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Chapter 2

To Harry's great frustration he could not get his head around Arithmancy. This irked the Boy-Who-Lived to no end, but this was a well-needed, humbling, turn of events. As, 'all knowing,' he now was, that did not translate into all aspects of life. With a sniff Harry turned the lights out for sleep and woke early the next day, greeting September first with a beaming smile.

Halfway through shoving a foot through his pants Harry stopped and promptly fell over, shoulder caching the side of his bed on his way down. Grumbling and momentarily forgetting his great revelation Harry took a moment to rub at the smarting muscle. The movements became mechanic and eyes glazed as he was lost in his thoughts and memories.

To all outside the mind of Harry Potter, the boy had done and acted along the line time had taken in the past. Here he was for the past month, reading his new books, just like before, being ignored and ignoring his relatives. Getting up –glance at the clock, yup- at exactly the same time as before also.

Outwardly everything was the same... this was a distressing thought. Could this second chance not be so. Was Harry's convoluted plan of changing the future not to pass because fate would not let him? Would he be forced into following and merely reliving the past 7 years? What a shit curse that would be... Harry thought absently as he told his Uncle to drop him off at Kings Cross.

At the Platform Harry walked to the all too familiar spot of platform nine and three quarter's entrance. Vaguely Harry remembered random people here and there. The train station aid he'd asked directions of last time round doing this, the woman with the very loud purse... Theses echoes of another life began cementing Harry's fears about his second chance being a curse.

So pulled under by these thoughts Harry wasn't even aware that the line he was now in was formed of the Weasley bunch, that was until.

"Need help getting through, dear." Harry smiled at the sound of Molly Weasley's voice.

Not wanting to chance changing the terms that built the friendship he'd had with Ron, Harry shook his head in the affirmative and with false gratitude and tentativeness he ran at the wall. Once on the other side he moved from the entrance with the practice of one who'd seen one too many people rear ended by oncoming carts.

Harry drank in the sight of the Hogwart's train and her charges. There was Seamus, and there he was sure he'd seen Oliver. It was like looking not only onto another time, but a different world. The Final Battle, still fresh on mind made the moment of carefree innocence with plump round child faces, and positive air of the place that much sweeter.

Loading himself onto the train Harry, for some reason, had his trunk catch at an odd angle on the door to his chosen compartment.

"Want a hand?" One of the twins spoke up from behind him.

"Please." Harry said with slight breathlessness.

The three got the trunk in its place and Harry absently wiped at his sweaty brow.

"Blimey, are you Harry Potter!" The twins exclaimed.

A cold swept Harry then. Without realizing it he had followed events that had lead to the twins finding out his identity in much the same way as before...

Some time later Harry found himself alone in the compartment looking out the window at Molly saying goodbye to her children. The habitual pang of envy shot through Harry at the exchange. Soon, he thought to himself, soon Ron and I'll be friends and Molly can go back to being my proxy mother.

The voice of his future girlfriend roused him from his reverie. It was very child like as, well she was a child still. To Harry's dismay he did not get that heart leaping feeling regarding the girl outside his compartment window. Soon these disquieting thoughts were placated with a few excuses. She was 10 and in Harry's mind he was 18 and while his mind was that of an 18 year old his body was 11 and he'd yet to have a wet dream and enter puberty.

Thoughts of Ginny flew past him as her still waving form was lost from sight. Harry turned his head and watched the surrounding landscape fall away as well.

"Anyone sitting there? Everywhere else is full." Came the voice of Ron.

Harry gave a beaming smile and gestured for Ron to join him. Harry was just about ready to start a conversation of the Chuddy Canons when the twins came bounding into the compartment. Harry bit back his laugh at Ron's arachnophobia and politely said goodbye to the once again newly introduced Fred and George Weasley.

The door was shut, but a moment when, "Are you really Harry Potter?" Ron blurted and had the decency to blush an alarmingly similar shade of red as his hair.

