Chapter 2

The ghostly figure a.k.a Danny phantom phased through her bedroom, causing the temperature to drop and Sam to stir in her sleep. He looked exhausted and sad.

Should I wake her up and tell her about me and Valerie? Nah, it isn't important…But what would she do if I say I just realized that she's the one?

As he continued to battle with himself, he didn't realize the cold emanating fromhis body woke her up.

Sam shuddered, opened her eyes and sat up lazily. She began to look around and stopped as she saw the floating figure of guy beside her bed. "D-Danny is t-that you?" She stuttered. What was he doing in here at this time of the night?

What if- Huh? Sam? Did I wake her up? Oh no! What to do? Danny panicked."Hi uh…Sam, sorry I wake up…" He apologized while rubbing the back of his neck.

Sam was taken aback, it was really Danny. "Uh…i-it's o-okay, but why are you here?"

He averted his gaze to the window. "I don't know where to start…"

Sam jumped from her bed, worry creasing her face."Why? Something wrong? Is it Plasmius or your parents?"

"No…no…" He replied softly. "It's not about them…"

"Then what the hell is it?" She exclaimed, startled by the sudden rush of anger coursing through her.

Danny's eyes widened at her outburst. He shifted uneasily and stared at the floor.

"Spill it, Danny."

He took a deep breath and simply said, "We broke up."

It took a few minutes before Sam fully absorbed what he just said. She felt sorry for him but she also felt hope sprung from her.

"But why?" At last, she managed something to say.

"I-I uh…I like someone else..."

Sam's jaw dropped. Who was it now? Paulina? No, he said he's over her. Sam was fearing for the worst but she was still capable of being articulate."Who…who is it?"

He blushed. "It-it's …..y-you" He almost whispered that Sam needed to inch forward to hear him.

Her eyes widened. Now, she wasn't sure if she was awake or still dreaming. She couldn't believe what he said.

"I like you Sam." He admitted, looking her straight in the eye.

"I-I like you too Danny, for a long time..." She answered shyly.

Before they knew it. Their lips met. When they parted their foreheads were touching and they were both smiling at each other.

"Be my girlfriend?" Danny asked.

Sam kissed him again. "I'll take that as a yes." He chuckled.


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