Author's Note: Yeah, ya'll probably thought I disappeared or something, right? Nah, I've been busy as usual (plus, I just met Batista and Cena so I was busy girl for the past week.)

This is another story that I've been working on. Don't worry, I'm still working on my other stories but this one was inspired by recent events in my life. Well, all of my stories are inspired by recent events.

This story contains strong sexual content and very mature adult themes. Please read and review!



What's on TV tonight? Not a damn thing as usual, of course.

Dave Batista sighed as he continuously flipped through channels. What he was looking for on the screen, he wasn't entirely sure. But he was bored and needed to watch something—at least for the next 5 to 10 minutes. After that, he wouldn't be so bored anymore.

Settling back into his plush sofa, Dave settled on watching the latest recaps on SportsCenter. It wasn't a hardcore action movie and it certainly wasn't the porn he would rather see, but for the time being it would do. He took a plume of his Cuban and small sip of the brandy he was nursing. Despite how bored he was or claimed to be, he had an overall good night.

Just as Dave was concentrated on the latest baseball recaps, his wife's moans temporarily distracted him from the replay screen. He glanced down to see Nikki's back arched off the floor while she squeezed her breasts in pleasure. Their date for the evening, Melina, was orally pleasing Nikki to the point of no return. He watched momentarily and adjusted his position on the sofa so his slacks weren't suffocating his erection. He then turned his attention back to SportsCenter. When the women were ready for him, they'll let him know.

Earlier that evening, Nikki and Dave had a nice romantic dinner. He just returned home from traveling overseas from business and she surprised him with a home-cooked meal. They conversed over their respective careers and talked about dinner party arrangements for the upcoming week. After dinner, they headed out to their favorite hot-spot, a local strip club named Bianca's.

For what it's worth, Bianca's was considered to be a high-end strip club, if there was one. The club had an aura that was reminiscent of a 1930s bar rather than a hole in the wall. There wasn't the typical haze or bright neon lights. Instead, soft lights and light fragrance of plumeria teased patrons' noses. The strippers spoke intelligently and only cursed when they were lip-synching to a rap song.

As usual, Dave and Nikki were VIP guests in the club. Dave was friends with the owner and it wasn't a secret that Nikki had a penchant for strippers. She almost became one when she was younger but due to some convincing from her very-religious friends, she didn't pursue it. Of course, it didn't mean she didn't pursue her other sexual deviants.

Sipping on champagne and eating hors oeuvres, Nikki quickly became bored. All of the girls were doing the same routine. Walk across the stage. Smile at the patrons. Bend over and jiggle. Walk around the pole. Climb the pole. Take off the shorts. Take off the top. Do the splits. Collect the money and leave. They were being completely robotic and thoughtless in their acts. Nikki was so frustrated, she was getting ready to go onstage and show the strippers a thing or two when a new dancer caught her eye.

"That one," she pointed to a buxom Latina on the stage to her husband, "I want that one."

Dave nodded in agreement as his wife surely had exquisite taste. The stripper was petite with curves so dangerous, they were overflowing out of her tiny maid's uniform. She was a stunning brunette with full lips and hypnotizing brown eyes. And when she bent over to make her ass clap, Dave immediately thought about bending her over right then and there. He made sure he tipped the dancer nicely so she would give him and Nikki extra attention.

After her performance, she came over and sat with the couple. "Thank you for the tips." She said shyly.

The business woman in Nicole Batista immediately kicked into full gear. "How much do you cost?" Nikki asked.

The stripper shook her head. "What? I'm not following you."

"You're coming home with me." Nikki put her hand on top of the stripper's equally small hands. "What's your name, baby?"

"Melina." She replied with a slow smile. "Am I just coming home with you or him too?" She motioned to Dave.

Before Dave could respond, Nikki interrupted. "You're going to fuck us both."

Now, several hours later, Dave was watching his personal live porn. His wife of four years was being eaten out by one of the prime performers at Bianca's. The moans from both women filled the room as Nikki began to ride Melina's tongue. She briefly opened her eyes and locked stares with her husband, who smiled in return.

"You like how she's eating my pussy, baby?" Nikki breathed as Dave smiled again.

"Is she almost done?" He asked.

"Almost." Nikki closed her eyes again and let the pleasure wash over her. Melina claimed she had never been with a woman before, but she performed like she was a fucking expert. Maybe it was studying porn or just knowing how a woman's body worked. But whatever it was, Nikki was climbing the walls—much to her husband's delight.

Melina suddenly pushed Nikki's legs back to her ears and focused on her clit. She feverishly worked her tongue bringing Nikki to a screaming orgasm. Letting go of her legs, Melina climbed on top of Nikki and the women engaged in a sensual kiss. Both women then turned to Dave.

"Are you ready?" Melina asked.

Dave put down his cigar and took a last sip of his brandy. He soon undressed and his erection nearly jumped out of his boxer briefs. He slipped on a condom and began to thrust inside Melina. He occasionally slapped Melina's ass as Nikki talked dirty to her. As he moved inside her, he picked up his cigar again and began puffing on it.

Life was great. Too bad nothing lasts forever….