Digimon Wars Part 4: When Light Dies

By: John Pexton

I don't own digimon except the characters I have created including Phantom Devimon, Kyro, Patamon, Gatomon, and Wolfmon's highest digivolution, the the 3 biomerges Magna Aero Angemon, Warrior Angewomon, and Aero Magna Goddmon.

This is the final part to the Digimon Wars Saga and one mini chapter will follow after the saga and that will be my final chapter of Digimon until I come up with more ideas.

This takes place right after the battle with Venom Devimon and his goons where a new threat wants the power of light to be forever gone to the world. They know that the only way for the light to disappear from the worlds is if the child of light willingly releases the power of light from the world forever making it so no one could use the light. It will take all the digidestined plus a couple of mysterious characters to stop the plans from taking place. Will they succeed in stopping the evil plans or will all hope be lost? Find out on the final chapter to the Digimon Wars.


Tk is 21 and married to Kari, they are glad that they finally were able to get married and they are planning of having a child soon. Tk is an architect who owns his own place and he is 6' with dirty blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. He holds the crest of Hope and his Digimon is Patamon


Magna Angemon


Aero Angemon

Magna Aero Angemon (Bio merge with Tk)

Tk is 25 years old who comes from another dimension in order to save Kari the child of light from giving up her light to maintain everything good in the world. Tk fused with an Andromon in order to save his life from a fatal accident. Tk is 6' with dirty blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. He wears dark blue jeans with a dark blue shirt, a dark blue cloak which has the crest of Hope and Life on it surrounded by every other crest. He also wears white and blue Nike Shox R4 with metallic blue shox. He holds the crests of Hope and Life and his Digimon are the same as Tk's Digimon and Tony's Digimon

Kari is 21 and is married to Tk and has been trying to have a baby. Kari is going to school to be a teacher. She holds the crest of Light and she is going to have to make a decision weather or not to keep the light. She has long light brown wavy hair with pinkish brown eyes and is 5'11". Her Digimon is




Arch Angewomon

Warrior Angewomon (Bio merge with Kari)

Tony is 21 years of age and he lives next to his twin brother and is engaged to his girl friend Amanda. Tony is also an architect and loves to design houses with his brother Tk. Tony is 6' with sapphire blue eyes which are slightly lighter than Tk's eyes and he has a scar above his left eye brow with no pigment in that eyebrow. His Digimon is


Halo Angemon

Arch Angemon


Holy Goddmon

Aero Magna Goddmon (bio digivolve with Tony)

Amanda is Tony's fiancée and is also a very important member of the digidestined even though she doesn't have a Digimon. She is 20 years old 5'10" and has long light brown hair with green eyes.

Hannah is Anthony's 14 year old sister who now lives with Tony in his downstairs Apt. She is currently dating Kyle who is her soul mate. She is 5'11 with long dirty blond hair and grayish blue eyes. She is the digidestined of dreams and her Digimon is









Kyle helps out the digidestined a lot and he is dating Hannah who is his soul mate and who is the digidestined of dreams. Kyle is not a digidestined but is a very important member of the group. Kyle is 14 years old and is 5'9" tall with long wavy dirty blond hair and bluish grey eyes.

Anthony is Tk, Tony, and Matt's cousin and Hannah's older brother who lives with his Fiancée Ashley in the Apt in Tk's basement. He is 21 years old and is 6' with dark blond hair with brown highlights and one black eye and one blue eye. He is the digidestined of Spirit and his Digimon is Tigermon


Magna Tigrismon


Ashley is 21 years old with long dirty blond hair with light brown eyes with a silver tint to them and is 5'11". She holds the crest of faith and her Digimon is





Kyro is the Prince of Darkness who comes from the same dimension as the 25 year old Tk but he wants to have Kari as his queen. He is portrayed as evil at first by helping Phantom Devimon but actually he helps the digidestined in more ways than they could imagine. Kyro is 21 who is 6' with dark blue eyes and dark blond hair, he wears dark blue jeans and a tight dark blue t-shirt with white and blue Nike Shox R4 with dark metallic blue shox. Kyro is the digidestined of Darkness and his Digimon is Dark Metal Garurumon

Sora is married to Tai and she is the digidestined of Love and her Digimon is





Tai is married to Sora and is the digidestined of courage and his Digimon is



Metal Greymon

War Greymon

Davis is dating Jessica and is the digidestined of miracles and his Digimon is


Ex Veemon

Aero Veedramon

Magna Aero Veedramon

Jessica is dating Davis and is the digidestined of peace and her Digimon is



Mega Seadramon

Metal Seadramon

Mimi is married to Izzy and is the digidestined of sincerity and her Digimon is





Izzy is married to Mimi and is the digidestined of knowledge and his Digimon is



Mega Kabuterimon

Hercules Kabuterimon

Matt is dating Jun and is the digidestined of friendship and his Digimon is



Were Garurumon

Metal Garurumon

Jun is married to Matt and is the digidestined of storms and her Digimon is

Snow Betamon

Ice Seadramon

Hail Seadramon

Joe is the digidestined of reliability and his Digimon is




Marine Angemon

Ken is dating Yolie and is about to propose to her and he is the digidestined of kindness and his Digimon is





Imperialdramon (fighter mode)

Yolie is dating Ken and is the digidestined of caring and her Digimon is





Cody is dating Sarah and is the digidestined of wisdom and his Digimon is




Armour Digmon

Sarah is dating Cody and is the digidestined of nature and her Digimon is



Metal Dolphmon



Phantom Devimon

When Light is Released

Hope is the light that fills us with love

A flame that keeps burning no matter where you are

When darkness sets in and fear is upon you

Look for the flame for it will guide you

The flame is eternal, a light that never dies

A spirit in which holds the secret from the father in the skies

For he has created miracles and provided faith

To all in need peace will come and set us free

Keep searching for it is a never ending battle

For good will come in the end, that's what matters

Hope is there as long as you believe

For its flame burns eternally

Hope is the father's gift to us all

It continues to burn when others fall

Hope will light the others that the flames died away

For hope is an eternal spirit in which provides light to all

Hope and light work together for they act as one

Filling everyone with love

What happens if one child willingly gives up her power to save someone she loves?

