. His stomach had pressed down on his plate when he leaned across the table to kiss the blonde.

Konzen could only watch helplessly as he stood and walked to the bathroom to clean his shirt off. He was still for a few moments after the door closed behind the dark-haired man, before letting his head drop to the tabletop.

"No…no, this can't happen…not again…" he moaned. He rested there for a few more moments, until a movement outside of the window caught his eyes.

A man was standing on a street corner, talking to someone on a sleek silver cell phone. It was a completely unremarkable sight, something one would see everyday really. But the man was holding a little brown bunny doll under his left arm, and for that very reason, the sight triggered a memory in Konzen.

The memory was of a strange man, sitting on the front steps of his adoptive father's house. He was tall, with shoulder length coarse black hair, pitch black eyes, and a smooth, porcelain-like face.. He wore a priest's frock, and held a large black bible under his arm. And next to the bible, just above it in the crook of that slim, finely muscled arm, was a plain white bunny doll with a broad blue ribbon wrapped around it's neck.

If Konzen had been in shock about Homura's sudden attack, he was floored by the familiarity and dreadful feeling of sickening fear that shot down his spine now. He moved on autopilot as he leapt to his feet, dropped a few bills on the table for expenses and rushed out the door to his car.

He got in quickly and practically slammed his keys in the ignition, turning them fiercely. The engine sputtered and revved, but just wouldn't start.

"DAMN it!" he snapped, twisting the key with furious vigor. "DAMN it DAMN it DAMN it!! Why won't you START, you worthless piece of SHIT?!" he was practically screaming now, desperate to get to the orphanage.

"How about I give you a ride?"

Konzen's head shot up, to see Homura frowning at him through the window of his car. "I-"

"Get out." Homura pulled the door open and stood aside so Konzen could move.

He shook his head. "No, I-I have to-Goku…"

Homura's frown deepened. "What's wrong, Konzen? What about Goku? What's going…" he trailed off, seeing the look on the blonde's face. His expression turned serious, and he grabbed Konzen's arm and pulled him from the car and dragged him to his own sleek, black Ferrari and pushed him into the passenger seat. He circled round and got into the drivers seat, starting the car with ease.

"I'll have my chauffeur pick it up later." he said smoothly, pulling out of the spot and sped off towards town. "Now are you going to tell me why we have to rush to the orphanage all of sudden?" he asked.

Konzen was still shaken from the sight of the man.

"Ukkoku." he said, voice shaking from stress. "Ukkoku Sanzo."


Goku's wide golden eyes stared out the window, admiring the setting sun as it painted the sky orange. Smiling lightly, he reached up and traced the outline of the blurred sun on the horizon.

"Konzen…" he mumbled fondly. "Sanzo…"

Then Ling, Goku's caretaker in the orphanage, came out and took one of his small hands in hers. She didn't speak, so he was the one to break the silence.

Soon he would wish that he hadn't.

He smiled up at her pretty face, and asked, "Ling, is something the matter?" He fell silent as his gaze fell on her eyes, or more specifically, the tears welling up in the them. "Ling, are you alright? Has someone hurt you?! Do you want me to beat them up?!" he exclaimed, leaping to his feet.

Ling shook her head, and wiped a bit of her tears away. "Goku…honey…come with me." he said quietly, leading the confused boy by the hand to the front room.

There, they were greeted by three people. One, a tall handsome black-haired man. Another a boy only about a year or two older than him, also with black hair. And another boy, about the same age, with pale blonde hair. He blinked at them.

The man smiled kindly down at him. "Hello, there!" he said sweetly, reaching out for Goku's hand.

Goku blinked and took the hand, shaking it enthusiastically through his confusion. "Hi, my name is Son Goku. What about you?"

The man smiled again, reaching up from Goku's hand to pet his soft brown hair. Goku felt slightly uncomfortable, but soon relaxed into the petting, purring like a kitten. "Haha! Such a sweet little boy!" the man exclaimed.

Goku grinned. "You're nice, I like you!" he said, not noticing the dark smile on the dark haired boy's face, and the pained one on Lings.

