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Rukia was walking home, when she felt Ichigo walking slowly behind her. She ran as fast as she could, in order to beat him home. She did. She jumped into the closet and locked it. (can you lock a closet?)

She started to cry.

How could I let myself be so careless? She asked herself.

Ichigo walked in the door, talking to himself, for he didn't expect Rukia to be there.

"What the heck? She LOVES me...what am I gonna tell her?...I mean I love her too but..."

Rukia gasped. Then grabbed her mouth, hoping he hadn't heard...he hadn't.

"God, as glad as I am...she's gotta know that I know about it. That's why she ran from me. Dang it!" He cursed, pacing his room. "She probably wont come home tonight..." He noticed the closet door was shut. "That thing was open when we left for school this morning...and no one was in here today." He thought aloud as he approached the closet.

CRAP! She thought...'s locked Rukia, get a hold of yourself! IT WAS LOCKED! He's gonna know I'm in here and heard him.

She quickly unlocked the door and moved to the side, waiting for him to stick his head in.

He did of course! He was SO predictable.

When he did, she didn't think about what will happen, or what he would say. She kissed him.

Letting her tongue taste his strawberry flavored lips, she found herself lost. She loved him SO much.

His eyes widened, then grew soft. He pressed his lips harder, and waited for the right moment to slip his tongue onto hers. She groaned with pleasure and wrapped her arms around his neck. He left her mouth and started to caress her neck with his kiss.

She dug her nails into his back and he slightly winced in pain. But she kissed all over him to make up for that.

When they finally broke apart after what seemed like an eternity. Breathing heavily he managed to whisper..."I love you to." And they both smiled, and he kissed her again. He lifted her off of the small mattress in the closet, and pulled her into a warm embrace before laying her down on his bed...

"Ichigo, please say it again..." She pleaded as he kissed her neck.

"I love you, Rukia Kuchiki!" He announced to her as she smiled, not even trying to hide how truly happy she was to hear him say that...

The sound of snoring forced me to stop talking. Both of my girls, and my boy were asleep. They really were a gift that I could never be thankful enough for. I put them in their beds and sat on the couch with my husband.

"I love you." I whispered, nuzzling into his shoulder.

"I love you too." He assured.

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