Loving Texas

Texas Amadahy- Illegitimate daughter of the Undertaker. Works for WWE as the technical director.

Summary- Texas tries to come to grips with being the Undertaker's unwanted mistake at the same time she begins to be awakened to passion by a unlikely source.

Characters. Mark Callaway, John Cena, Randy Orton , Scott Hall, other assorted wrestlers.

I only own Texas. I dont own The Undertaker or any other cute wrestlers in this story.

Texas Tempest Amadahy, it was a name that held her heritage and her mothers screwed up sense of humor.

Texas was a stab at her father, who had denied he was her father for five long years. He was from Texas and it really bit his ass, every time he heard the name. Tempest because Mama said her birth had caused a storm of controversy, mainly with her fucked up father.

Amadahy was her mothers maiden name, her mother was Cherokee.

Her looks were a combination of her father and mother, she had her father's green eyes and her mothers dark straight hair, her skin wasn't as pale as her fathers, but she did have his freckles.

The effect was startling, she was a beautiful girl.

Tex as everybody called her watched from the shadows. She didn't want him to see her just yet.

The man who had denied her for five years and then when the DNA test proved otherwise, he had still turned a cold shoulder to her.

She was eighteen today and she had a few things to tell him. She looked at The tattoos on his neck and it made her want to throw up.

She seen he had already had his wife's name removed. When he was through with a woman he was through, even when it came to removing a painful tattoo.

But he still had his baby girl's names on his neck, something she would never be, why, because her mother was ring rat.

Tex shook her head, like that was her fault. She didn't ask him to hit the sheets with her mother and have unprotected sex. That was his doing. She shook her head, all she had ever wanted was a daddy.


Come on Tex, we have papers to deliver.

Five year old Tex just looked up at her mama. She was beautiful, with long black hair and brown eyes. Tex's life consisted of airplanes and hotel rooms.

At her age she didn't understand why her mama followed a bunch of wrestlers around from place to place. She just knew it was her life.

Her mama stopped in front of one room and turned around to look at Tex. "You look real pretty baby, we're going to see your daddy."

Tex was excited. She wanted a daddy more than anything. She had seen pictures of her daddy before, even seen him at the shows before, but he never looked at her.

Tex's Mama knocked on the door and a big angry looking man opened the door. "Ayita what the fuck do you want." He boomed.

Tex shrank back, he scared her. He was big and he had black hair and it was long and angry eyes.

Mama threw the papers right in his face. "There theres your damn test, she's your damn kid, now I want some money, or if you want to pay me a large payment, you can have her."

The man looked at the papers and got angrier. "Thats the fucking luck I have, you fucking whore, you've slept with every man in this company and it had to me that got you pregnant, I was betting is was Scott or Kevin" He snapped.

Tex's mama grabbed her and pushed her in front of her. "Say hey to your daddy."

He took one look at Tex and lost it. "I ain't your fucking daddy, I'll pay your damn child support, but I don't want the bastard, now get the fuck out of here.

He threw a handful of money at her Mama, which she grabbed and he slammed the door.

"Tex sit right here outside his door, I'm going out." Mama said.

Tex was already crying from the experience. "Don't leave me mama."

"Stop being a big baby, I need to have some fun, just stay there."

Tex curled up in a ball outside the door crying as her mama walked off.

Tex cried for a long time before she felt a hand on her back. "Tex that you baby?"

Tex looked up at Scott. He was a frequent visitor of her mama's, but he was always nice to her and he got mad when mama made her sit in the hallway while they had a visit as her mama called it.

Scott always took her to stay with Kevin or Shawn or one of the other wrestlers, he told Mama not to leave her in the hallway.

He always gave her candy and gum.

Scott picked Tex up in his arms. "Wheres your mama?"

"I don't know, she told me to stay here..Scott whats a bastard? My daddy said I was a bastard."

Scott frowned getting angry. Mark was an asshole, anybody could see this was his kid. Yea her mother was leach, but it wasn't Tex's fault.

