Alright. These are going to be some of the genres in "Eternities End" I'm only giving some though to keep you guessing. Remember, there won't be any major characters from any of these, mainly powers, weapons, abilites, etc. I'll also be puting in references to many more.

Naruto (duh)


Final Fantasy (references to most of the games but mostly VII)

Yu Yu Hakusho

The Elder Scrolls


Gundam SEED

Fullmetal Alchemist

Kingdom Hearts


There will also be plenty of OC's And here are a few random lines just to get you thinking

"What just happened?" "Well, Naruto got really pissed, channeled an ungodly amount of demonic chakra, turned into a giant dragon, then vapor..." "That was rhetorical"-Kakashi/Sasuke/Kakashi


"Don't say anything now. Decide whether it's impressive or not...AFTER YOU'RE DEAD!!"-Lee

"How come you guys get two and three each and the rest of us only got one each?" "Because we're awsome"-Kiba/Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke

"Ultima? That name just screams kick-assness"-Naruto