Snowgra Storm


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Aerrow stood alone in the center of twelve ice caves, knee deep in snow and standing with his back to the wind. His teeth chattered furiously and not even his goggles could keep the snow out of his eyes. The caves were dark as wells and offered no shelter from the suffocating wind. Aerrow kept his freezing face upturned and his eyes on the white sky.

"Aerr-! –row!" His communicator crackled. Aerrow pushed the red button and spoke into it franticly. "Hey! I'm freezing down here! Where are you guys?"

"Where are w-?!" Piper's voice was furious. "-ere are you? You –aid you were ju- go- for a little recon! You went half-ay across the terra!"

Shivering, Aerrow held the communicator closer. "I found the caves."

Silence. "And?"

"They're abandoned," Aerrow said regrettably.

"Oh." Piper's voice faltered. "We got a lock – your loc-tion and -." The communicator died.

Five minutes later, the Condor became a dark blot overhead and the huge engines drowned out the roaring wind and ice. One of the ship's grappling hooks dropped down into the snow not four feet away from where Aerrow stood. The rope tightened, but still swayed as it disappeared into the whirling snow far above.

Aerrow stepped onto the grappling hook and tugged on the stiff rope as hard as his frozen fingers could. There was a moment of panic as the rope jerked upward and swung to and fro, but then it steadied into a fast climb and Aerrow was level with the Condor before he knew it. As he heaved himself onto the ship's runway, Radarr leaped out of nowhere and wrapped himself around Aerrow's head, hugging his master joyfully. Finn leaned out into the wind, holding onto the side of the dock and calling, "Aerrow! Hurry up! This storm is getting worse!"

Aerrow shielded his head and made his way to the dock. When he was almost to safety, a stray gust hit him from the side and threatened to sweep him away. Aerrow stood like a rock, fighting to keep his feet on the ship. Finn, seeing the sky knight in danger, ventured out a few steps and caught his arm. Radarr screeched as he held onto Aerrow's neck for dear life.

Junko grasped Finn's ankle just as they were swept into the wind. The wallop pulled them in and the dock's doors slammed shut. Junko flicked a bit of snow from his nose. "Hmm, chilly." He popped some into his mouth and flinched. "Owch."

Piper ran up to them and stopped herself before she could hug Aerrow. "Oh… um… don't ever do that again. In this storm, it was a miracle we could find you."

Aerrow grinned sheepishly. "Uh, yeah. Sorry 'bout that."

The ship balked. Junko fell on top of Finn and Piper ended up in Aerrow's arms.

"Um, in case you haven't noticed, we're all in the middle of a legendary Snowgra ice storm," Stork's worried voice said over the loudspeaker. "So, I could use a little help up here!"

They hurried up to the bridge. Junk immediately went to fixing the bursting pipes and Piper to her weather instruments. Aerrow stood by Stork, watching the raging storm in awe. "It looked so much calmer from the ground." He turned to Finn. "I need you to blast those snowballs before they hit us. Hang in there Stork!" The pilot mumbled something negative.

Finn wrapped his face in a scarf and snapped his goggles on. "Ow." He swung into the cannon's chair and its platform moved out into the breathtaking wind. The 'snowballs' were actually gigantic balls of ice formed by the swirling winds and Finn took a moment to gape at the size of them. "You call these snowballs?!"

"Quite gabbin' and start blast'n!" Junko yelled in alarm as an unusually large one rolled their way.

Finn didn't need to aim. He fired off a few volleys and the ice burst into smaller pieces. The shards bounced off the Condor's plating and Stork fought for control as the ship tipped.

Five more were blown apart and the Condor moaned from abuse. Aerrow searched the sky for an escape route. He spotted a small opening between two snowballs and pointed. "Stork, head there."

Stork steered the ship for the opening, mumbling something about doom but better than Saharra heat fever. As they flew nearer, the two large snowballs drew closer together, cutting off the escape route. Stork pulled the ship up sharply, but couldn't stop the ship from being blown away by the wind. Piper, Aerrow, and Junko tumbled head over heels and Stork clung onto the control, attempting to regain control. When he did, they were surrounded. When the nearest one got too close, Aerrow ran to the cannon and grasped the doorway for support. Finn wasn't in the seat. "Finn! Finn!" Aerrow shouted, but his words were blown back into his mouth.

"Hey there. I'm just, you know, hanging in here!" Finn was over the side, his fingers slipping from the platform's edge and his body blowing out like a kite.

Aerrow reached out and Finn grabbed his hand with an iron gripe. Aerrow pulled him up and Finn hopped back into the cannon's seat.

Stork had managed to swerve around three snowballs, but the challenge, along with the wild wind and the blurred windows, were proving too much for the old ship to handle. Junko was wrapping things in duck tape and even Radarr had his paws full.

Finn whooped as he fired another volley of blue crystal blasts into another chunk of ice. Piper saw a tiny slit of open sky. "Stork!" she pointed, but Stork already saw it. He pulled the ship up and over and enormous snowball and, using it as a shield from the wind, sped toward the opening. Aerrow looked to the right as the last window froze over and realized that there was a snowball in their path.

"Finn!" He called. "Over there!"

Finn's face was coated in a layer of snow and ice. He shook his goggles free and pulled the trigger. Nothing. "I'm out of blasts!" Finn shouted.

Then we'll just have to go around it, Aerrow thought. "Stork!"

Stork squinted at the frosted window. "I don't know where to go. I can't see a thing."

Aerrow turned. "Junko, heat up the front window."

Junko deserted the pipes just long enough to push a lever. Warm steam fogged up the window for a moment, then cleared. The biggest snowball yet filled the airship's vision. Finn and Piper screamed and the rest gasped.

Stork turned the ship in a U turn and the Condor flew to its maximum speed. The snowball hot on their tail, Stork swerved to the left, only to find that there was another rolling toward them. The Condor went left, right, left, right in a desperate race to get free of the mess of rolling ice. Stork weaved through the deathtrap at full speed, not able to slow down or go higher with the risk of facing the wind head on.

Aerrow leaned across the guardrail as if willpower could rescue them. Three snowballs rolled into their path. Stork swung the ship around, barely making it through two colliding ice chunks, and almost crashed into a mountain jutting from the ice below. AS the Condor turned sharply to avoid the mountain, the right engine hit a rolling snowball. The ship spun, and headed right for a patch of jagged ice shards that were the remains of Finn's blasting. The shards were large enough and sharp enough to skewer the Condor.

"Pull up!" Aerrow yelled to his pilot as the airship spun closer.

Stork didn't question the sky knight's orders. The merb pulled at the control and the Condor lifted. The airship rose above the shards and into the storm's hurricane wind. The lights went out, the engines stopped, and the windows were shattered like ice all in the span of a second. The Condor hovered, and then was blown along in the wind like a feather. Tumbling, spinning, and helpless, the airship vanished into the whirlwind of snow at the storm's mercy.

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