What happens when hope dies and light is just a distant memory?

What happens when dreams turn into constant nightmares?

Will everything fade into nothing?

Will the lives we live turn into chaos as darkness spreads and confusion sets in?

These are things people tend to find in the back of their minds. Questions that have no answers or reason and everyone knows hope is the eternal light, something that never dies. My name is Tk, I am the embodiment of hope my friends and I nearly faced these questions. Here is my story! Tk wrote

A flashback occurs and goes back a year right after defeating Venom Devimon and his goons. We start this story at Tk and Kari's house where we find Kari in the dining room.

Tk come here for a minute. Kari yelled

Yeah! You don't need to yell I was coming. Tk said

Do you know what happened here? Kari asked

We are remodeling this room. Tk said

Yeah but where is all the stuff that was in here? Kari asked

I have moved it into the basement so I could start. Tk said

Well we are leaving and we will work on it later. Kari said

Kari I thought you were planning something with Tai and the others? Tk asked

Yeah I am; we leave tomorrow and we are going to need you to watch our Digimon while we are gone. The Digimon can't come with us so I was hoping you could watch them while we are gone? Kari asked

How long are you going to be away? Tk asked

One month and we will be visiting through out the month by the digital world. Kari said

Well I should have this room remodeled by then. Tk said

I don't want you to get hurt Tk and if the Digimon are too much to handle then let me know and we will cancel and come home early. Kari said

Enjoy the trip and besides not all the group is going. I will have Tony, Amanda, Hannah, & Kyle to help out when needed. Tk said

Ok Tk just don't get over whelmed. Kari said as she went in and kissed him.

Are you all packed? Tk asked

Yes I am and I love you. Kari said

Later that night everyone brought their stuff to Tk's house and will be staying the night there. Tk has cooked dinner for everyone and then they all went to bed because they have to get up at 2am to head to the airport. Tk cleans the house as 2am roles around and starts to wake everyone up.

Five more minutes mom! Davis said

Ok Davis I hate to do this. Tk said as he takes a fog horn and went into the hall way and blasted it waking everyone up.

Why did you do that? Everyone yelled as they ran into the hall

Do you want to be late to the airport? It is 10 after 2 and no one would wake up. Tk said

You are evil Tk! They all complained

No you told me to make sure everyone is up. Tk said

You could have done something else like use water or something. Kari said

No I would have given my self more unnecessary work over the next month. I already have a lot to do like remodel the dining room, take care of the Digimon, do the house chores, not to mention mow the lawn, work at my job, and shop for food. Tk said

Well being we are wide awake lets get dressed. Matt said

While everyone got dressed Tk, Hannah, Kyle, Tony, and Amanda loaded the vehicles and 20 minutes later they all left to go to the airport. Tk, Tony, Amanda, Hannah, and Kyle drove the cars back to Tk's house and they all crashed in the living room with all the Digimon. Meanwhile in the digital world we find Devimon talking to an unknown voice.

I want all the gates to the digital world sealed for good. An evil voice said

We could close all but one gate to the digital world. Devimon said

Good one gate open won't spoil anything I have planned. Where is this gate located anyways? The evil voice asked

It is on the child of hope's computer. Devimon said

No we can't have them ruining our plans. We are going to have to figure out a way to make sure the digidestined can't come to the digital world. The evil voice said.

Sir most the kids won't be able to go to the digital world because they are currently in another part of America where the gates are closed. Devimon said

Who is able to access to the portal? The evil voice asked

The child of hope, the child of dreams, and the child of life are able to go to the digital world. Devimon said

Well three children I could handle and have a very special surprise for those 3 children. The evil voice said

Very good master, what is the plan? Devimon asked

First we cut off all access to the digital world so no one could get in. then we are going to make it so we keep the 3 digidestined who could access the digital world busy while we go after the child of light to bring her to the dark ocean. We are going to use her to capture the child of hope and have her willingly give up her light and if she don't we will kill the child of hope slowly until she agrees. The evil voice said

Brilliant master without the light there will be no hope & dreams. Chaos will be released and everyone will destroy each other. Then life as we know it will cease to exist. Devimon said

That is the plan. The evil voice said

Meanwhile at Gennai's place

Leomon, Centarumon and Andromon I am glad you could make it. Gennai said

Do you sense the threat that is about to take place in the digital world? Andromon asked

The parts to the human world have all been closed all except one. Leomon said

Find where that portal is because I have who ever is near that portal. Gennai said

It is the portal that leads to the cave of hope in the digital world in the digital world and the portal on the child of hope's laptop. Centarumon said

I will be back; I am going to warn him of what is to come. Gennai said

Meanwhile at Tk's house

Tk I am hungry! Veemon stated

You just ate an hour ago. Tk said

A little snack won't hurt Tk. Agumon said

Fine I will make you a sandwich each but I have a lot of work to do with this remodeling project Kari has me doing plus cook, clean, and work on top of that as an architect. Tk said

We are going to help Tk with the chores around the house as well right? Gatomon said with an evil look in her eyes.

Right! The Digimon said

Suddenly Gennai comes up to Tk's house to warn everyone of what is to come.