"Ah, that's wonderful!" he said. "My name is Ukkoku Sanzo. These are my kids, Nii Jenyi, and Kami Sanzo. Nii is my brother by blood, but took his mother's maiden name, instead of our father's. Kami, on the other hand, is adopted. He was once an orphan, just like you!"

Goku blinked, thinking Sanzo…?, and looked at Kami. "Just like me…?" he asked cautiously.

Kami smiled at him. "Yes!" he said.

Ukkoku laughed. "Well, I was an orphan once too. And Nii. We're all so alike aren't we?"

Goku smiled a little wider. "Yeah…we are! We are alike!" He smiled as big and bright as he could at Ukkoku. "I like you! Will you come play with me sometimes?"

Ukkoku's smile spread wider across his face, and took on a dark, triumphant look. "Oh yes…I will. In fact, I might even do more than that."

Goku grinned. "That's great! Oh, I smell food, it's dinner time!" he exclaimed, turning and running away, "Bye Mr. Ukkoku!"

Nii smirked and took Kami by the hand and began leading him to the door. "Come along brother. Ukkoku-nii has things to discuss with Ling-san." Kami smiled and nodded, letting himself be lead out.

When they were gone, Ukkoku turned and smirked darkly at Ling. "Well, you heard him. He likes me, and I like him." he said. "I think you're smart enough to understand where I'm going with this."


By the time Homura's car had pulled into the driveway of the orphanage, Konzen was already unbuckled and shoving open the door. He jumped out just as Homura put the car into park, and darted into the building.

"Ling!" he called out. "Ling!!"

The brunette woman came rushing out into the front room with a look on her face that only heightened Konzen's worry.

"Ling!" he snapped, his distress evident in his voice. "Where is he? Where is Goku?"

Ling's wouldn't meet his eyes. She just stood there, trembling with her fists clenched at her side.

"Ling!" Konzen nearly shouted, grabbing her by her shoulders. "Where is Goku?!"

"...Konzen...I couldn't do anything about it..." she looked up at him, tears collecting in the corners of her eyes. "I'm sorry... he's been adopted."

Konzen stood, shocked. He knew it would happen one day, but he always believed...fantasized, that maybe...he'd be the one to adopt him. That he'd be the one to bring him home, and become his family...but now...

"Who adopted him, Ling?" he whispered, letting his arms fall to his side. In his heart he already knew the answer, but didn't want to believe it.

"A man named Ukkoku Sanzo." she whispered.

Konzen didn't hear Homura come behind him. Everything had suddenly become so loud. He could hear his blood pumping fast through his veins, roaring and crash against the inside of his skin. His thoughts echoed like gongs in his head, all screaming at him for being so stupid, for not realizing earlier what was going on...! He felt his ears fill with angry tears, tears he hadn't cried for a long, long time. He pushed the palms of his hands deep into his eyes to hide his shame. He wasn't supposed to cry, out here in the open, where strangers and children could all see him. He had to be strong, for Goku and Sanzo, and for all their friends. He wasn't supposed to cry...

He felt Homura come up behind him and pull him into his arm, comforting arms and he buried his face deep into his neck.

...big brothers didn't cry.


"Welcome to your new home, Goku. Do you like it?" Ukkoku asked the young brunette.

Goku stared up at the large pretty house with wide, amazed eyes. "It's so biiiig!" he cried excitedly. "I live HERE, now?"

"You do, Goku." said Nii from behind him.

Goku turned to face him quickly. "How'd you get there?!" he exclaimed.

"I don't know. How'd HE get THERE?" Nii asked, pointing behind Goku.

Goku spun around again and came face-to-chin with Kami. "Eeep!" he squeaked.

Kami Sanzo smiled. "Oh Goku, we're going to have such fun living together." he exclaimed happily.

Goku smiled weakly, still a little shaken. "Y-Yeah...I can't wait to invite my friends over to the house to play. I think you'll all just love them!" he said happily. "Especially Sanzo and Nataku! They're my BEST friends."

"Yes...I'm sure we will." Ukkoku said, a small smirk on his face. "Now let's get inside, shall we?"

Nii and Kami grabbed Goku's hands and lead him inside the house.