Harry just smiled to himself and nodded, content to listen to Ron explain himself and his brothers teasing. Harry confirmed his scar when asked to show it off and other such necessities before the cabin was filled with an uncomfortable silence.

Harry sat for a while trying to remember the conversation they had started and had all those years back, but it was all so fuzzy. Harry was saved from having to remember when Ron started off first.

"I heard you went to live with Muggle's. What was that like?"

This question jogged his memory and from there he was able to ask appropriate question the Harry of this age would need to ask. Harry was all too happy to rediscover why he and Ron had become friends. At eleven both boys knew of insufficient funds and the shame that brought (though as blunt as Ron was he still skirted away from the shame as much as he could.)

It was at the end of Ron's rant about never having anything new when he brought out Scabbers. Harry just about had a heart attack. In all the time he'd been here he never had put that much time into thoughts of his godfather and this traitor now sitting in front of him. The crash into reality made him nervous.

Could he, under good conscious, let Sirius waste away in Azkaban for another two years? This was the exact reason Harry's mind had shied away from this topic, but it was now sitting here, dozing in direct sight, almost shoved in his face... Without Wormtail free to run off and help the Dark Lord get his body back how is he, Harry, to kill the git.

"Are you alright?" Ron's worried voice broke through to him and he realized the red head had had to yell over Harry's own hyperventilating breathing to be heard.

Forcibly calming himself Harry tried a reply, "Rat's... bother... me..." Harry just hoped Ron wouldn't think too less of him for this.

Ron did give Harry an odd look and then one to his pet. The thing was rather sad looking, dozing in his hands, fat, with mismatch hair patches.

Ron had put the rat back in his pocket and by then Harry's breathing had evened out to normal.

"Thought you were going to pass out on me." Ron tried to lighten the mood, but before Harry could reply and explain the lie further the compartment door opened.

"Anything off the cart, dears?" said a smiling, dimpled woman Harry was all too happy to see.

Jumping up, already groping for money, Harry went to examine the carts bounty. Harry turned his head looking over his shoulder about ready to ask what Ron wanted when he noticed the boys ears were a shade a so lighter than his hair. Harry listed off all the things he wanted, half remembering to point at some and pretend not to know their names.

Arms laden with his goods Harry reentered to compartment and dropped everything onto the seat next to him.

Ron was wide eyed, staring at the sweet feast before him.

"Hungry, are you?" Ron asked.

"Starving" Harry said around a pumpkin-pasty.

Ron took out his 4 lumpy sandwiches. "She always forgets I hate corn beef." He said dejectedly as he pulled on of the lumps apart from the other 3.

"Swap ya for one of these." Harry said gesturing to his candy mountain. "Go on."

"You don't want this. Its all dry." Said Ron, but continued quickly explaining, "She hasn't much time, you know, what with five of us..."

"Go on," Harry encouraged, "Have a pasty!"

Needing no more prodding Ron took a pasty. Both ate and ate, until Ron picked up a pack of chocolate frogs. Eyes lighting up he turned to Harry and through a gummy filled mouth said, "Bet, being raised by Muggles and all, you don't know what these are."

Harry inwardly smiled indulgently, but outward scrunched up his nose.

Ron spoke quickly, "They're not real frogs." And a smile played about the red headed boys lip, a ghost of a smirk Harry new as Ron's I-know-something-more-than-you-look. "But the best part are the cards!"

"Cards?" Harry asked feeling rather fooling and suspecting he was over acting.

"Each chocolate frog has a card of a famous witch or wizard, you know, to collect. I've got about 500." Ron said trying to pull an air of nonchalance and failing quite miserably.

Harry opened one and picked out the card. Of all the 50 so frogs he'd bought... of all the ones he could have picked up... there in his hand looking up at him was Albus Dumbledore. The same card... His first chocolate frog he'd ever had... Albus flippin Dumbledore...

Ron continued to prattle on about the cards and the ones he still needed... but Harry only half listened.

