But Chére!



For Jennieman because she gave me the idea and she apparently likes X-men.

"I am not calling you Gambit!"

"But, Chére!"

"Where did you get that trench coat?"

"I got one for you, too!"

"That is not a trench coat!"

"Please, Chére?"

"Is that the only French word you know?"

"That's the only word in the book and he's Cajun, not French!"

"I know that Remy's not actually French, but Cajun's speak it, too."

"I knew it: you're an X-men fan, too, Nanao, my love!"

"You're out of character."

"Oh, merci!"

"Thank you?"

"Jyuushirou didn't teach me 'sorry'."

"That should have been the first thing he taught you."

"Well, he didn't know very many himself."

"Is it true he's going to cosplay as Magneto?"

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"It's kind of out of character for him."

"Magneto was right!"

"You know you're against Magneto, don't you?"

"Not in X-men: Evolution!"

"You're switching universes now!"

"I promise not to call you, Chére if you wear it!"

"That will give you the excuse to call me 'Chére'."

"I swear I won't, mon ami."

"I'll go if you promise not to say any more French words."


"That's French, too!"
"It's Spanish!"

"No it's not!"

"Fine, whatever. I'm not wearing the costume, okay?"

"But, Rogue!"


"But Rogue can't touch anyone! If you stay in character everyone will leave you alone."

"Does that mean you can't touch me, too?"

"Yes...the only one who could probably touch you is Magneto. Jyuushirou, you scoundrel. You were planning this the entire time."

"Well, it is canon."

"What? So are we! Nanao, I think you should be someone else!"

AN: The "Magneto was right" comment comes from one of the comics; I can't remember the storyline...the one with Xorn maybe? Anyway, I have the t-shirt.

For anyone who doesn't know. Cajun's don't speak just French. They speak French, English, and Spanish all mixed together.

Now go out and cosplay everyone!