"It's just a name for when your parents aren't married, its not a very nice word, so don't repeat it okay?"

Tex nodded. "sorry." She said and started crying again.

"Hey now..shhhh, don't cry Tex, come on..I'll get ya something to eat and you can crash with me and Kev."

Tex nodded and wrapped herself tighter around Scott. She closed her eyes and wished as hard as she could that Scott would be her daddy.

Tex shook her head to clear the memory's. She made a face of disgust as she seen his new girlfriend climb on his lap and shove her tongue in his mouth. Michelle McCool, the slutty new diva.

Why in the hell did the man date and marry children, she just didn't understand it.

It's like he was scared of women his own age.

At least he seemed to love his daughters by Sara, They would never have to feel like she did, that there was something wrong with her.

"What are you doing lurking around back here?"

Tex groaned, it was asshole of the month. "Cena get lost."

"Bitch please, I work here."

"So do I dick head." Tex said putting her hands on her hips.

John was well aware she worked here, he couldn't stand her, he couldn't stand her when she was a kid and he couldn't stand her now, he was convinced the only reason she had a job, was because of who her daddy was.

John had to work to get where he was at, and this little bitch had the technical directors job handed to her on a silver platter when she was sixteen, granted she had finished college, but still, she never had to prove herself.

"Yea you're the undertaker's kid, thats why you work here." John snapped.

Tex had grown up in arena's and hotel room, so everyone knew her business , she couldn't believe John was dumb enough to think Mark would do anything to help her.

"John fuck you." She said and turned away from him

John walked off, he couldn't stand that bitch.

Tex stared at the man who should have been her daddy, he had enough chances, but he never took them.


Tex was seven and sitting in the Atlanta police station. Mama was dead. They didn't say, but she knew she was. She had called 911 when she had woke up in the hotel and found her mama cold and unmoving, she had tried to wake her up, but she wouldn't wake up.

She heard the policemen talking, they said mama had a drug overdose.

The big policeman asked her who her daddy was.

"Mark Lucas Callaway." She had said proudly. She watched her daddy all the time, she knew that he was going to love her, when he got to know her. Her daddy was the best wrestler, everyone said so.

The policeman had told her he was going to call her daddy to come get her.

Tex had been happy then, she was going to live with her daddy, he would have to love her then.

Tex had sat up straight when her daddy walked in the police station, he looked over at her then looked at the policeman. "Sign her over to social services, put her in foster care, this isn't my problem."

Tex heard his loud voice and what he said. She wanted to cry but she wouldn't , she wasn't going to act like a baby.

"Sir, this is your child." The policeman said.

"You don't understand, her mama was some two bit whore, she is a mistake I don't care to remember, I'm not taking her." He said and walked out without even glancing at Tex.

The policeman walked over not knowing what to say to the little girl. "Honey do you have any other family I can call, if not I'm going to have to call social services."

Tex was so scared she wanted to scream and cry, so she lied. "Yes Scott Hall, he's my Uncle."

The policeman nodded and walked off.

Tex closed her eyes and prayed. "Please God, let Scott come get me."

When Scott walked in a hour later, her breath came out in a gasp like she hadn't seen been breathing till she saw him.

Tex watched him talk to the policeman and then he pointed to Tex, who was sitting on a long bench.

Scott walked over and sat down beside Tex. "Sorry about your mama Tex."

Tex nodded not saying a word, she was too scared, maybe Scott would leave her here too.

"I hear I'm your Uncle now." Scott said.

Tex looked down at her feet. "I'm sorry for lying, daddy came and he didn't want me, I was scared."

Scott picked Tex up and sat her on his lap. "It's okay Tex, you look like you could use a good cry baby."

The words opened up the floodgate and Tex proceeded to cry her heart out. Scott just held her and rocked her while she cried, till all the tears were gone.

"Tex look at me." Scott said.

