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Tex was enjoying her visit with the boys. Hunter had let the girls stay a few minutes and then took them to get a snack, while the boys visited. John sat in one of the chairs, watching Tex with a smile on his face.

"So has everyone visited you yet Tex?" Kevin asked.

"Yea lets see, Dave, Shawn,Kev and Hunter, you guys. Rick and Scott left before you got here. The doctor said I could get out of bed this afternoon and go visit your mama and of course Randy has been in and out all morning." Tex said smiling.

Gunner wondered where his dad was, he promised he was coming by to see Tex.

"So what are you going to name the baby?" Gunner asked.

Tex laughed. "Well I don't know if its a boy or girl yet, but Randy bugging me about naming it Randy if its a boy."

Gunner laughed and looked at John.

John shook his head. "No way."

Gunner stood up and leaned over kissing his sister. "I'm so glad your all right Tex, thank you for coming to get us."

Tears pricked her eyes as she looked at her little brother. "I would do it again in a heartbeat, I love you guys."

Kevin leaned over hugging her. "You're the best sister in the world."

"Yea she is."

Tex grinned as Randy walked in. "Hey sis. I figured you was missing me."

Tex rolled her eyes as Randy flopped down in a chair.

John had to laugh at Randy. He was hovering over Tex like a mother hen. "So Vince says that John and Scott can stay on here till you and Jodi are better, but the rest of us have to get our butts back to work, we leave tonight." Randy said.

"Well I understand, he cant do a show with half the roster missing." Tex said.

"You and Jodi should be fine in a couple of days, so we'll meet back up in Tennessee."Randy said.

Randy looked over at John. "I guess I'm just going to have to trust my boy over there to take care of you."

"He better." Kevin said giving John a look.

John tried not to laugh. He was being threatened by a nine year old.

"You guys chill, Tex will not leave my site." John said.

Randy stood. "Scott sent me to get you boys, you need to get back to the hotel and pack, your dad will meet us at the airport."

Gunner leaned over and hugged Tex. "Love you and I'll see you in a couple of days."

"Love you too."

Kevin kissed her cheek. "Se ya sis."

Randy gathered her in a hug being careful not to hurt her. "I love you Tex, see you in a few days."

Tex nodded. "Love you to Randy. Please make John go back to the hotel and shower and eat."

"Come on John, Scott's here at the hospital, you stink and you look like crap."

John frowned. "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

Tex smiled. "Yes, you get cleaned up and eat and then you can come back." she said.

John got up and kissed her lips slowly. "Okay baby, I'll be gone two hours tops."

Tex smiled and waved at the boys as they left. She leaned back closing her eyes, she was a little tired.

The guys walked out to find Mark pacing back in forth in front of the door. The boys hugged him. "I was wondering where you were dad." Gunner said.

"I had somethings to take care of. I have to catch a flight to go back home to go to Sara's funeral, you guys will be with Hunter till I get back, is that okay?"

"Yea dad, thats fine." Kevin said and Gunner nodded. They both liked Hunter.

"Your mom and Scott will more than likely meet us in Tennessee, she's a lot better." Mark said.

"John why don't you take the kids down to their moms room, I think Hunter is down there with Scott, he can take the boys back to get packed. I'll meet you down in the lobby in a few minutes." Randy said.

John and the boys left and Randy looked at Mark. "Scared of a little girl Mark?"

Mark scowled at Randy. "No."

"Well she's alone till John gets back, now would be a good time for you to see her." Randy said.

Mark started pacing again. "She hates me." he said stopping suddenly.

Randy laughed at Mark, he was being a wuss. "No she doesn't hate you, look I know Tex better than anybody, she couldn't hate anyone if she tried, not even you."

Mark looked at Randy. "She should hate me, I treated her like crap."

"Yea you did, but she don't hate you, now go talk to her, you're acting like a pussy." Randy said grinning.

"Boy, I know you just didn't call me a pussy." Mark said giving him a deathly glare.

Randy just smirked. "I'll see you later." He said and left.

Mark took a deep breath and walked into the room. Tex lay on the bed and he surprised by how fragile she looked. There were dark shadows under her eyes. She had bruises everywhere, two fingers on her left hand were in splints. Her eyes were closed.

He walked quietly over to the bed and stood there. This was his child, for the first time he let his mind wrap around that.

Tex's eyes suddenly opened and he found eyes so like his staring at him. "I didn't men to wake you, I know you must be tired."

"I'm fine, just cat napping. I got the next few days to rest, nothing else to do in here."

Mark nodded and sat down in the chair by the bed.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Fine, just a little sore throat, nothing serious." Mark said. He was terrible at small talk, he had come here for a reason, but trying to talk to Tex was harder than he imagined.

Tex was as nervous as Mark, the only experience she had with Mark was him acting like she was disease, she didn't quite know how to react to this Mark.

"Tex, I came here cause I got a few things to say to you.." Mark paused trying to get his thoughts together. "I know I ain't been any kind of father to you, I treated you like shit, I wish I could give you a good reason for the way I acted, but honestly I don't have one and at this point it don't matter why."

Tex stared down at the covers, she didn't really know how to react to what he was saying. Her emotions were all over the place anyway and his words made them worse.

"I ain't never been a big fan of the words "I'm sorry" words don't mean shit, in my opinion. I could tell you I'm sorry all day long, there just words and don't mean nothing, so I'm asking you to forgive me, and I'm letting you know things is going to change, you're welcome around your brothers and sisters anytime you want to see them. I know its to late for you and me, I screwed that up, but I'm asking you to forgive me." Mark said and then sat back in silence.

He gave her the only thing he could, he waited for her to cuss him out, to tell him to take his bullshit words and shove them up his ass. He couldn't change how he treated her, but he could sit here and take any harsh words she dished out. He deserved it and more. He owed her that much.

