The, no, MY Brat's Hobby

Silence. Ah, how I love it. I'm all alone. That's good. I reached into my bag and grabbed a blue notebook and a pencil case. I started to sketch. Sanada-san makes the locker rooms so clean, I'm glad of that, because I had to hide from Niou-senpai and Marui-senpai. They kept annoying me all day! Probably because they got nothing else to do today. We didn't have practice today. Well, at least now I can draw in peace!

Scratch. Scratch.

I smiled. I love the sound the pencil makes as I draw. I love it as much as I love hearing the tennis ball hit against my racket. Drawing is fun. I started to see lines form to shapes, shapes formed into objects.

Scratch. Scratch.

I couldn't stop smiling. I love it way too much. Drawing helped me calm my nerves sometimes, but since tennis practice is always in the way, I can't practice my drawing much.

Scratch. Scratch.

"Oi, oi, Akaya, I never knew you could draw." A voice from behind me said. I gasped and almost dropped my things. I know that voice, it's Niou-senpai. Oh great, of all people, it had to be him. I spun around and there he was, spiky hair and all. His hair looks silky from a view, but... wait, I'm off topic! Grrr! I hate it when I do that!

I glared at him, "What do you want?" I asked coldly. I didn't want Niou-senpai to see my drawings. What if he blackmails me? I would be embarrassed for life! Or, or, what if he sold me to art dealers? Would I be enslaved for life?! I started to panic.

Calm down Akaya. Your imagination is scaring you. I took a deep breath.

Niou-senpai smirked. Oh not that smirk... "I just wanted to see our cute little Akaya--" I blushed at that, I hope he didn't see... "--because buchou would get mad if we lost him. Have you seen him? He's about your height but way cuter." He joked.

I glared at him even more. "Well, I'm here so go away!" I shouted. "If you don't need me, I'll be here!" Niou continued to smirk. I hated that smirk. It always means that something bad is going to happen to me! I'm not saying his smirks are bad... I'm just saying its bad news!

Niou-senpai sighed, good, he's gonna leave. "You're no fun to piss off." He said in a defeated tone. "Marui would be a way better prey..." Just then, he noticed my tennis bag. Uh-oh, he better not... "Oi, you never told me that you can draw so well." I probably blushed a million shades! Grr, it's not that I liked Niou-senpai, it's that he's so annoying! I'm not really blushing! It's probably the heat, yeah, that's it, the heat. Oh great, he took out the orange one. I'm gonna die once he sees it. "You... if you don't give me that notebook back... I'll... I'll stab you with my scissors!!" I threatened.

I'm so stupid...

Niou-senpai just laughed. "Scissors? That's what Kirihara Akaya, demon of Rikkaidai, can make up to scare his senpai? Pathetic, Akaya, pathetic." I know I am... Why am I so stupid at times like these? Fine! I'll take it the hard way! Tackle Niou-senpai!!! I leap from me spot and tackled him straight to the ground. "I got you now, senpai!" I yelled. Then, I realized something. I'm so stupid. Stupid me... the notebook was next to us. I was on Niou-senpai. NOT a good thing. Really. Well, at least the notebook is safe. I grabbed for it, but my fingers couldn't reach it, instead it flipped a page in the book. I groaned, no! Anything but that picture!!

I could just feel Niou-senpai smirking. I can just feel it... He's gonna laugh at me, laugh at my horrible picture. I'm going to die. All because of Niou-senpai. "Akaya," Niou-senpai said, here it comes, "you never told me you drew a picture of me. It's wonderful, you know?" ...That wasn't expected! That was like Sanada-san agreeing that we can have a cake party in practice! I could feel my face heat up even more. It felt like a fever.

Niou-senpai was talking about that page that he saw. The very page where I drew Niou-senpai last week when he was napping by a tree after practice. Though I would say that picture didn't look a bit like Niou-senpai. Niou-senpai was mean, evil, tricky! That picture of him looked nice, serene, almost angel like since I colored it. That wasn't Niou-senpai, he's too nice to be him. It can't be Niou-senpai. I know I drew him, but it's not him. Urg!! It's just confusing me a lot!!

"I- I don't draw well, I stink actually..." I mumbled. Niou-senpai's body is so warm... Wait... what's am I thinking? You're not thinking straight Akaya! Calm down!

Niou-senpai wrapped an arm about my waist, I blushed even more. What if someone walked in and saw us like this? I would die!!! What if Yagyuu-senpai came in seeing us like this? He would kill me! "You draw well, Akaya, ne, why don't you draw me when I'm awake, next time?" Niou murmured in my ear. I can feel like warm breath blowing at my ear. Why does this feel like I'm being molested?! I shook the thought out of my head, Niou-senpai isn't that evil. I felt a pat on my head. Niou-senpai was petting my head? Well, I didn't mind, but I thought it was weird. "Let go of me... I wanna get off of you..." I said.