Gennai what are you doing here? Please don't tell me you have bad news and you're only here for a social visit. Tk said

I wish I was Tk but it is not that simple. Where are the others and why don't they have their Digimon? Gennai asked

The others except for Tony and Hannah are going to be away a month. Tony is working and Hannah is the store. Tk said

Then you, Hannah and Tony are the only ones who could fight. The others will not be able to enter the digital world. Your portal is the only one open and you could enter through your computer or you could enter through the cave near the lake. Gennai said

What is this threat? Tk asked

I have no clue but I could feel the coldness and darkness spread through the digital world. I believe that it will involve Kari, Hannah, Tony, and your self is going to be deeply affected by this. Be careful and I will work on reopen the portals so the others could fight. Gennai said

Great more things I have to do on top of the work I already have to do. Tk said to himself

Meanwhile in another dimension we find the digidestined preparing to help the digidestined in the real world.

We have to go to earth to help them fight this thing. Tk said

How are we going to ho there and help? The program is not ready to open the portal. Kari said

I think one of us is going to have to go there while one of them comes here. Tk said

Who is going to go? Hannah asked

Light will attempt to give up her power in order to save hope. They will try to destroy him and that is when one of us is going to trade places. He will come here while one of us is going to the dark ocean in order to save her before she gives up her light. Tk said

I think you should go Tk, you are part Digimon and you represent 2 crests into one. Kari said

Everyone agreed with Kari that Tk should go to replace the child of hope.

Then it's settled, I will go when Kari and Tk goes to the dark ocean. In the mean time we have to get that portal up and running so we could open it when the time comes. Tk said

A month goes by and Tk had the whole house cleaned and the room remodeled and the Digimon were sleeping. Kari calls to tell Tk when to be at the airport to pick them up. Tk also tells the others when to be at his house.

Hey Tk are you all right? Kyle asked

Yeah I am fine, I am really tired. Tk said

Sorry we didn't help you out a lot more than we have. Amanda said

Don't worry about it; I had the Digimon here to help out. Tk said

Well you did a really good job at this. Tony said

Well it is time to go get the others. Hannah said

They all went to the digital world where they told Gennai to continue to monitor for them. They went to get everyone at the airport then they went back to the house and everyone went to bed. That night Tk had a dream about Kari, himself and the dark ocean.

Child of light you have come here to save him I see. An evil voice rang through the sky

Let him go if you don't you will pay. Kari said

I will let him go only if you give up your light willingly. The evil voice said

If I don't then what will happen? Kari asked

You will get to watch him die slowly & painfully and that should force you to give up your light willingly. The evil voice said

Kari don't give up your light, others need it more Kari. Tk said

Shut up you fool. Take this; Phantom Explosion! The evil creature fired at Tk.

Tk no. Kari said

I'm ok Kari don't ever give up your light. Tk said

Oh how sweet he is willing to die so you will keep your light. Hahaha Phantom Destroyer! The evil one fired

Tk became an inch from death when Kari cried out.

STOP! I will give up my light, please don't hurt him anymore. Kari cried

That's a good girl now give up your light. Don't worry he will be fine. The evil one said

I call upon the power of light and willingly release it to be no mo…

No Kari; don't! Tk said…

I call upon the power of light and willingly release it to be no more. Kari finished when a blast of white and pink light in the shape of a sphere shot out of Kari and all of her color left her body making her gray and emotionless.

Phantom Destroyer! The evil one fired at Tk killing him immediately the destroyed Patamon and Gatomon then disappeared for good. Tk awakes from the dream and startled Kari, Patamon, Gatomon and the puppies.

Tk are you alright? Kari asked

Kari can you do me a favor? Tk asked

Sure what is it? Kari asked

I want you to promise me that no matter what happens you won't call upon your light and forever release it so no one could ever use it. Promise me that you will forever let your light shine bright so everyone could feel the warmth it provides. Tk said

I promise Tk now what is this all about? Kari asked

I have a feeling I know what Gennai was trying to warn me about and it involves the dark ocean. Tk said

What? Kari asked in shock

I had a dream of me chained to the bars of the light house when you came and tried to save me. Patamon and Gatomon couldn't even move or digivolve to help you. This creature came and told you if you want me to live you have to do something for him. You asked what he wanted and he said I want you to release your light. You refused and asked what will happen if you didn't and he fired an attack at me. I told you don't give up your light. Then he blasted me again and I was close to death and that is when you yelled stop and you gave up your light. I tried to stop you but you released it into a sphere and it busted into a billion pieces. You were alive with no color or emotions and oblivious to the fact that he killed Patamon, Gatomon, and I. Tk said shocking Patamon, Gatomon, and Kari.

Tk like all of your other dreams we were able to change the outcome of the situation and I believe we will be able to prevent it this time as well. I love you! Kari said

If we end up in that situation please let me die and never give up your light. Without that everything turns into chaos, hope will slowly fade except those who have eternal hope. Dreams will cease to exist and turn into never ending nightmares. Life will slowly fade into nothing as Armageddon sets in. Tk said

Tk was captured the following evening and was brought to the digital world and was tortured before going to the dark ocean and was chained to the railing to the dark lighthouse. The Tk from another dimension prepared to leave to help the digidestined.

