Desert Bus Ride #1 - A Romance Story and for Ladies

Mr. Oakland was he driving. He was drive to get the place, was Las Vegas but hads made make to drive all the way for eight hours approximately.
"Oh great" he am talk loudly at him! It was too long for enjoyable ride.
Just suddenly there was time to drive faster.
"Oh no, speed limit" he announcered to his driving bus who was shocked. They wondered what was his drive problem.
The passengers became listen to him as he told them what happen.
"It is powerful drive across desert. No man has ever"
"No man?" said them quietly.
"One man is, he is powerful warlock and he discover this desert incredibily"
"Scares children," one mother said and she was scared with earmuffs.
Is not cold in desert so Mr. Oakland did not know why she wear them so he leafs bus operation to investigate. A man who was there drove as well because he could drive a bus with his license.
The earmuffs were made of scientific discovery. "It keep me cool while we bus drive." She explanned.
Mr. Oakland decided to be believe her story but knew there was something up.
"We nearly hit a skunk," said the driver man who was named Bob Orlando and he speaked with no nervousness for the task was unfrightening. "We did not hit so it okay"
"I must drive for safety," Mr. Oakland say and he get back into wheel. Bob Orlando fall.
"He's sick"
"No," Bob replied. "Thank you for your concern, kind woman. I have losted my balancing." When he gets up they find blood.
"How far to Las Vegas and if they have hospital" the lady woman said with her dress in her fist.
"It is seven hours and forty five minutes more so hold on for speed, but we must make most of gasoline"
So they did not speed up.
"I am okay," Bob putted his hand on the blood and it stop so it was only small blood. "What is name"
"Margaret," she say distantly as look out window into desert. It was hot so she holding dress carefully in case of hot exhausting.
"I see you are wearing expensive dress"
"Thank you, it is one of my favourite clothing but it is not important. I have meet my boyfriend in Las Vegas and he will be in trouble"
Bob was sad that she had girlfriend but knew he would win her triumphantly to like him and maybe get a very good cup of coffee.
"But why?" he ask of information.
"My boyfriend is work for FBI and they have dangerous terroristm"
"That is outrageous," Bob demanded. "I hope he is safe"
"Thank you for concerning you"
Mr. Oakland thought carefully, it was too hard to tell the truth that him first name was Kyle Roberts and he work for FBI too but internal affairs send him to watch FBI so he knowded that Margaret boyfriend would be him job. Stressed he almost drove off the line but he pressed left and did not.
"It was a close one," he said but no one understand and did not know so he did not bother with them.
One man on the bus was from India and he talk of what it like to grow up in India.

When they arrive, boyfriend was got shot.
"He am hit by bullets!" Margaret thought very loudly.
"This is all because terrorists!" Mr. Oakland punched fist into air with angry. He was angry.
Boyfriend say "I am Jim and I am your cousin, Kyle"
It was too much and so Mr. Oakland cried in bus for eight hour drive back to Tucsan, Arizona. He never found out how it went at hospital and was never told.
"What happen?" ask an old woman, "This is frightening! Frightening me"
"We will be back soon but it will be very dark." He said to new passengers. One of passengers worked with Kyle Roberts for FBI many years ago but Mr. Oakland could not tell him the harsh news.

The End

Dedicated to the brave FBI