Atticus decided he would stay with Miss Moddie for a while while he figured out what to do about his house. He gathered up the kids from Mrs. Duboise's house and took them home. The kids, weren't totally mad at Atticus like they were before. But they still were not completely over the whole incident. Atticus was feeling super depressed after Bob's breakup. But he decided he would try to talk with Atticus and Jem.

"Hey… I have some news I needs to break to y'all. I ain't seein Mista Ewell no mo. And…. I'm sorry if anythang I did hurt y'all's feelins or anything like dat.," Atticus told the kids as they walked along the street.

"It's aight pops. We was getting ova dat shit anyway. Love is what was important here, we was bein selfish to get all mad like dat," said Jem.

"Dat's very mature of you. Too bad otha folks don't think tha same thang. People an dey prejudices getting in the way is what caused us to break up. I still love Bob. But I jus can't deal wit all dis shit dat other people be givin us."

"I'm sorry Atticus," Scout said as she hugged her father for the first time in month!!!

Even through all of the emotional pain that Atticus was experiencing after his break-up he managed to smile a little cuz his kids loved him again!!!

The next morning, Atticus went down stairs for some coffee and started reading the newspaper. He read the headline: LOCAL SCHOOLTEACHER FOUND DEAD OF SUICIDE!!111!!!

Atticus was SHOCKED. He knew the article was about Bob Ewell. He dropped to his knees.


Atticus now suddenly, felt like he couldn't go on!! He ran out into the street in complete anguish. Sheriff Tate started driving by. Atticus jumped in front of his car. He was run over and rushed to the hospital, where he died. It was super tragic. Jem, Scout, and Calpurnia and Miss Moddie were all soooo sad about it. But at least now, Bob and Atticus can be together in Heaven.