Tex looked up at Scott. "Tex, I'll take you with me, if thats what you want, but I ain't your best best, I drink to much, party to much and I got a temper like a rattlesnake. You might be better off trying to get a family with a mama and daddy, starting over. We travel all the time, you know that, I'm letting you choose Tex, You should have some control over what happens to you."

Tex looked up at Scott. She didn't want to start over. "I want to go with you."

"Alright." He said standing up with Tex still in his arms.

"Scott I wish you were my daddy." Tex said laying her head on Scott's shoulder.

Scott patted her back. "I would be proud if you was Tex."

Tex swiped a tear from her cheek at the memory. Scott did have drinking problems back then and he did party a lot and run around with women, but he loved Tex, and he never treated her like garbage or like she wasn't good enough. He hired a tutor to travel with her, made sure she finished school and sent her to college. He never took a penny from Mark, even though Mark had offered to pay support since Scott was raising her. Scott told him to shove it.

Scott came home drunk a lot back then and she seen him have fits of temper that would scare most grown men, but it was never directed at her, he was never mean to her. When she did fuck up, Scott yelled like any normal parent, but she was never scared of him, well okay maybe when she knew he was going to bust her tail.

Tex grinned. He had been a good father to her and he had plenty of back up. Kevin, Shawn, Hunter, Rick, and Batista had over the years all played a role in raising her. They were her family.

Tex had busted her butt her whole life, trying to make the best grades, trying to stay out of trouble, just so that man would be proud of her. It was useless, he never even looked her way and if he did hear someone call her name, he actually winced, like it hurt his ears.

"Hey Tex, need some back up?"

Tex smiled and turned around. "Naw, I'm good." She said smiling up at Randy.

If she had a big brother it would be Randy, even though he was nine years older than her, she had trailed around behind him most of her childhood.

Even before he had become a wrestler, he had come to events with his dad. Randy had practically adopted her as his sister, even as a teenager letting her hang with him.

Randy looked over at Mark. "I see he's at it again, think she'll be wife number three?"

"Maybe, but he'll dump her before she turns twenty- five, thats too old for him." She said laughing.

"Maybe you should just let this go Tex, I know how you feel about him, but you're grown now, just let it go, he's just going to say things to hurt you."

Tex looked up at Randy. "I'm not a little girl no more, he cant hurt me."

Randy wasn't so sure of that. "Okay Tex, if you need me you know how to find me."

Tex nodded. "Thanks Randy."

Tex took a deep breath and walked over to stand in front of the man who had ignored her, her whole life.

"If you're new plaything can excuse us I would like to talk to you."

Mark's eyes looked up at her coldly as always.

Mark just stared at her, thanks to Scott taking her in, and about a dozen other wrestlers helping with her, he had to stare at this kid everyday. She was a bitter reminder of the dumb mistake he had made sleeping with Ayita, her mother. The woman was a barracuda, she had been after Mark for months, but even he had standards .

But he had got drunk as a skunk one night and ended up in bed with her, and the rest of his life had been hell after that. She had harassed him, the whole time she was pregnant, then when she had the baby she followed him around asking for money and making his existence miserable.

Standing in front of him was the result of the biggest mistake he ever made.

Mark pushed Michelle off his lap."Take off."

Tex watched in amusement as she scurried off like a trained puppy. "Don't take you long to get them trained huh?"

Mark stood up towering over her short frame trying to intimidate her. It didn't work. "I'm not five years old no more and you don't scare me so just sit your ass down." Tex snapped.

Mark looked at her surprised. He hadn't actually spoke to her in years since she was a little kid, she had sure developed a smart mouth, but then she had been raised by a bunch of wrestlers, namely Scott, he wasn't surprised.

Mark sat back down and pulled out his wallet. "You want money huh? Seeing how you haven't bugged me for years, I guess I can do that."

Tex lost it and slapped him hard across his face. "Fuck you and fuck your money. Scott never took a penny from you and I have a good job. I got something to say to you and you're going to listen, thats all I want and you owe me that!"

Mark's eye glittered dangerously and he rubbed his red cheek. "Okay...so talk."