Harry had hoped he was smart that this... he'd hoped he had grown out of his one mindedness... but it seemed it had just been biding it time to drop a bomb like this on him... He'd be seeing Albus Dumbledore soon... He'd be seeing him in the live, living flesh... How in hell had he let such a thing slip his mind... ne, not slip, but not even enter his conscious thought possesses.

Harry was finally pulled from his inner tail chase when the chocolate frogs were all eaten. Harry tried to enjoy the game of eating the every flavored beans, but the melancholy mood of before stuck with him.

Harry could tell Ron was about to say something about it when a round face boy, teary eyed and red-faced open the compartment door.

"Sorry," He said, "But have you seen a toad at all?"

Both Harry and Ron shook their head and the boy wailed, "I've lost'im! He keeps getting away from me."

Harry cringed. The Neville he'd left in his time was so far different from this one that had it not been for the curve of the mouth, the line of his nose and the shape of his eyes Harry would have said he couldn't remember meeting this boy.

"He'll turn up." Said Harry.

"Yes, well, if you see him..." And then he left.

"Don't know why he's so bothered. If I'd brought a toad I'd lose it as quick as I could. Mind you I brought Scabber's so I can't talk."

Harry decidedly ignored the mention of Scabbers...

"He might have died and you wouldn't have known the difference." Ron said in disgust.

Harry was have a hard time controlling his rising urge to kill the lump in Ron's pocket.

"I tried to turn him yellow yesterday to make him more interesting, but the spell didn't work. I'll show you look." And Ron took Scabber's from his pocket. And then his wand was out. He was pointing it at the rat about to intone the spell that Harry thought ought to go something like Avada Kedavra, but the compartment door opened again.

Neville again stood in front of them as did a girl Harry couldn't help but smile at.

"Has anyone seen a toad. Neville's lost one." She demanded. All business. Harry had forgotten how inordinately bossy she was in their first year.

"We've already told him we haven't seen it." Said Ron, but dear Hermione wasn't listening.

"Oh! Are you doing magic?" She asked excitedly. "Lets see it then."

Ron looked taken aback at her abruptness. "Um, alright."

Harry Really wan't Ron and Hermione to get along this go around and by the Gods he'd have his way with this. They were meant for one another and Harry wasn't going to have them waisting time on others when they were so perfectly in love!

"Ron" Harry cut in qquikely before his firend could make a fool of himself in front of his future girlfriend.

All eyes turned to Harry.

"Was it Percy who tought you the spell?" Harry ventured.

"Nah Fred and George did."

"You sure it's a real spell?" Harry asked in a dubious tone. "Those brothers of yours sound like right pranksters."

Ron thought on this and seemed to agree. "That'd explain why it didn't work yesterday."

"What where you trying to do?" Hermione asked, disappointed there wasn't going to be a show.

"I was going to turn'im yellow." Ron explained.

"Were you going to use the incohare crocus spell?" asked Ron. "That's tricky transfiguration."

Harry could tell this was going bad. Ron was about ready to snap at Hermione. Ron, while his best friends, still had his flaws and one happened to be his temper that flared especially strong when he was caught out not knowing something.

Harry had to do something, but as he was about to the train hit a bump. Hermione and Neville, both standing tripped a little.

"Oh goodness, we're almost there." Hermione said looking out the window. "You two had best get your uniforms on, come along Neville lets find your toad."

"Blimey whatever house she's I want to steer clear of." Ron said once the two were gone.

This comment sparked Ron telling him about his brothers and family and their ties to Gryffindor.

Harry asked more and more question this time round trying to get as much information as possible. One thing Harry had thought about was slipping up. Knowing something he wasn't supposed to. It'd be just his luck to start talking to Ron about Charlie and his favorite Dragon when he'd never been told Charlie worked with Dragons.

Harry eagerly took in all Ron had to say about Quitich when the subject arose and once preliminary explanations where through they were talking strategy and player statistics like it was back in... 1998... Harry shook his head and fought not to laugh