This is the revised version of my two shot.

I don't own Danny Phantom and the song Crazy Love by Kim Chiu

It was almost midnight.

She'd been staring at the black ceiling for almost two hours. She sighed heavily and mentally cursed herself for bringing up that memory again. But it was like a broken piece from some teen cliché movie, in constant repeat.

The tickle fight. That stupid tickle fight between Danny and Valerie. Unfortunately, they were together now and Valerie became Sam's close friend. As close a girl could get to her anyway. Sadly, Valerie also became a part of their trio, now a quartet, thanks to her being with Danny.

Sam sighed again. What could be worse than seeing your friend and your crush spending time together?

It all started when Danny revealed himself to Valerie and surprisingly she accepted him and stopped hunting him. It was too quick, so surreal, it was almost magical—to them. To Sam, it was hell. Then their feelings grew again.

A lump started to form in Sam's throat. She swallowed it back and shifted on her bed. She couldn't take it anymore. She needed to think of something else. She grabbed her phone from the bedside table and decided to listen to the songs. She turned the shuffle on and tapped the screen without really seeing the title of the song.

The melody begun soft and sad.

I hate the way you walk

Hate the way you talk

Hate the way you look at me

Hate the way you smile

Hate those big blue eyes

Cause I know they're not for me

Sam gulped. She knew the lyrics of this one by heart.

Cause we can never be

More than friends and it hurts me

Every time I closed my eyes all I see is you

And this crazy love

Crazy love

All this crazy love

A tear fell from her eye.

I hate thinkin' of you 'cause every time I do

I just keep on missing you

And I hate the way I feel

Every time you're near

Cause it feels like time is standing still

But we can never be

More than friends and it hurts me

Every time I close my eyes all I see is you

Sam didn't realized she started sobbing.

And this crazy love (crazy love)

All this crazy love

I hate it when you're blue

And how I cared for you

Hate the way my heart's desires

And I hate those sleepless nights

And the pain I kept inside

But I keep on

Pretending it's alright

She clutched the pillow tighter.

but we can never be

more than friends

and it hurts me

everytime i close my eyes

all I see is you

And this crazy love

Crazy love

All this crazy love

I don't know what to do

Hate me for loving you

Cause I know it's wrong for

Me to say... I love you...

Sam had fallen in the realm of sleep with the last line still playing in her head.

I know it's wrong for me to say … I love you…

Unknown to her a ghostly figure was watching silently and carefully. He had forlorn aura and his shoulders hunched defeatedly.

Yep, although I'm a dxs shipper….I wrote a dxv. Wonder why? Because I'm bored not to mention lonely so I wrote something to ease it. Like you (if you like dxs) I'm not also satisfied with the ending. But I can make a two-shot? If you like just include it in your review.