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"Luke, join me"-Normal speaking

'No! You killed my father!'-Normal thought

"That I did. And it was FUN!"-summon/Bijuu speak, jutsu use

"Sweatdrop"-summon/bijuu thought

Chapter I

Birth of A Demon


"You're a fool Iruka!" Mizuki spat as he stood in front of the wounded chunin. "A demon like Naruto is just going to use that scrolls power to destroy the village! How could you ever even think he was anything close to human you fool?!"


A short distance away, Naruto was shivering in fear.

'I have to save Iruka-sensei! But how? I haven't even mastered that jutsu from the scroll!'

Naruto thought back for a moment, how everything made since now. The glares. The taunts and insults. The mobs. The assassination attempts. He was the Kyuubi. A demon. Something that would destroy them without a second thought. And yet, If he was a demon, why did he want to protect his sensei? Why did he like people like the Sandaime and Teuchi and his daughter, and Hinata? Why? He was the Kyuubi! He shouldn't feel things like this, should he? Then it dawned on him. He wasn't just the Kyuubi! He was also Naruto Uzamaki! He had existed before the Kyuubi was sealed in him! He may be a demon, but he was also a person! It was then that something else dawned on him. All those times he had been injured. All the times he was beaten, stabbed and stepped on, he had healed faster then any human. Kyuubi was part of him! It's power flowed through him. So, why not use that power?!

'I have to save Iruka-sensei! I may be the Kyuubi, but I'm Naruto Uzamaki too!'

Making a ram seal, Naruto cried out in his head to every corner of his mind.

'Alright Kyuubi! I know you're in there! Give me your power!'

Not one second had he thought those yells, a voice deeper then the sea itself sounded though his head.



"Alright Iruka, I'll just end your suffering and go get that scroll myself!" Mizuki yelled as he threw the fuma shuriken at the defenseless chunin.

As the weapon hurdled towards him, Iruka closed his eyes.

'Naruto, I'm so sorry'


With a deafening report, the shuriken was split apart into four pieces. Each slamming into nearby trees.

Iruka opened his eyes to see his who his savior was.


But it wasn't the Naruto he knew. His hair was darker, more unruly. His fingernails were now claws that must have been diamond hard if they had split the shuriken so easily. His canines were now fangs. The scar-like birthmarks on his cheeks were deeper, more defined, like whiskers. His eyes, once as blue as the sky itself, were now as red as blood and his pupils were slited, like a fox. And around him swirled an aura of bright crimson chakra that both Chunin knew all too well.

"Ha! So the demon finally shows his face! Now I can finally finish what Yondaime started!" Mizuki yelled arrogantly.

Iruka was speechless. Was the Kyuubi breaking free of it's prison? And what was going to happen to Naruto? But what shocked him most was what happened next.

"I may be a demon," Naruto said in low voice that was now much deeper. "But, I'll never let you hurt my friends!"

"Ha, what can you do? Your just a genin!"

Naruto smirked darkly.

"That maybe, but, I'm also a demon!" He said as he brought his hand out in front of him as chakra began swirling around it. "A demon that's learned the jutsu of the greatest Hokage who ever lived!" he yelled as a crimson maelstrom of chakra formed in his hand.

Mizuki stared in shock at what was in Naruto's hand.

"Th-Thats theā€¦"

"Yes" Naruto said darkly as he brought his hand back and charged Mizuki.

Too shocked to move, Mizuki stood there, staring at the boy, wondering how this was possible, until it was too late.

"RASENGAN" Naruto yelled as he slammed the spinning orb of demon chakra into the chunin. Iruka watched in awe and almost fear as the orb entered the mans body, and then, Naruto said something that had to be nothing more then a whisper


Mizuki literally exploded. Charred chunks of flesh and blood flew everywhere, splattering on the trees. Iruka lowered the hand he was using to shield his eyes as he looked at his savior. Naruto stood, hunched over, covered head to toe, in Mizuki's blood.

"Naruto? Are you okay?" he shakily asked.

Naruto turned around and smiled at his sensei. It wasn't a normal smile though, Iruka noted. It was a small smile, not like the normal, happy-go-stupid smile that he normally wore. Nor was it the extremely rare smile that Iruka had been one of the few people to see. This was a sad smile. One not unlike the one the Sandaime wore when he looked at Naruto sometimes.

"How was that Iruka-sensei"

Iruka stared at him for a few seconds, then smiled back.

"That was great, Naruto"


In his office, the Sandaime Hokage looked down into his scrying ball at the scene in the forest. He then looked to the ANBU stationed by the door.

"Call off the search. The scroll is safe"

"Hai, Hokage-sama" the ANBU said as she shunsined away.

Alone in his office Sarutobi gazed back into the orb to see Iruka giving Naruto his headband saying that he had passed. This brought a sad smile to his face.

'Minato, Kushina, I'm so sorry'