Get the portal ready, they are about to go through and destroy Tk and give up their light. Tk said

The portal is up and running, we will have one chance at this and 5 minutes before Tk is destroyed. Kari said

Meanwhile in the dark ocean

Child of light it is an honor for you to be here. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Let Tk go now. Kari yelled

Why should I? Dark Metal Garurumon said

I said so. Kari yelled

Temper! Temper! To bad you are fighting alone. My master has made it so no Digimon could digivolve and they are even trapped and can't even get to you my dear. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Stop calling me my dear, I am nothing like that. Kari said

Welcome to the dark ocean child of light. It is good to finally meet the queen her self. I hope my servant was good company and didn't harm you just yet. The voice said

Show your self. Kari demanded

Now that is no way to treat the prince of darkness, I am Kyro the prince of darkness. It is such an honor to finally meet the queen of light. Your beauty is beyond anything I have ever seen. Kyro said

What do you want from me? Kari asked

Why else beside of coarse you. You are as beautiful as they come, a goddess who has come to earth to spread her beauty, grace, and light to all. Kyro said

Master take her light from her, and she will be gone and the light will finally fade from earth and everything will be yours for the taking. Phantom Devimon said

You fool I cant take away her light that is one thing she will have to do it willingly. Kyro said

Let me handle the situation, I know how to get her to release her light and then she will be your queen forever. Phantom Devimon said

You could try but I know the outcome of the situation and she won't give up with out a fight. Kyro said as he left

Are you ready to save him child of light? Phantom Devimon asked

You will not get my light not ever; I would rather die then give that up. Kari said

Not the answer I was looking for, don't worry you won't die but he will. The master wants you alive and well but he never said anything about him. Phantom Devimon said as he revealed Tk chained to the guard rails to the dark lighthouse.

Tk! Kari said worried

Phantom Explosion! Phantom Devimon fired and hit Tk

No Tk! Kari said about to cry

Don't give up your light, remember the promise you made and besides the others need it more than I do. Tk said

Shut up you insolent little fool, don't you dare get in the way of my master. Phantom Destroyer! Phantom Devimon fired and brought Tk from an inch from death.

I am not getting in the way of your master he doesn't want her power, you do and it is not going to work because she knows that the greater good is more important than my safety. Tk said

Tk! Kari yelled

Don't worry Kari I will be fine just don't give up your light. Tk said

Oh how cute you really love him. In that case Phantom Destroyer! Phantom Devimon fired and the entire lighthouse exploded into a billion pieces and Tk disappeared to another dimension.

Kari was about to give up her light when she and her Digimon friends became trapped in a warm crystal like shield that glows blue, white, and pink. The shield protected them from Phantom Devimon.

What how are you doing that, your powers don't work here. Phantom Destroyer! Phantom Devimon fired at her.

Her powers may not work here but mine do. Take this! A young mysterious man threw a dagger then took both of his swords and jumped off the cliff and struck Phantom Devimon causing him severe pain. The young man grabbed his daggers and swords which allowed them to escape from Phantom Devimon.

Who are you? Kari asked

I am the being of life; I came from another dimension to help out and save the light. Tk is in my dimension restoring his health. He will return after we ensure that who ever wants your light will not get it. I came here before the final attack protecting him from the blast. The blast triggered the lighthouse to explode which opened up a wormhole to my dimension. The young man said

Kari I think it is wise to gather everyone here so we could fill them in on what happened. Gatomon said

I think you're right. Kari said as she emailed everyone to meet at her house in an hour.

An hour later everyone shows up at Kari's house to find out what happened.

Where's Tk? Anthony asked

Don't worry Tk is healing right now. We won't be able to see him or contact him but right now we have more pressing issues. Kari said

Like what? Tai asked

I will explain everything every thing in a moment but I have to ask you what will happen if I gave up my light? Kari asked

We don't know we know it will be bad and you can't give it up. Sora said

I know what will happen; first everything will turn cold and people will not be able to trust their emotions. Hope will slowly fade into nothing as darkness, fear, and chaos spreads rapidly. With the darkness, and chaos released life will soon parish and every thing we hold close will be lost. After everything is gone life will start over and the light will find a way back into the hearts of others. The father will choose special kids to hold the powers that we possess and spread through out the world. Tony said

How do you know that? Davis asked

I learned it in church where it was prophesized about chaos, destruction, fear, and darkness, then it prophesized a new beginning. Tony said

Tony is right, those things will happen and there is nothing any of us will be able to do if I willingly give my light up. Kari said

You can't give it up willingly. Mimi said

I won't, I made a promise to Tk that I will keep my light and let everyone use it. Now you know what will happen if I willingly give up my light I am going to explain what happened today. Tk was captured and tortured before he was brought to the dark ocean. I met Dark Metal Garurumon there and he told me my master requested to meet me. I asked him where Tk was and he replied wouldn't you like to know. I told him to release Tk right now then he said why should I and I said because I said so. His master came and spoke through the wind and I told him to show himself this instant. He did and introduced himself as the prince of darkness and he was honored to meet me. He wanted me as his queen of light and together we would be completely unstoppable. I don't think he was completely evil though, he didn't want to harm me or anything just be with me. Then Phantom Devimon came and told him that I know how to make me his just leave everything to me. The prince of darkness told Phantom Devimon not to harm me or he will pay.

Phantom Devimon told me to give my light up and I said if I don't then what will happen. He told me that he may not be able to kill you but it doesn't mean I can't kill him. He fired a shot at Tk and I said no Tk. Tk said something then he received another shot. Tk said something else then I said I will never give up my light. Tk said something else then one more shot was fired and the light house blew up into a million pieces and Tk was gone. Patamon, Gatomon and I were surrounded by blue, pink, and white crystal which blocked us from Phantom Devimon's attacks.

He was amazed at the fact we were protected and wondered how being my powers didn't work in the dark ocean. Then a young man threw a couple of daggers at Phantom Devimon and said her powers may not work here but mine does. He jumped off the cliff and stuck his swords in Phantom Devimon, taking his weapons and giving us enough time to escape. Kari finished

Well where is he, I want to meet him. Matt said

He is right here. Kari said

Hello digidestined. I am glad to meet you all and I am here to help you. The young man said

Take off your hood; I want to see your face. Tai said

The young man removed his cloak to reveal more than they were expecting.

