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"Kids your dad and I together with your aunt and uncle were just in the living room, if something happen, just call us. Behave." Maddie Fenton said to a 12 year old Jazz and 10 year old Danny.

"Okay" They both replied.

It was Saturday and the Fenton family is spending their weekend at their relative's house. Naturally, parents talk to their brothers or sisters while their children plays with each other. Danny's cousins ran inside they said they're going to play hide and seek. Unfortunately, he was the "it". Jazz being she, (acting matured even if she's only 12) didn't join them; instead she watched them as their guardian.

The game had started and Danny is supposed to find his playmates but got distracted by the large chestnut tree in the backyard. It was tall, in chestnut color, and its trunk stood sturdy as if bragging itself by its own masculinity. What does a kid do when he's curious? Of course, find the answer of his curiosity.

He thought of climbing up that tree. As he stretched his little arms and begun pulling himself upward, Jazz saw him and immediately scolded him.

"Danny, stop that, you can't climb a tree you might fall, and you're not that strong." She scolded him in a motherly tone.

Danny looked back down and smiled at her; he was almost a few feet from the ground. He ignored her and averted his gaze towards the location of the sun.

"Daniel Fenton! Don't you just smile and ignore me, I'm gonna call mom if you don't climb down." Jazz warned.

Danny winced at the sound if his full name. "Come on Jazz, I'm not too high, besides I'm going to climb down after this." He replied still looking at the sun.

Jazz gave him a puzzled look. What's he staring at that he can't take away his eyes? She thought.

Danny chuckled at her expression. "You wouldn't know what I'm talking about if you didn't come here." He teased her.

"Girls don't climb trees." She replied.

"You're going to miss it…It won't hurt to look, right?" Danny pouts.

She sighed. "Fine, but if mom caught-" She was interrupted by Danny.

"Don't worry; it will only take a few minutes, not that long."

Jazz gave in and started climbing up too. When she sat down beside Danny, She looks to his gaze and found the


It's so beautiful, the sky has different colors. Blue, white, even some pinkish clouds can be seen. The sun was in the middle slowly setting; its long, red orange rays were blending to the sky. The Fenton siblings watched in awe. They're actually gaping at the wonderful scenery. After a few minutes, dark had already covered the sky.

Danny and Jazz had gone back to meet every one. However they're parents were worried because they're cousin told Maddie that Danny didn't find them and he was last seen with Jazz.


. After some explaining (made by Jazz) their parents decided to let it slip. The Fenton family was back in their home. Meanwhile, Danny is lying on his bed, waiting for sleep to claim him. Someone walked inside.

"Hey" Jazz greeted. Danny smiled at her. "Hey, why are you here?" He asked.

"Just wanted to thank you." She replied.

"For what?" He asked clueless.

"You wouldn't understand it anyway." Jazz replied with I-knew-something-but-I-won't-tell-you look.

"Whatever it is your welcome." He replied.

"Goodnight little brother." She said walking to the door.

"Goodnight Jazz" He replied.

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