Losing To the So-Called Darkness

Chapter 1

Lily and James had a child a girl they named Jade Serena Potter who they did love, they tried for another child and their luck held; they had a baby boy. They then called Henry Potter, the war was still brewing. They had not been targeted by Voldemort even though they were Aurors working against the dark forces. Not even the Longbottom's were targeted. It was not till the spy for Voldemort heard a prophecy Snape heard the first half Peter Pettigrew heard it all thanks to the Potter's trusting him. This suited him fine. He swore he would make them pay for befriending him because he was weak.

When the girl was two years old, she had green eyes and black hair with tints of red, she didn't have her father's hair, she seemed to have missed the Potter Curse, but the little boy didn't; he had green eyes like his mother and sister and the Potter hair, the little girl enchanted the place around her. Her happy smile lit the room, she was even more beautiful than her mother, it was obvious she was powerful the way her eyes sparkled but she didn't do magic in front of people. Only when she concentrated was she able to use magic, she had another specialty that no one knew about, and no one would find out about.

Lily and James loved there son and daughter equally. A year later the girl was three and the boy was two that was then the prophecy became known thanks to the old teacher getting ill and saying she fore saw her death and would rather die alone, the divination teacher. He needed a new one, Severus Snape overheard the prophecy, or just half of it.

…………………The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord is born to those who have thrice defied him born to the stag and flower will have the power the Dark Lord knows not either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives watch over or this power will be lost to you forever……………

For some reason Dumbledore thought it was the boy, boys seemed more powerful than witches. Lily and James didn't think for themselves, or they might have realized that it said neither she nor he in the prophecy, it could have been either of her children.

That their son was going to defeat the dark, at first they began paying more attention to Henry; even Remus and Sirius did. No one seemed to notice the poor little girl who was suddenly pushed aside like a broken toy. The girl never laughed or spoke anymore, this annoyed James and Lily; they had wanted their daughter to get jealous of her brother, and give them a reason to put her up for adoption.

But she never did, it was not long before they began noticing her again, that was then James decided that she was spoiling things for her brother. And he beat her and left her in the dungeons of their manor with silencing spells around the area, so no one heard her cries for help. She soon stopped speaking at all, knowing no one would hear her.

It was a year later they used Peter as secret keeper because Sirius was positive someone was always following and there always was, thanks to Peter telling them Sirius was Secret Keeper. They changed To Peter Pettigrew and he gave their address to Voldemort. Who had, spoken to Severus Snape.

"I'm going after the Potter's. Severus, would you like to be there?" asked the man who was still whole and looked as handsome as ever, his red eyes was the only way you could tell that this person was evil. Or more like supposed to be evil.

"I would love to my Lord" said Severus meaning it he hated the Potters he looked forward to seeing them killed well there brat anyway.

"Great I'm going to kill their brat! And let them live" said Voldemort,

"They have two children my lord a girl and a boy although I've never seen her" said Snape, after thinking about it,

"Really well lets get going and meet Peter and kill the light side's saviour!" said Voldemort his red eyes gleaming with triumph,

"I look forward to it my Lord" said Severus in anticipation and his Lord laughed at the eagerness on his friends face, and that was what Severus was a friend. Much like Lucius Malfoy too they were his main inner circle although the light side didn't know that.

They apparated to Godric's hollow, and walked to the cloaked man who then handed him a piece of paper, a piece of paper which Voldemort then read of. And a building then appeared out of no where. And Voldemort walked right up and burst through the door, James and Lily ran for the stairs of their home, they had just gotten to their child's room when Voldemort froze them a bit from there son's bed. Voldemort smirked he would like the brat awake but he didn't bother, pointing his wand at the boy as Peter came into the room, Lily and James standing a hand away from there son.

"Avada Kedavra!" yelled Voldemort, as the bindings holding Lily and James broke free, they watched as the killing curse hit their son then rebounded onto….. James and Lily Potter apparated out of there, thinking Voldemort had been defeated as they ran for Hogwarts. And into the hall she got her breath back and shouted for all to here,

"Voldemort is dead my son killed you know who!" she said, as the cheering started which was deafening. But it was far from the truth, James cuddled his son and wife for all he was worth not even for a minute thinking of the girl they had left in there.

Because Peter Pettigrew saw the curse going back at his Lord and jumped in front of it, for his friends the first one to try and tell him he was not weak, and he had proved it to his Lord that he was not, and he died for him.

