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Smallville / Transformers / Stargate crossover
Part of Mountain Kings' Generation 1.5 universe

While writing a Fan-fiction cross between Buffy and Transformers (All Creatures Great and Small) I introduced Stargate SG1 as part of an explanation why the Autobot/Decepticon war was covered up (there is a point stick with it...) This led to a prequel crossover between Stargate SG1 and Transformers. After this I added a few other crossovers and turned the whole thing into a massive muti-story epic. This story-line I've called Generation 1.5. This is one of those stories

Before you turn around and panic, all these stories are, more or less, self contained. All the back story you really need is explained without you having to go back and read the others. So just remember that all this is interlaced with its own myths and background, but don't worry everything you need will be explained, so before we continue.


Four million years ago, before the Ancients first reached the small planet that was to become their home, a great ship crashed into the dead world of Earth. While the Ancients made their way there the ship, carrying the greatest warriors of it's creators, was buried in a volcano. The millions of years past, the Ancients moved on and the human race struggled to replace them. Developing and changing, humanity evolved, blissfully unaware of the sleeping ship, until the volcano erupted. Earth's planetary defences, known as Stargate Command, sent their flag ship team and found the crew reactivating. (All from the story The Awakening)

The ship came from a people in the middle of a civil war. Both sides, heroic Autobots and merciless Decepticons asleep inside. They were from a race of giant robots, with firepower and technology beyond anything encountered before. With both sides awake the war continued on Earth, in secret. The planets unlimited energy was fought over until fate stepped in. A dark god, the arch nemesis of the energy form that originally created the Autobots and Decepticons, arrived. Fighting Him with arcane magic's from the mystical plane and new allies the God was defeated. In following battles the Earth bound Decepticons were defeated and an elemental force of evil was repelled from this universe in only a short few days. (From the story:- All Creatures Great and Small)

Unable to hide either the Autobots or the interstellar war against the Goa'uld from the public at large the governments of Earth reviled the truth to their people. The planet, heavily damaged, became a refuge for Autobot civilians fleeing from Decepticon conquest of their homeworld. But the Autobots on Earth don't give up so easily and neither do their Decepticon counterparts...

Shortly after the events of All Creatures:-

'So lets get this right; you're taking the entire Autobot army with you in a suicidal charge against what you have told me is the one of the most heavily defended planets in the cosmos?'

Optimus Prime loaded his big honking gun into the rack. 'Indeed Colonel.'

'You've spent far to much time with Teal'c' Jack sighed. 'You do know we still need you here. Have you seen what's going on out there?'

Sunburst walked past, lugging a oversized trunk around. 'Every news channel in the world is camped out there. Was that what you're talking about?'

'Not exactly, Dawn... Sunburst whatever you want to be called now.' He looked at her and the massive box she was trying to stow. 'I'm talking about Anubis and the rest of the Goa'uld. They might be in the middle of kicking the crud out of each other right now but if we don't do what we can when they do turn to us we're going to get our asses kicked across the galaxy and back. What is that for?' With the final part he pointed at the thing she was carrying.

''Oh just a load of books I've borrowed from Dr Jackson, those I didn't nick from Giles. Thought I'd need them if I'm gonna fight in a war.'

'You're seventeen! You think you're going to war?' Jack shed away from the super research duo that was the dreaded Jackson/Giles team. Half the SGC's translation team had resigned in despair over those two geeks.

The girl looked at him, hand on hip and more attitude than Carter on a bad day. 'Going to try and stop me?' Her green visor flashed brightly and Jack got the horrible feeling she was going to turn him into a radish.

'No, like I said there are still Goa'uld out there.' Jack backed down, quickly changing the subject. 'Not to mention those missing Decepticons. Last thing we want is a few survivors popping up in a couple of years while your off getting yourselves blown up. Incase you haven't noticed we're going to be a bit busy round here rebuilding a planet.'

Prime picked up the trunk and tied it down next to his gun. 'I'll leave a Wrecker's Team here and Metroplex is staying to protect the planet.'

'What use is your city...' A sudden idea came to him 'Metroplex is a transformer isn't it.'