Tk! Kari said

Yes I am Tk but I am 4 years older than your Tk not to mention I am also part Digimon as well. The young man said

But how is that even possible? How are we on 2 different dimensions and why are you part Digimon? Izzy asked

You know the answer Izzy as why we are on 2 different dimensions. You explained it to Tai when you all faced Etamon. The only thing wrong with that theory is what affects you don't affect us. We share memories but we are not physically linked to each other to each other like your shadows in my dimension I hold the power of hope & Life. While in this dimension I am split into 2 powers and bodies. Now as why I am part Digimon is because I fused my body with an Andromon in order to save my life. I am full human except parts of me are android. Tk said

How is that physically possible to fuse with a Digimon? Izzy asked

Izzy in my dimension you and Ken created a program based off my theory. My theory was what could we do to prevent us from dieing before our time? Is it possible to take a Digimon's data and insert it into us in order to help us out from not dieing before our time? Tk said

I don't understand how a Digimon's data could save our lives? Izzy asked

Simple, a Digimon's data provides certain qualities that make it so a human could survive. The Digimon doesn't die but some of his features will replace the damaged parts on our body. Digimon are designed very similar to humans and with this knowledge we started to research. A Digimon's body consists of antibodies, nutrients and has the same complex minds as we do. You took my research and created a program which fuses a Digimon and a human together and gives us the ability to survive. When I got into a life threatening accident the only thing you could do was use the program and test it out on me. Joe did the surgery on me while everyone waited for the outcome. Andromon volunteered to save my life and this is the outcome of the surgery. Tk said

Do you have the program incase we need it in the future. Izzy asked

IZZY! The others yelled

What? Izzy asked

Yes I do have the program and you could have a copy of the program. Now let's discuss how we are going to stop what Tony said about when light is willingly released? Tk said

I have no clue, how are we going to make sure Kari doesn't give up her light? Davis asked

I say she goes to the lake of Hope & Light until we stop the enemy. Tai said as the over protective brother.

No I am not going there while you guys have all the fun. Kari yelled at Tai before storming off.

Meanwhile in the dark ocean

Not one word Dark Metal Garurumon. Phantom Devimon said

You said that you could make her my queen of light. Kyro said

Not now you little brat. Phantom Devimon said

Did you at least kill the boy? Kyro asked

Yes I did. Phantom Devimon said with a grin

Well you finally got your revenge I see. Kyro said not impressed

Yes I did and I loved every moment of it. That child needed to pay for all the pain and suffering he put me through. He is the only digidestined who could stop me and now that he is out of the way I could destroy the digidestined once and for all. Phantom Devimon said

Well I don't think he died or his power would have affected the world. Kyro said

I know what I saw and the lighthouse blew up into a billion pieces. Phantom Devimon said

Then where did that boy come from? Kyro asked

I don't know, he just appeared out of nowhere and he was protecting the girl and the 2 Digimon who accompanied her then attacked me. Phantom Devimon said

You fool; you didn't even realize where he came from or what was on his cloak. Kyro said

I was a little preoccupied at the moment. Phantom Devimon said

Well you go and do what you want; she will never release her light. Kyro said

How do you know this? Phantom Devimon asked

I know that she promised the child of hope and she intends to keep her promise. Kyro said

I want her powers and I will do what ever it takes to obtain them. Phantom Devimon said

No you won't because she will keep her powers and stay alive. Kyro said

Not when I am through with her. Phantom Devimon said

Really I would like to see you try and get through me. Kyro said

You are going to fight me and protect them. Hahaha you won't stand a chance against me. Phantom Devimon said

That's what you think you over grown bat. Kyro said

Why you little rodent you think you are so tough that you could take on a fully evolved Digimon. Phantom Devimon said

Well you fear the child of hope and he is only human but you don't fear me? I think you were smarter as Devimon, it seems the more you evolve the cockier and dumber you get. Don't underestimate me or the digidestined because that will be your greatest downfall. Kyro said leaving the Digimon dumbstruck.

Dark Metal Garurumon please contact your brother to arrange a meeting with the digidestined. I need to talk to them. Kyro said

Will do master. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Don't call me that, call me Kyro. Kyro said

Yes Kyro. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Meanwhile in the real world

Matt could we please go to the digital world. I have some business to take care of. Gabumon said

Ok we could go but the only digi port is at Tk's house. Matt said

Matt where are you going, we are supposed to be going to the store for the dinner party that we are hosting. Jun said

I have to go to the digital world with Gabumon so he could take care of some business. Matt said

Oh well why you are there could you please take my Digimon as well. I will pick up the food so we could have this dinner party. Is everyone coming to the dinner party? Jun asked

Yeah they are coming and they are bringing their Digimon. So we better quadruple the recipe because you know how some of the Digimon eat. Matt said

Ok I am going to the store to buy the food. You are going to cook the food right? Jun asked

Yeah all day tomorrow, I am heading to Tk's to access the digital world. Matt said

Matt heads to Tk's house to access the digital world and Gabumon says he will be back shortly.

Ok Matt; be back soon. Gabumon said running into the forest

Digivolve now or face your doom. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Brother you know I can't unless I have the power to. Gabumon said

Fine use this or I won't talk to you. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Gabumon warp digivolve to Metal Garurumon. Gabumon said

My partner Kyro wishes to arrange a meeting with the digidestined and I would agree with it. I don't want to be on his bad side, and if you agree you pick the time and place and send a messenger to the meeting place in about 3 hours that way you could discuss it. Dark Metal Garurumon said

I will let you know our actions in 3 hours and if this is a trick you will pay for sending us into a trap. Metal Garurumon said

You know that won't do any good, we are equal strength now I would get back to your partner. Dark Metal Garurumon said

Metal Garurumon and Dark Metal Garurumon parted ways and Gabumon told Matt to email the othersand meet at Tk's house in an hour. An hour later everyone showed up at Kari's house wondering what this is all about.