Severus and Voldemort let out a breath they didn't know they were holding something they had not expected that night had happened; they had not thought a child would be able to kill him.

"Are you ok my Lord?" asked Severus,

"I'm fine Severus thank you," said Tom or other words Voldemort.

"They left there other child, my Lord," said Snape, with a thoughtful look on his face, he hated killing people, especially woman, apart from the people he had been at school with like James and Lily Potter.

"Really...well I'm not searching the manor for the kid, tell me Severus what is her name?" asked Voldemort what's the point in looking they were wizards they could use a tracking charm and find her simple as that.

"Jade Potter my Lord, and she will be about four my Lord, and the other one that's just gotten away is three," said Severus.

Severus watched his Lord twirl his wand around, and a dungeon came into view, so they headed for the Dungeons only after Severus burnt Pettigrew's body beyond recognition, not one bit of blood left after he was done; leaving it there he caught up with his Lord.

When they got to the dungeons they could not believe what they were seeing. Severus did a double take, it was there and then he knew he would never be able to kill this little girl. After all you would be a monster to kill an abused battered little girl; even Voldemort was not a monster. He may kill people, but he was not a monster. He was just doing what he thought was right, and in his head, it was right; many people agreed with him.

Voldemort lifted the girl of the floor he knew how it was to feel like that he had for most of his childhood for doing magic, the other children had usually battered scared of something they didn't understand and tried to beat the freakishness out of him.

He apparated with Severus not far behind him, as soon as they got to a room he laid her down, she was small for a four year old, she was mumbling about 'How sorry she was and she would not do it again begging her dad not to hit her again that she was sorry' that made Snape nearly loose control over his magic, Voldemort's eyes gleamed with anger in his red blood eyes.

"Get the potions you need now Severus, there are none here!" said Voldemort, Severus nodded never questioning his Lord. For a minute he apparated to Hogwarts

He slid in unnoticed, and down into his lab, taking the potions he needed he left wondering what all the cheering was he listened to their conversations.

………You know who dead…………..

…………Henry Potter killed him…………

………..scar on his forehead…………..

…………..he's the boy who lived………………

…………we are safe!

Severus nearly laughed at the nerve of them all, Dark Lord dead; they were stupid. With a shake of his head he apparated back to the Dark Lord's place, and an up the stairs.

He walked in to see his Lord sitting on the chair at the side, Jade was moaning in pain every now and then trying to work her way out of obliviation. Her body didn't want that because it was in too much pain.

Severus took the potion he needed uncorked it and poured it into her mouth he had just opened and massaged her throat till she swallowed, he noticed the longer he held her, the more she healed, he raised his eye brow wondering what was happening, Jade was completely healed by the time Voldemort spoke to him saying,

"Congratulations, you have just found your soul mate" said Voldemort as he smiled knowing she would end up falling for Severus when she is fifteen or sixteen years old. Severus looked down at the four year old in awe. Not believing it, it was very rare for you to find your soul mate. He was the first one in a thousand years; he knew if they ever had children they would be powerful.

Shaking his head he could not believe he had just thought that the girl was just a baby herself. He knew he could not see her when she was younger because she might start seeing him like a father figure and not a lover. Voldemort realized his thoughts and smiled wryly.

Severus then poured a dreamless sleeping potion down the girl's throat and tucked her into the bed, before kissing her lightly on the fore head, knowing he would not see her often anyway because of him being a spy. He would not want to die before his soul mate was of age. It would not do for the Snape family to end after nine generations of pure bloods.

"My Lord, the world thinks you're dead, Lily and James told the world that you had been defeated by Henry Potter. I think you should go into hiding and not let it out that you survived and plan properly now that no one is looking for you, and let the world think you are gone!" said Snape, with a wicked smirk breaking out on his face at the very thought.

Voldemort done something very UN Dark Lord like, he laughed, a soft laugh loud laugh full of mirth not evilness, just plain amusement, Severus ended up laughing with him too, as they both left the little girl to sleep in the room as they had a drink before the Dark Lord started talking again.

"I will do as you suggested Severus start planning and bring up my dark witch," said Voldemort sounding much like a father he was going to be for the girl.

Severus smiled, looking forward to getting back to Hogwarts so he could get a good laugh at the idiots who thought the Dark Lord was dead, and it would take a lot more than one killing curse to kill his lord even Severus knew that.