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Sakura looked out the car window in a dazed state, 'I can't believe their getting a divorce…' A tear trickled down her cheek making Sakura look at her reflection in surprise. 'I was hoping not to cry… I guess I will really miss both of my parents being together.'

Sakura's dad reached over to Sakura while still driving, patting her back awkwardly, "It's okay honey. I get to see you on the Holidays at least!" He said in a cheerful voice, trying to make Sakura at least a bit happier. He made a sad smile when Sakura didn't respond, and turned back to the road.

The rest of the car ride was pretty much in silence only with the radio's chattering about how a famous singer stole lyrics.

When they made it to a stoplight, her dad once again faced Sakura, "Sakura-chan, I want to give you something important to me. I know we'll still be able to see each other, but I want to give you this before we reach your mothers house." Sakura looked towards her dad with a distressed look on her face. He pulled out a Chinese coin from his pocket and gently, but firmly placed it in the palm of Sakura's hand. "This coin is very special, Sakura. It was given to me by my father, and it is said that it will grant one wish, but only if the wish is deemed worthy by the coin."

Sakura stared at the coin for a while, normally she would have just scoffed and said 'Yeah right,' but this would be the last time she would see her dad in a while. So she looked up at him and smiled softly, "Thank you dad." And hugged him.

Then there was an earsplitting screech, and a loud honk. Sakura looked out the front window and her eyes widened in horror as a car comes towards them at what seemed like full speed. Before she could even scream the car had crashed into them, making the airbags hit both her and her father's faces, effectively knocking them out.


I heard panicked talking.

Am I dead?

I… I don't want to die.

I'm too young to die.

I vaguely note the talking turns to screaming.

I want to live –no I'm going to live.

No matter what.


Sakura opens her eyes, only to squint as the light was giving her a headache. "Where… Where am I?" she mumbled quietly to herself.

"Aa, you're awake." A deep voice muttered.

Sakura snapped her head towards the voice, but immediately regretted it as her head started to throb more painfully. She was astonished at what she saw though.

"Are you… an angel?" Sakura uttered in amazement. He was an oddly dressed angel though; do angels usually dress up as a samurai?

Her 'Angel' quirked a brow at her, as if thinking she was the most stupid person on earth. Hysterical laughter was distantly heard in the background along with the words, "Oh god! She thinks you're an Angel, out of all things! That cracks me up Sasuke!"



I know short. It's only the introduction though :) (this whole story all together will be fairly short too)