Ok Matt what is this all about? Tai asked

I don't know, Gabumon called this meeting and he didn't say a word to me. Matt said

I called this meeting to discuss whether or not we should arrange a meeting with Kyro. He sent Dark Metal Garurumon to give me the message and that was the business I had to take care of in the digital world. Gabumon said

Well it might be a trap. Sora said

We are arranging a meeting with our enemy is not the best move. Tai said

Then again we might have an advantage over the situation. Where does he want to meet and what time? Izzy asked

We get to choose the time and place so he really can't set the trap if we hold the meeting here on this property. Gabumon said

It should be down by the cave and lake so we are away from the house and that way we could go to the lake of hope and light. Tony said

I agree with Tony, we could escape to the lake where we are stronger. Kari said

Why don't we actually meet in the lake of hope and light and then we could be actually very strong. Davis said

We can't because that place is designed so nothing but us could enter there and you can't enter unless Tony, Tk, and I are with you. Kari said

So are we going to do this or are we going to bail out and skip this meeting? Tony asked

I think we should do the meeting. Kari said

All in favor raise your hands? Tai asked

Everyone agreed with the meeting and Gabumon went and told Dark Metal Garurumon where and when this meeting is going to take place. Dark Metal Garurumon went and told Kyro the information that Metal Garurumon told him.

They must think we are going to set a trap so they think if they are on their own property they would have an advantage over us, not to mention they would have access to the lake of hope & light. Kyro said

So are we going to do this and warn them about Phantom Devimon? Dark Metal Garurumon asked

We have to warn the child of light because she is in danger. He will attack everyone in order for her to give up her light and even if she doesn't give up her light he is going to kill her. So no one could have the power. Kyro said

What about this kid Tk, do you think he is dead or alive? Dark Metal Garurumon asked

He is alive but he is not on this dimension, right now he is resting up but he will come back to them by the final battle. He is also going to be he one who will be my first ally. I may not have the child of light to marry me but she is the queen even if the child of hope is the prince of hope. I would rather be next in line as the prince of darkness then watch her be destroyed. Kyro said

You must really love her, don't you? Dark Metal Garurumon asked

Yes I do and for that I am going to have to protect them. Kyro said

The next day Kyro passed through the portal to earth along with Dark Metal Garurumon and they went to where the digidestined had set up the secret meeting place so they could see what Kyro wanted to meet with them about.

Ok digidestined if anything happens our escape is through the cave of hope. Kari said

No need to worry about an escape route because if I wanted to try something I would have set this meeting up in my world where I am the strongest. Kyro said

Well we are all here so let's get this meeting started. The being of life said

You are here as well; I thought you would interfere in this situation. Kyro said

If I didn't this world and our world would be destroyed. Tk said

What is going on here? Kari asked

Don't worry Kyro and I are from the same dimension and we came here for the same purpose. We have been planning this for over a year after my accident in which I had to fuse with a Digimon in order to survive. Tk said

You both turned this world upside down since you showed up here. Kari said

Well if we didn't then everything would be destroyed, we may have different ideas as far as how to handle the situation but our intentions are the same. Kyro said

We are both here to make sure you never give up your light. Tk said

The final battle Tk will come back to help out and he will be the first of your group to trust me and actions. One will die an angels will cry but life will live as the one who died will be reborn from the light surrounding him. Peace will finally settle and the destiny will be complete. Kyro said

The queen of light, the prince of hope, the prince of life, the princess of dreams, and the prince of darkness shall combine and create harmony through the world. Tk said

The queen shall give birth to one baby girl and 3 boys and they will hold the destiny and carry on the legend of the digidestined. One will carry the powers of dreams, one will carry the powers of darkness, one will carry the powers of light, and the youngest will carry the powers of hope, innocence and life. he will follow his father and maintain peace through the world. Kyro said

This is getting way to crazy, this entire war is getting over every bodies heads. Tai said

Well what are we going to do about this war? Sora asked

I think we are going to have to fight in this war and hopefully this is the last battle of this war. Kari said

Meanwhile in the digital world

Send out several nightmare soldiers to distract the digidestined so I could capture the child of light. Phantom Devimon said

You heard the master go distract the digidestined. Devimon said

The nightmare soldiers go to the real world through the portal over Tk's house and they start terrorizing everyone throughout the world. The digidestined realize what is happening and they are going all over the world to fight them. Kari is forced to stay with Kyro and Tk do they could make sure nothing could happen to her. The nightmare soldiers over power the digidestined and they finally capture Kari.

We have to get her back. Kyro said

I know but we have to work fast. Tk said

Let's go I know where she is. Kyro said

Meanwhile in the dark ocean

Well are you comfortable your highness. Phantom Devimon mocked

You will not get my light. Kari said

Don't worry you will give it up sooner or later but right now I have to make sure nobody could enter to save you.

Phantom Devimon leaves and doesn't realize somebody is there watching the whole thing.

Kari don't worry I won't leave you here alone I have to stay in the shadows so I am not detected. I made it so only you could hear me. Tk said

Tk I thought you were in another dimension, how are you here. Kari asked without saying anything.