'Yes he is.'

'The city the size of New York, just out the window, becomes an Autobot. That makes me VERY glad your on our side. Let me guess Fortress Maximus is the same.'

'Yes he is.' Sunburst's face plate fell away and she beamed him an all to human smile.

'I need a vacation.'

'Not yet Mr President.' It was like the smile was attached to a volume dial. A dial she racked up a couple of notches.

'Don't even joke about that.' Jack snapped, not even wanting to think about the election in the next couple of weeks.

Two years later:-

'Chloe where are we going?'

'You promised you'd take me for lunch Clark. I finally got an interview with an Autobot and you're taking me to celebrate!' Chloe lead him down another Metropolis back ally. Interviews with Autobot's were nothing new, sure it was always good to sell extra copies but a lot of reporters from a lot of agencies had interviewed a lot of them. These days those in the know thought all the interesting questions had been asked already. Otherwise a lowly intern would NEVER be able to get within a mile of an interview, no matter how persuasive.

Speaking of, she had convinced her tall, alien farm boy from Kansas, friend to take her out for a meal. Of course he didn't get to chose where. 'Where. Are. We. Going?' This was a fact he wasn't happy about.

'Gees Clark, I'm not going to brake the bank of you. It's just a little place I know, I hope it's still there. Haven't been since my Dad took me when mom left, I sort of promised myself I'd go back when I became a reporter.' She gave him the innocent but happy child act, he used his Kent-Charm to get out of trouble so she could do the same.

'And this is like your big brake. I see. well then lead on, its your town.'

She flashed him a smile, just in time to see his face drop. 'Wha...' she half asked before he had ran back to the main road. She followed in time to see a rider-less motorbike blown up and a titanic yellow and orange robot crush the road. The giant Decepticon was decorated with the heads of giant metal animals and Chloe remembered that some transformers could combine into massive "gestalts". The most dangerous being Predaking, The very Decepticon that was standing there with its guns pointing down at the helpless Autobot.

It took Chloe the time to blink to realise the 'bike was an Autobot, now in robot mode, smoke pouring from cracks in his armour. He drew a pistol, which was useless against the much bigger Decepticon, and fired.

Orange bolts bounced off the lions head on it's chest and a maniacal, high pitched, laugh grew closer.

'NO!' the Autobot screamed, half begging, as a monster of rust and metal flew down next to them. It landed with the stealth of an iron works.

'Give me the secret to the new power source Autobot' It's high pitched screech clawing at Chloe's ears. The Decepticon looked like a junkyard had been pulled together to form a nightmare. In one skeletal arm it carried a bent walking cane, it's melted face warped and twisted in some sort of fire. They also walked with a terrible lurch. It looked like one leg was both longer than the other and fused solid, The Decepticon was dragging it like an anchor, ripping up the road behind him.

'I don't know what your talking about! I don't! Please!' The Autobot begged

'Yes you do Autobot.' It rammed the cane into the Autobot's chest plate. Sapphire lightening danced from the impact and the poor Autobot screamed.

Chloe looked away, but she couldn't see Clark beside her. Her hero friend was pulling people out of the damaged buildings. In a horrible moment she realised that almost everyone else had run for their lives. She was all alone on this side of the road, the closest reporter in the city.

'I don't. I'm only a lab assistant.' The Autobot cried as the cane pulled back. 'Please. I don't know. I was working on the heat resistant alloy. Nothing to do with a power source...'

'Starscream knows your lying! You will tell Starscream the truth!' the mad Decepticon's red eyes blazed in manic glee.

Between agonising cries the Autobot gasped out 'But... But you're... Starscream! AHHHHHH!'

Starscream pulled back the cane and leaned in. 'I know who I am!' The crazy Decepticon screeched and rammed the cane down again.

Nothing happened.

Between cane tip and Autobot Clark stood. With a jerk he ripped the weapon from Starscream's hand and threw it away. 'I won't let you hurt him.' Clark shouted up at the two Decepticons.

'Well, there goes your secret identity.' the reporter muttered.

End Teaser