For Compy's contest again.

"It ain't gonna be fun when the rabbit gets the gun." -Rabbit, Jimmy Wayne.

Crossing a busy road alone was one of Serenity Wheeler's biggest fears, she avoided it as much as possible.

And Joey always went along to hold her hand.

But today he was working, and no one else had been able to bring her to the museum. So she was walking alone, and there she was at the crosswalk, not moving.

Serenity had pushed the button already, only to balk when the time to actually cross came. Car drivers had honked their horns angrily when they had to stop and she wouldn't actually cross.

It'd happened several times when he showed up. He was silent and she didn't notice him, but he was there.

Seto Kaiba was on his way to a business meeting. He watched with interest as Serenity pushed the button again.

When the light signaled for them to cross, he moved to go. And stopped when he noticed she wasn't crossing. She'd taken a step forward, but then stepped back onto the sidewalk again, a look of clear panic flitting across her face.

He watched her, as the light changed again.

Then he pushed the button.

The light changed once more, and he grabbed her hand, taking a step.

Serenity jumped, then smiled.

And holding hands, they crossed the street.