I went to that dimension but I didn't stay long. I knew I had to come back here to help out. The others won't be able to come here but I will be able to assist you to get out. I won't be able to come; you but you will be safe an I will hide in the shadows. Tk said

Why won't you be able to join me? Kari asked

It is not the time for me to make my self to appear yet. I will make my appearance when the final battle happens. Now listen closely because this will only work once. He will come back and try to harm you. You will be protected by my powers and when he gets here and tries to kill you you're going to disappear back to the real world. He is going to use his most powerful attack on you. After you're gone this dimension will be sealed so nobody could enter here or leave here until the final battle. You will be protected from his attacks all the way until I appear. Don't do anything yet because he will get suspicious. The others will be confused on what happened so just tell them what they need to know and don't tell them I am here or this plan will fail. Patamon and Gatomon already know the plan so they will understand. I love you and get ready because here he comes. Tk said

I will give you one more chance to give me your light before I destroy it permanently. Phantom Devimon said

Go ahead and destroy it, my powers will live on forever. Once I die my light will continue to shine throughout the world. Kari said

Phantom Annihilation! Phantom Devimon fired

A dark blast struck Kari sending her to the real world which Tk sealed the gates permanently allowing Kari to prepare for the final battle. Tk & Kyro were stunned and confused that Kari made it out alive being none of them could get to her.

What happened! How did you escape from the Dark Ocean when all the portals are sealed? Tk asked

I have someone watching over me, he made sure I would survive and he protected me from Phantom Devimon until the final battle. Kari said

Well who could possibly be there to protect you when your Digimon, all the digidestined and we are here when you were there? Kyro asked

Right now we should prepare for the final battle, who ever it was has bought us some time so we could prepare and none of us are prepared while Phantom Devimon is getting stronger. Gatomon said

I agree with Gatomon none of us are ready and we are going to need everyone for this battle. Patamon said

Call a digidestined meeting at Matt's house in an hour. Kari said

Why at Matt's house, we normally go to your house for the digidestined meetings. Tk said

We are going to Matt's house because we have planned this long before you 2 came here and it is tonight. Now call the meeting so we could get there early before this dinner and discuss what we are going to do. I will meet you there. Kari said

Kyro and Tk called the digidestined meeting and told them about the meeting Kari set up at Matt's house. An hour goes by and everyone shows up at Matt's for the meeting.

I called this meeting to discuss the final battle, it is approaching very soon and none of us are prepared for this battle. Kari said

What do you suggest we do? We have never been prepared for any of the battles we had in the past. We just went into it and hoped for the best. Izzy said

I think we are going to have to call upon our crests and use their powers in this battle. Kari said

Kari remember what happened last time we did that. Tai said

A flashback occurred.

Guys our only option is to call upon our crests to fight this. Izzy said

It is to risky we could only call upon them and use their powers but it will drain our energy greatly. Anthony said

Only two digidestined could use the powers of the crests and not have their energy drained and they have the most pure hearts of us all. Sora said

Then we will call upon them in order to give them to Tk and Kari. Matt said

I agree with Matt, Tk and Kari are the only 2 who could end this battle. Davis said

It is too risky Matt why are you trying to kill your brother and my sister? Tai asked

I am not trying to kill them, if we use the powers of our crests then we could end up dieing but they will be able to use it and win. Matt said

I call upon the crest of sincerity! Mimi said

I call upon the crest of knowledge! Izzy said

I call upon the crest of reliability! Joe said

I call upon the crest of kindness! Ken said

I call upon the crest of caring! Yolie said

I call upon the crest of wisdom! Cody said

I call upon the crest of friendship! Matt said

I call upon the crest of courage! Tai said

I call upon the crest of love! Sora said

I call upon the crest of miracles! Davis said

I call upon the crest of faith! Ashley said

I call upon the crest of spirit! Anthony said

I call upon the crest of light! Kari said

I call upon the crest of hope! Tk said

We send our crests to Tk and Kari and hope they will be able to use them for the greater good. The other digidestined said

The powers of the crests shot out at Tk and Kari and they received them weakening the other digidestined greatly. Tk and Kari used the powers of each crest and finished the battle. They then rushed over to the others and then they used what they had left and restored each crest to the other digidestined. Tk and Kari collapsed to the ground from exhaustion. A few days later Tk and Kari were able to return home before their strength came back to them.

End of flashback!

Yes I remember what happened last time but since then we were able to control the powers of the crests. Tk received all his powers and the 6 legendary warriors came out and more digidestined have joined the team. Not to mention we also have the crest of life with us. Kari said

We need to do this and it is the only way we will be able to end this war. Gatomon said

I say as long as we have hope then we will be able to face any situation, weather or not win come out alive or not the important thing is we are doing what is right for the sakes of the worlds. Hannah said

I may not have a Digimon but I have seen the outcome of each battle you have fought in. I am glad to know that you are willing to give your lives to protect everyone else. Kyle said

I agree with Kyle, I may not be a digidestined but I know that what you are doing is the right thing to do. I can't believe you are showing doubt in your selves when you should be relying on hope and the strength of each other. Amanda said

I agree with Amanda if we weren't able to handle the situations then we wouldn't have been chosen to be digidestined. Jun said

We have to rely on the strengths of each other and no matter the outcome we went in and we didn't give up. Mimi said

We need everyone and if we have to call upon our powers to fight then so be it. We have to save the worlds once and for all. It is the right thing to do. Kari said

Kari was almost destroyed but the thing that kept her alive was hope and a guardian angel. Patamon said

She knows what has to be done and I think you all know it as well. Gatomon said.

The digidestined all agreed slowly and then Matt called that dinner was done. The digidestined all ate and they stayed the night at Matt's house. They all went to the cave of hope and entered the lake of hope and light. Then they tapped into Kyro's power of darkness and opened the portal to the dark ocean. From there they all got ready for the final battle and Tk emerged from the shadows and then Phantom Devimon came out and was shocked that the child of Hope and Light were still alive.

