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Chapter 24-The Old Biddy's Handiwork

Sakura literally waddled towards the stairs leading downstairs.

"What's wrong with you?" Kakashi laughed, looking back at her from the top of the landing.

"What do you think?" Sakura asked irritably. "I'm sore!"

"Here, let me help." Kakashi laughed again, making his way back to her and lifting her up into his arms until he was carrying her bridal style.

"How embarrassing." Sakura moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face into it.

"Consider it practice." Kakashi smirked.


"What? I meant carrying you in my arms! I have to carry you over the threshold on our honeymoon, right?"

"Oh, right."

"You've got a dirty mind, Sakura."

"Look who's talking!" Sakura cried incredulously.

Rose heard their lover's quarrel before she even saw them slowly coming down the stairs, Sakura with her eyes narrowed in fury at the man carrying her in his arms who simply laughed at her. Rose rested her chin on her hand with her elbow resting on the reception desk and smiled. Ah, young love...

"Good morning!" Rose chirped, smiling at the couple.

Kakashi and Sakura snapped out of their own little world and smiled brightly back at Rose. "Good morning!" they said in unison.

"So it's that time already?" Rose asked, a slight tone of sadness in her voice.

"We'll be back, Rose." Sakura said in assurance. "In fact, we might see you even before then!" Sakura said enthusiastically.

"What do you mean?" Rose asked confused.

Kakashi answered for Sakura.

"Well, you see, I am her boyfriend, I am her fiance, and sometime in the short future, I will be her husband."

Rose's eyes widened, then she jumped up and down in delighted glee before sprinting around the reception desk and giving both Kakashi and Sakura a huge hug with Sakura still in Kakashi's arms.

"I knew it! I knew you two were meant for each other!" Rose laughed, only letting them go after she had squeezed the breath out of both of them.

"We'll send you an invite." Sakura laughed.

"Oh, I'm so happy I made you two share a room!"

Sakura looked over Rose's head and saw that there were still two extra keys hanging on the pegs behind her.

"There were three rooms available weren't there?" Sakura asked knowingly.

"Yes." Rose answered in a small voice, her face blushing furiously.

"Thank you." Sakura answered simply.

Rose lifted her eyes back up at Sakura and gave her a relieved smile.

"Yes, thank you, Rose." Kakashi said, smiling down at the old woman.

"You're welcome." Rose replied, her vision suddenly blurring and she had to quickly turn around and pretend to get back to business.

"Uh, right! So for two nights..." she choked, rummaging distractedly through the books on the reception desk, pulling out a ledger.

Kakashi and Sakura looked at each other, exchanging an understanding look.

"We'll miss you, too, Rose." Kakashi said softly.

"Right." Rose whimpered, twirling the ledger around on the desk so that Kakashi could see what he owed.

"That's all?" Kakashi exclaimed. "But we had room service and champagne..."

"That's all." Rose said quietly, but firmly.

"Thank you again, Rose." Sakura repeated.

"Mm-hm." Rose answered, no longer able to form words from fear of breaking down.

Kakashi gently laid their room key on the table and saw that Rose couldn't even look at it. Then, a thought occurred to him.

"Oh, and Rose? You might want to consider putting some Slip N Grip in the shower. Shower's kind of slippery and you don't want to be held liable."

Rose's head shot up and her eyes widened. She knew exactly what had happened in the shower and she burst out laughing in spite of herself.

"Yes! Right! I will!" Rose laughed.

"Goodbye, Rose." Sakura said.

"Thanks for everything, Rose. Goodbye." Kakashi echoed.

"Goodbye and good luck you two!" Rose said, smiling and waving at them from behind her desk.

And with that, Kakashi, with Sakura in his arms, stepped out of the motel with both of them thinking how strange life really was. They had come in simply looking for a place to stay and came out starting a whole new life together.

9 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days Later...

"One room, please."

Rose looked up from the romance novel that she was engrossed in and was shocked to see two familiar faces.

"Oh my goodness! It's the Hatakes!" Rose squealed, rounding her reception desk very quickly for someone her age. She immediately threw her arms around the silver-haired man, giving him her signature breathtaking hug, but when it came to the pink-haired woman, she was a lot more careful, not wanting to crush the small bundle in the woman's arms. "And who's this?" Rose asked as she combed the baby's fine roseate hair gently with her fingertips.

"This is Hatake Rose." Sakura said proudly.

The old biddy's eyes met Sakura's in surprise.


"Yes." Sakura smiled warmly at the old woman. "Rose. We named her after you. We thought it was only fitting and not just because of the baby's hair color." Sakura laughed.

"Oh...Rose!" the old biddy gushed.

As if responding to her name called out, the pink-haired baby yawned, stretched out her chubby little arms, and opened up her unseeing eyes for just a moment, but long enough for the old biddy to see that Rose's eyes were dark like her father's and not the jade green of her mother's.

"Would you like to hold her?" Sakura kindly offered.

"Are you sure?" Rose asked worriedly.

"I think Rose would love to be held by her namesake...And godmother. That's if you're up to being part of the family that is." Sakura smiled at the old woman.

"Oh, yes! Absolutely!" Rose beamed, feeling flattered and overwhelmed at the same time.

"Then say hello to your goddaughter." Sakura said, carefully placing her baby girl in the old woman's arms.

Kakashi wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders and Sakura wrapped an arm around her husband's waist. They leaned against each other as they watched the two Roses bond for the first time.

"Hi there, little one. Let me tell you something, sweetheart...You have no idea what I had to do to get your mama and papa together to bring you into this world!"

Kakashi and Sakura laughed.

As the baby held onto Rose's little finger with surprising strength, the old biddy found herself smiling happily down at her handiwork.

The End

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