The sun shined brightly through the windows of Atticus Finch home. The children, Scout and Jem, ran downstairs. It was their first day of school and they were sooo excited!!! They sat down at the breakfast table and Calpurnia the maid served them delicious eggs. Except, Jem didn't want the eggs! Atticus came down stairs and saw that he was not eating them and got angry!

"Boy, wat yo problem! These eggs is good!"

But Jem just knocked the plate off of the table and ran off!

"Motha fucka!" yelled Atticus.

Scout said that she had better get going or she'd be late! Cal said, "Goodbye, have a good day at school."

But Atticus was too furious at Jem to even speak!! He picked up the broken pieces of the plate and thought about things that were currently going on. As of now, Jem was being totally bad!!! He was acting up like all of the time and just being a rotten little brat!!!!1 Atticus was just about fed up!

Meanwhile at Jem and Scout's school, Jem was getting into trouble again. The teacher called on him to answer a question.

The teacher said, "Jem, what is 5 x 5?"

And Jem replied with, "Uh, who tha hell cares! Not me!"

The teacher yelled, "WHAT dID YOU SAY?!!!?!??!"

The teacher told him to go stand in the corner RIGHT NOW. Jem did but laughed in the teacher's face. The whole class started laughing too and the teacher was getting super pissed. Then the teacher spanked Jem with the ruler!! Jem just walked back to his desk and knocked down the entire stack of papers in the process!!!!! The whole class laughed again and the teacher yelled, SILENCE! He made Jem sit in the corner for the rest of the class. And then had to stay afterwards where he was yelled a by the teacher. Jem didn't care at all though! He had no concerns these days. The teacher was so upset that he sent a phone call home to his parents. Jem just wanted to be out of the school, so he left immediately once the teacher had stopped his bitching.

Well Atticus was just getting home from his work when the phone started ringing!!! He answered by saying hello? The voice on the other end of the phone was the teacher, and it said, "Mr. Finch, I've been needin to talk to you. I am Jem's teacher."

"What it do shawty!" replied Atticus.

"Your son is a freak! He's causin so many problems here in this school! I think you should come up as soon as possible for a parent teacher conference!"

Atticus just thought, how retarded!!! He hated having to do that! It was such a waste of time! But he said he would. Things with Jem, needed to be straightened out!

So the next day, Atticus went down to the dumb school at 8:30 am. He walked in the doors and down to the classroom. When he got there, he couldn't believe who the teacher was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!