How Pete Tyler Caused the Heartache of Doomsday

Rose shuddered slightly. "I'm supposed to go. "


"To another world, and then it gets sealed off."


"Forever." She felt herself laugh at the absurdity of his request and backed up slightly. "That's not gonna happen."

"We haven't got time to argue." Pete snapped. "The plan works, we're going. You too. All of us."

"I'm not leaving him." Rose reiterated, backing up further.

"I'm not going without her." Jackie argued, the whole situation beginning to unravel.

"Oh my God, we're going!" Pete made to go and Jackie quickly snapped at him.

"I've had twenty years without you, so button it! I'm not leaving her." She had far more argument left in her, but Rose's soft voice cut in before she could continue.

"You've got to."

"Well, that's tough!"


Jackie listened as Rose told her why she couldn't leave. Poured out her soul, trying to say what it was she felt. And she watched as the Doctor began to walk up behind her daughter, big yellow button held in hand.

"Oh, no you don't."

The Doctor froze as Jackie fixed him with her fiercest glare. "You-" she pointed directly at Pete, who was slipping a button from his pocket as well. "Who do you think you are? Strolling in like you're my husband and telling me I've got to leave my life and go following you? While my daughter stays behind."

"And you-" She spun to face the Doctor and snatched the device from his hand. "How dare you? How i dare /i you?! Always acting like you know everything better than anyone else."

"Well I-"

"Shut it! She said she's not going so she's not, and I'm not either. I asked you to protect my daughter, but not to break her heart by sending her away all the time. No, I'm not having you do that again."

Rose smiled gratefully at her mother. The Doctor looked at both women and nodded reluctantly.

"I learned a long time ago not to fight against Jackie Tyler. So then..."

The other's left quickly despite the desire for long goodbyes. It wouldn't be long before either Cybermen or Daleks made it to their floor. Rose and the Doctor set to work, configuring the computers and locking the magnaclamps. Together they pulled the levers into place, opening the void.

Rose clung desperately to the clamps and turned to the Doctor who was doing the same. Looking to her side she saw her mother... just standing there. Daleks were whizzing by and the wind was rushing in her ears and her mother was just standing there.

No void stuff. No suction. She was fine.


The lever next to Rose dropped out of place and Rose reached for it, but stopped when she caught sight of the Doctor rolling his eyes exasperatedly. She followed his line of vision to where he was gesturing to her mother.


Jackie turned nonchalantly and made a point of looking disparagingly at her daughter's current state.

"Can you push that lever back towards me?!" She had to shout over the wind, but her mother's casual attitude left her asking politely, rather than screaming desperately like she wanted to.

Jackie shrugged and stepped forward, careful to avoid the stream of genocidal pepper pots flying past. She adjusted the lever and quickly stepped to the side as the suction picked up.

Rose couldn't help laughing at the scene as she and the Doctor clung desperately for their lives and her mother, who screamed bloody murder whenever there was a mouse in the flat, just stood by.

After what seemed a long while there was a strange ripping, sucking sound as the void collapsed on itself and sealed. Rose and the Doctor let go and immediately headed towards each other for a big - we did it again, the world is saved and so are we - hug. They shuffled to the side to pull Jackie in, despite her protests.

"Well done." The Doctor congratulated his newest accomplice. "Who knew it could be as easy as that?"