Skwisgaar sighed, finishing his guitar lollipop and tossing the stick over his shoulder.

These nights were starting to get duller and duller around here.

He was starting to consider popping in a little "home movie" he and Toki had made before the Norwegian went insane; a simple Viking warrior and rebellious slave film they had done in his own bedroom while the others were sleeping.

Smiling at the memory; Skwisgaar became hard and decided to put it on.

The disc was popped into the player and Skwisgaar was about to press play when Toki's horrified screams suddenly rang out.

"Whats in de hells..?"

"I killeds the liddle goil!!!"

Poking his head out of his room, Skwisgaar watched as a terrified Toki ran past him and into his bedroom.

"Whats is to bes happenings?" Skwisgaar asked as a now sober Pickles walked up, his hands in his pockets.

"That little girl, dude." He said. "She died right before Toki could talk to her. That's some fucked up shit."

"Are yous for de serial?"

"I'm totally serious." He nodded. "You're Norwegian right?"

"Swedish." Skwisgaar growled.

"Same thing." Pickles shrugged.

Skwisgaar glared.

"I'm just saying…you should talk to Toki."

"Ja, Is wills do dis ding. Now yous are to bes gone." Skwisgaar snapped.

"All right, dude." Pickle nodded. "Do it soon though because we got a concert tomorrow."

"I am to knowings what to dos." Skwisgaar nodded, looking over his shoulder at a chest in his room.

Once Pickles was gone, Skwisgaar ducked back into his room and shut the door.

"I cants believes Is killed the liddle goil!" Toki wept, hugging his knees to his chest tightly.

He was sitting on his bed and curled up tightly, the blood he had poured on himself earlier in the week starting to get dry and fall off of him.

"I is such a bads guy!"

"I am to bes thinking I is de bad guy? Unless yous wants to plays different games maybe?"

Toki didn't bother to look over his shoulder.

"Go away…"

"Ach, why you is beings de baby?" Skwisgaar demanded, resting his hands on his hips.


"Dat girl had de cancers! Did yous gives her de cancers?"


"Den why de tearings up of de faces?"


"Stops crying! I am to beings having de case of de hornies!"

"You gots a hand." Toki snapped.

"Looks at me." He demanded.


"Does it!"

With a huff, Toki finally relented and he gulped softly, his eyes growing wide.


Skwisgaar was dressed in nothing but a black leather loincloth, his boots, and a leather collar around his neck with a leash attached to it. He had also put in his nipple rings; two small silver hoops with a chain that dangled between the two of them, a tear shaped sapphire hanging on it to make the chain pull slightly on his nipples. In his hand he held a flogger with soft straps on the end, (Toki had insisted that the straps be soft, despite the fact that Skwisgaar had assured him that he liked it rough.)

Smiling, Skwisgaar trailed a hand up his stomach as he walked over and knelt down beside Toki.

"My hornies is nots goinks away…" he purred, blue eyes smoldering with lust.

"I…I'm not wearings…"

"Your outfits now is pretty hot makings." Skwisgaar noted, lightly touching one metal spike on Toki's shoulder pads. "And yous not wears dem for longs, ja?"

"I guess so…"

Skwisgaar kissed him as he bowed his head in thought, his tongue sliding into Toki's mouth easily.

As they broke the kiss, he gave his tongue a sharp bite, making Toki yelp softly.

Narrowing his eyes, Toki growled and took a hold of the leash, yanking Skwisgaar forward.



"You…needs to takes off you clothings." Toki ordered with a smile. "And I am thinkings a good spankings is in order!"

As his half-erection turned into a full erection, Skwisgaar did as he was told, a small smile playing across his lips.

It never took much to cheer Toki up.