(A/N): For Sule - you started that RikuRoku club, so I wanted to do something with the pairing for you. Sorry I can't seem to write these two semi-happily to save my soul. I hope you like it anyway.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Squeenix and Disney. Still.


Riku doesn't know why he stays. He knows there are no emotions behind the gentle caresses and hard kisses, knows Roxas couldn't feel anything for him even if he wanted to (which he doesn't, Riku is so so so sure he doesn't). He knows Sora is waiting for him, can't wake up until he returns with Roxas; still, he stays.

Maybe, he reflects as he lets Roxas push him down, lips seeking, searching for something, anything (he knows he won't find it, knows there's nothing to find but can't help searching anyway) – maybe because Roxas is the only thing in the worlds he's found that's darker than he is. Because only Roxas makes him feel like he's being corrupted when he touches him, kisses him, trails his fingers down down down and Oh God right there – and that means there has to be some purity left in him, right? There has to be something left to corrupt.

Because when he writhes and breaks underneath Roxas again, he becomes pure in the dirtiest of ways.

Because a Nobody's regard is better than nothing, and Riku knows he has no right to ask for anything more. And if he's breaking a little more each time, at least he knows he'll be able to pick up the pieces.

Roxas stares down at him, eyes bright and hard and lacking, and Riku just closes his eyes.

And breaks again.