Tex didn't say anything for a full minute. The truth was his words shocked her, she had never expected this from him, not in a million years, Mark was not the kind of man to admit he was wrong.

Finally she looked up at him, he was staring at the floor. "I forgive you." She said in voice so quite that Mark was sure he hadn't heard right.

Mark's head popped up and he looked at her in shock. "You cant do that."

Tex couldn't help but smile at the shocked look on his face. "Why not?" She asked clearly amused now.

"Because I don't deserve it." Mark growled at her.

Tex just looked at him. "Well its a good thing forgiveness has very little to do with you deserving it or not, because it don't really have anything to do with you, I refuse to go through life hating you."

Mark looked up at her again. "You should hate me."

"Mark if I hated you, things would have been much easier for me, you could have never hurt me no matter what you did, but I don't hate you. I love you, I always did." Tex said turning her head away from him. The words were hard for her to say, because of the fear of having them shoved back in her face.

Mark lowered his head and tears pricked his eyes. How could she love a bastard like him, after the way he treated her.

Mark looked back at her and saw she was still staring at the wall, probably waiting for him to go back into asshole mode. He reached out and took her small hand in his. "Tex I realize its to late for me to play daddy, you have Scott and he deserves your love and respect, he raised you, but maybe we can start over and at least be friends, try to be some kind of family for the kids sake, they love you." He said.

Tex finally turned and looked at him with tears in her eyes. "You're right Scott is my daddy and I love him, I have a whole roomful of daddies around here if you hadn't noticed." She said smiling.

Mark laughed. She was right every one of the guys around here had a hand in raising her.

"I guess I could always use another one." She said looking at him.

Mark swallowed hard. He had never expected anything from her and she gave him everything. Maybe he didn't deserve it, but it felt damn good to have her acceptance.

Mark stood his hand still wrapped around hers and he bent pressing his lips to her cheek. "Thank you." He whispered.

Tex pulled her hand from his and wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes. This is all she had ever wanted from him. Mark wrapped his arms around her and he felt a sense of peace.

Scott stood in the doorway smiling. Thats all he wanted for Tex, maybe now she could be happy. He hoped so.

Mark pulled back and looked down at Tex. "I have a flight, I have to get back to Texas and take care of Sara's funeral."

Tex nodded and lay back on the bed.

"I'll see you in Tennessee." Mark said taking her hand once more and squeezing it.

"Okay." Tex said.

Scott walked in the room and Tex smiled at him.

Mark nodded at Scott. "Hows Jodi this morning?"

"Great, shes recovering quickly, I should have both these girls out of here in the next two days."

"Good, I'll see you guys in a couple of days." Mark said and left.

Scott came over and sit down beside Tex and kissed her. "So hows my baby?"

"I'm great." She said smiling.
"You and Mark work things out?" He asked.

"Yea I think so, he's changed, I don't know what changed him, but he's different." She said.

Scott wrapped a arm around her. "Good, you deserve nothing but happiness, now about this thing between you and Cena..."

"Scott, I'm grown, you cant be mad at him or me, we're getting married, we love each other and thats all that matters." Tex said.

"I'm not mad, I'm worried, you're so young. I just don't want you regretting this."

Tex smiled and leaned on Scott's shoulder. " I know you're my dad and you're going to worry, but I really love him and he loves me, and we're going to love our baby, put the worrying on the shelf for awhile, everything is wonderful." She said.

Scott looked down at her happy face and decided she was right, they had done enough worrying to last a life time. It was time to be happy.


Tex laughed as she watched Gracie and Chasey running after her two year old son, John or JJ as everyone called him.

They were at Mark's house for his annual barbecue. She smiled as her son ran at Scott. "Grampa." he yelled and Scott caught the boy in his arms.

Happiness was a tangible thing for Tex now, something she could see and feel and wrap her arms around.

Her and John had married one month after she had gotten out of the hospital. Her whole family all of them had been there. Scott and Jodi had married shorty afterward and Scott had retired and Jodi and the boys had moved to Florida with him. John had surprised her and bought a house ten minutes away from Scott.

Their time away from traveling was spent there close to her family. Tex had quit her job as soon as JJ was born, she had decided she didn't give a shit about a career, she learned early in life what was important. Love and family, she was content to be John's wife and JJ's mommy.

She looked over at Mark who took JJ from Scott's arms kissing his cheek. Mark was Paw Paw to JJ. Mark had come to realize there was enough love for everyone in Tex's life. There relationship had slowly developed over the last three years into deep friendship and mutual respect.

She looked at her brothers who more and more looked like men, not boys. She had a deep abiding love for both of them, but Gunner was her biggest support, cheerleader and protector. He stilled called her everyday no matter where they were at.

Tex looked at the men in her life scattered here and there talking and joking and felt blessed. Dave, Rick, Hunter, Kev, and Shawn along with Scott were her lifeline.

Randy as always her big brother. She watched talking to Scott and Mark. He had finally came to his senses and broke up with Sam, she was sure he would find the kind of love she had with John someday.

Tex felt big arms wrap around her and turned in her husbands arms. "Hey beautiful, what ya thinking about?"

Tex kissed him and pulled back, John rested his forehead on hers and looked in her eyes. He loved her more everyday if that was possible. "I'm thinking about how happy I am and how much I love my husband." She said smiling.

John smiled. "I love you too Tex."

Tex wrapped her arms around his waist. "By the way, I was wondering how you would feel about being a daddy again?" She asked her eyes twinkling.

John's smiled got even wider as he lifted his wife up in his arms. "I think I couldn't be any happier than I am right now." he said as his lips covered her in a deep kiss.

Tex held on tight as he spun her around kissing her.

John held her close thinking how blessed his life was since he had started loving Texas.

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