How are you 2 still alive? Phantom Devimon asked angrily

Well I protected the boy of hope when I came to this land in order to stop you. The older Tk said

I used my powers to protect Kari from being destroyed last time she was here and I made it so she will be protected from you until the final battle which they have brought to you. Tk said

It doesn't matter, you won't survive this time. Phantom Devimon said

Ok guys we know what we have to do. Kari said

Phantom Devimon sent all of his nightmare soldiers to face the digidestined while Tk and Angemon took care of Devimon. The battle waged on and the digidestined were able to defeat the nightmare soldiers but to their surprise they kept reappearing. After about an hour of facing the nightmare soldiers they were able to finally defeat them all. Tk was still battling Devimon not really paying attention to Phantom Devimon. Phantom Devimon called Devimon over and he fused himself with Devimon making him even more powerful. The other Digimon and digidestined joined the battle against Phantom Devimon (death mode) and found out that even mega couldn't scratch him. Tai and Matt had their Digimon DNA digivolve into Omnimon while Davis and Ken DNA digivolved into Aero Imperialdramon. Tk, Kari, and Tony all had their Digimon go to their highest levels then Tk and Kari bio merged with their Digimon. The battle waged on when all the Digimon agreed to give all their power to Magna Aero Angemon, Warrior Angewomon, Tony, and Holy Goddmon even the digidestined decided to give the powers of the crests to the 3 Digimon and Tony.

Tony and Holy Goddmon bio merged to Aero Magna Goddmon and with the 3 bio merged Digimon, Tk, and Kyro they used their powers to destroy Phantom Devimon permanently. Before Phantom Devimon died he fired one fatal shot at Warrior Angewomon but Magna Aero Angemon shoved her out of the way causing him to take the full blast of the attack. Phantom Devimon chuckled as he died for good but to his surprise Kyro and the older Tk used what energy they had and disappeared with Magna Aero Angemon. With that they knew they had one shot at saving Tk and Angemon but they would have to give up their powers and life to the 2. Magna Aero Angemon laid there not moving or awake while Tk and Kyro started chanting. After about 5 minutes of chanting Magna Aero Angemon and Tk started to glow bright blue while Kyro glowed dark blue. Magna Aero Angemon started to glow brighter as the 2 boys glow started to fade away.

Magna Aero Angemon returned to earth in which he stayed in that form for about a month but he stayed at the lake of Hope and Light. That is where Warrior Angewomon and Magna Aero Angemon decided it was time to make miracles happen. Warrior Angewomon got pregnant before she reverted back to Angewomon and Kari. Each of them ended up with a set of twins and returned to their home while Magna Aero Angemon tried to revert back to their former selves.

I am sorry but now you won't be able to return back to the realm of earth but you will be able to visit them in the cave of hope as well as here. When Tk and Kyro used their powers to save you it blocked your ability to change back to your former selves. The angel of Hope said

So I am no longer to be able to ever see my family or be able to raise my kids or even help them out when they need me? Magna Aero Angemon asked

I am sorry brother but it is a sacrifice that you now have to face. There is one way that you will be able to return to your former selves and that will have consequences. The angel of hope said

What are the consequences? Magna Aero Angemon asked

If we return you back to your former selves Angemon will sacrifice himself once again in which he will be able to return as Patamon but I don't know if he will be able to digivolve to Angemon or higher anymore. The angel of hope said

One thing I learned is that as long as I have hope then things will turn out ok. We are the symbols of hope, innocence, and life. With everything that has happened to me in the past I have learned that sacrifice is for the greater good. I have to risk it and I will hold on to my hope and one day I will be able to return to this state. Magna Aero Angemon said

Ok brother I hope you well. The angel of hope said

What do I have to do in order to take the chance? Magna Aero Angemon asked

You know in your heart what you have to do. The angel said before he disappeared

Magna Aero Angemon called upon the power of hope which lights shot out of every direction including the earth realm, digital realm, and the other realms allowing each digidestined to feel the warmth and hoped for the best. Magna Aero Angemon felt the hopes from everything and used it to return back to their other forms. With that happening Patamon reverted back to a digiegg which was white with the crest of Hope, Innocence, and Life on it. Tk returned back home and helped Kari out until Gatomon and Kari went into labor. Gatomon gave birth too 2 Poyomons and 2 Snow Botamons while Kari gave birth to 3 boys and a girl.

Kari and Tk decided that they would call them Tonio, Kyro, Karina & Keru. Kyro was the oldest, and then it went Tonio, followed by Karina and then Keru. Tonio and Keru both ended up with Poyomon as their Digimon while Kyro and Karina ended up with Snow Botamon as their Digimon. Tonio is the digidestined of Dreams, Kyro is the digidestined of Darkness, Karina is the digidestined of Light, and Keru is the digidestined of Hope, Innocence, & Life. Harmony finally set in as the digidestined no longer have to worry about fighting the Powers of Darkness anymore.

So remember that: Hope is the light that fills us with love

A flame that keeps burning no matter where you are

When darkness sets in and fear is upon you

Look for the flame for it will guide you

The flame is eternal, a light that never dies

A spirit in which holds the secret from the father in the skies

For he has created miracles and provided faith

To all in need peace will come and set us free

Keep searching for it is a never ending battle

For good will come in the end, that's what matters

Hope is there as long as you believe

For its flame burns eternally

Hope is the father's gift to us all

It continues to burn when others fall

Hope will light the others that the flames died away

For hope is an eternal spirit in which provides light to all

Hope and light work together for they act as one

Filling everyone with love

The End