NOTE: YAY! It feels good to be back lolz! I'm writing again, splendid! I don't know why but I'm feeling rather proper ha ha! This story takes place about 15 years after Seven Minutes. It is a result of my love for ICHIxRUKI and Arina Tanemura. I took the names Haine, Ushio, and Izumi, from Full Moon O Sagashite (Izumi) and The Gentleman's Alliance Cross (Haine and Ushio)! It will probably be out of character. I'm so paranoid about that now AW! But yeah, expect out of character-ness and if it's not, I have done my job! The story switches from Rukia's P.O.V and a normal third person!! ENJOY!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Bleach or Full Moon, or The Gentleman's Alliance Cross...I really wish I did though!

It was a rainy day. Dark and stormy, and school was canceled. I have been married to Ichigo for over six years now. It was strange indeed. A lot of things changed, we were living on our own now...and that was a big step!

We didn't fight hollows much, I could barely sense them anymore...


The sound of my own voice echoing through my head blocked out everything else. I HAVE been spacey lately, I'll admit. But with three children, two of them TWINS! I don't blame me! I thought hollows were a handful!

Oh but who am I kidding, those kids are so beautiful. I grabbed a photo album and prepared to show them pictures of our family before they were born. I sat on the bed, between my two girls, and my boy on my lap. We flipped through the pages as I endured many questions, the most common one being "Who's that?" But there was one question I wont soon forget.

"Mommy?" My oldest twin, Ushio asked me. "When did you and daddy fall in love?"

I was surprised! I didn't really know love until I was about 13, and here my 5 year old was asking me about it!

"Yeah, Mommy! When?" Haine, the other twin asked.

Izumi just giggled out of the excitement, he was two and couldn't talk very well.

"Are you guys SURE you wanna know...I mean, it's a pretty boring story!" I told them.

"MOMMY!?!" Haine cried. "Looks like we'll just have to tickle it out of you!" Ushio added.

"Okay, Okay!" I laughed. "I'll tell you the story!"

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