A/N: I had to finish two in a day! Yikes! Craziness there! XD

2: FOIL (Last)
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Song: Psychobabble, by Frou Frou

L is for 'Lasting Forever'

She was so still, he mused, watching her chest rise and fall rythmically with her breath. She leaned against his chest, completely relaxed in his arms, her head lolling onto his right shoulder. Her hands lay folded motionlessly in her lap. He knew from experience how much smaller they were than his own, and in her peaceful state, they looked so fragile; much less lethal than he knew them to be.

She shifted, her shoulder touching his chest lightly. It was the one he'd wrapped earlier that day on account of her carelessness with her own poisoned blade (heaven forbid she be scathed by any hand other than her own). The thought made him give a small smile.

She was so calm in slumber. If he'd never seen her take down a dozen skilled shinobi at a time, as he had a thousand times, he would have thought her to be an angel. What a coincidence, her name taking the meaning of heaven in itself.

She sighed, her hand falling from her lap and brushing against his ankle. He started at the cantact, and then relaxed once more.

She was so peaceful. So able to make contact. So unafraid to be this close to him.

Maybe... maybe he'd sleep, too.

- 0 -

And so it is finished. I hope my work was enjoyed!