Jaken's Loyalty

By: AquaWater99

(Author's note: Just bored, so I thought I'd try this. Don't read this one if you like Jaken, and is easily offended.)

Genre: Family/Sorrow

Rating: K+

Sesshomaru growled with annoyance inside. Jaken had fallen asleep again, and Rin had run off. Right now, the toad youkai was groveling at his feet, begging mercy. What was the thing with this baka demon, anyway? Didn't he, Sesshomaru, clearly state that Jaken was to supervise Rin? If the toad youkai was truly devoted to him, he wouldn't have fallen asleep.

"Stand up, Jaken," Sesshomaru spat, disgusted, but determined not to show it.

The toad demon hastily scrambled to his feet, careful to keep his eyes down and away from Sesshomaru's amber ones. Without a word, Sesshomaru scooped Jaken up into his arms and was into the air a second later. Ten minutes later, a stunned Jaken landed on the ground, hurting his bottom rather painfully. He slowly looked up at Sesshomaru.

"Stay, and do not find me again," said Sesshomaru, his temper slowly ebbing away.

Jaken blinked, shocked.

"Nani?!! Iie, iie, Sesshomaru-sama! Onegai, I'll never let Rin away from my line of sight again, I promise! Onegai!!" Jaken wailed.

But Sesshomaru had no words for him, as he lifted himself into the air. Within seconds, he was out of sight. Jaken screeched with such pain and anger clawing at his insides, he felt as though half of himself was gone, just like Sesshomaru. Gone, gone, gone. Just like the wind. Swept away, like a life. As the true realization of what just happened dawned on him, that he was alone in this world, he sank to his knees, sobbing, as the wind carried the scent of tears away.

>> Fast Forward

Jaken stumbled through the hazy forest, his mind numb. Why? Why had Sesshomaru left him? Was it simply because he had fallen asleep? He cursed himself. Why couldn't he do a simple thing like staying awake? It was outrageous. Suddenly, Jaken stiffened.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Help me!!" screamed a very familiar voice.

Racing to the source of the voice, Jaken found a snake demon about to devour Rin. Without thinking, he lifted the Nintoujou,
and shot a fiery line of flame directly into the youkai. It burned to ashes on the spot. Lowering his weapon, Jaken realized he had just saved Rin from being devoured. A whoosh of wind nearly knocked him over.

"Sesshomaru-sama! I was so scared without you!!" cried Rin, hugging onto the taiyoukai's hakama pants.

Looking from the burnt youkai to Jaken, and then to Rin, comprehension dawned onto Sesshomaru, but he didn't show it.

"Come, Rin, Jaken." He said, emotionlessly.

"Come on, Jaken-sama! Let's go!!" Grinning at Jaken, Rin skipped ahead to the already-disappearing Sesshomaru.

"Chotto matte!!" yelled Jaken, gathering up his senses, and scurried as fast as he could to follow.

Up ahead, Sesshomaru was confused with Jaken's loyalty. Only a truly devoted servant would rescue his ward, even if he dumped them on the ground. But the same "devoted" servant fell asleep without looking out for his ward. Where exactly did Jaken's loyalty lie? Sesshomaru pondered on this.

A sudden, bright laugh echoed through the clearing. Rin's laugh, caused by Jaken.

Sesshomaru's hands suddenly relaxed. All right, the toad youkai could stay.



baka: stupid

chotto matte: wait up

hakama: a type of Japanese, traditional pants

iie: no

nani: what

Nintoujou: Staff of Two Heads

onegai: please

-sama: used for extremely respected people

taiyoukai: great demon

youkai: demon


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