"I'm not letting go until you promise that you'll let me see all your pictures, Akaya." Niou-senpai said. Well, if you let go of me, I'd be happy to show what I've drawn since I was THREE, I wanted to shout that out so badly...

I struggled to get free. "Why would you want to see them, Niou-senpai? You have no need for them," I said, trying to sound stern, "you're not an art fan either. Why would you want to see a kid's scribbles?" Calm down, Akaya. I'm sure Niou-senpai will back off later... or at least soften his grip so that I won't die from lack of AIR!

Niou-senpai gave me one last pat on the head. "Because I'm want to, senpai's orders Akaya. You have to listen to them..." He whispered.

"Oh," I rolled my eyes. "so if you want me to jump down a mountain, you expect me to follow that?" Oh come on, Niou-senpai! Let go of me already! It's too hot!! Grr, stop whining! You're Kirihara Akaya and you don't whine!

Niou was still smirking. I just want to yell, "STOP IT WITH THE SMIRKING!!!" straight at his face. How I wish to... "Aww, I won't make my little kouhai do that. Maybe something much more extreme, like... hmmm... maybe you can jump down a mountain with me on a parachute? How great would that be? You screaming while holding on to me..."

I gently smacked him in the face, (hey, I didn't want revenge, so I didn't slap him hard!) "I don't scream," I muttered. "idiot senpai..." I tried to move once again. Oh come on! Doesn't he know that today is really hot? I'll die from heat before anything else! "Just let go of me, senpai, I have to go soon. Marui-senpai will wonder where I went."

Niou stopped smirking (FINALLY), "Why would Marui care? Isn't that Akutagawa boy enough?" He asked. I think he's mad... could he be jealous? Hehe, maybe I should continue playing around with him. I'm sure Marui-senpai won't mind me being a few minutes late...

"Oh, we've been going out for weeks." I lied. "You were just too stupid to know!" Inside, I was smirking like crazy. Messing with people is so much fun! Though I never messed with Niou-senpai before, only Marui-senpai. I don't know what Niou-senpai can do when he's mad...

"Then I won't be letting go, then." Niou-senpai stated. I could only gasp. What do ya mean you won't let go?! Niou-senpai stuck his tongue out at me, "Marui wouldn't mind, now, would he?"

I struggled even more. "Let go of me, Niou-senpai! I'm going to miss Marui-senpai and my after school food hunt!!" I shouted. Boy, I wish someone came in. PLEASE, Yanagi-senpai, Sanada-san, Yukimura-buchou, anyone!!

"Oh, it's just the food thing." He said plainly. "Sheesh, don't scare me like that."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, still trying to get free.

"Oh please, you idiot, you couldn't tell if I liked you even if I put a huge sign in front of you saying so!" He said. Niou-senpai pushed me off, brushed himself off, and walked out the door after shouting, "Just go to that whatever it is with Marui."

Well, at least I'm free... but I do feel a bit bad about it. Wait, but then again, what did I do? I pouted. I'm not helping him at all. "Stupid Niou-senpai..." I muttered. I checked the mirror in the bathroom, at least my face isn't red anymore...

I walked out, and I saw my notebook, laying there, opened to the page where I drew Niou-senpai. I sighed, should I? Grrr, stupid me and my feelings. I picked up the book, put my other things away, and walked out the door after shutting it, of course. I gave Marui-senpai a call telling him that I won't be going to the food thing today. I really wanted to, but hey, getting Niou-senpai mad would make my future gloomy...

I searched high and low for him. What's with that guy! Every time I don't need him, he just pops outta nowhere. Every time I do need him, he's gone! Man, how hard is it to find a boy!? Unless... I gasped. What if Niou-senpai is an alien or... or a NINJA? Gahhh! Stupid imagination! Focus, Akaya, focus!

I searched the tennis courts, checked the school roof, check his class room, I checked almost everywhere! Still no Niou-senpai! I even asked buchou if he saw him. Nope, no luck. I sighed, maybe I should just give up and let Niou-senpai get over it...

"Stupid Akaya..." I heard Niou-senpai's voice on the roof of the locker rooms. I rolled my eyes, why didn't I think of that place in the first place? Am I just stupid today? "What in idiot..." He muttered.

I sighed, put my tennis bag down, except I still had my notebook with me. I climbed my way up with the tree next to the lockers. Yeah, pretty dumb since I almost fell. At last, I made it up! I saw Niou staring at me, no wait, glaring at me. "What do you want, Akaya? Can't you just leave a senpai alone?" He demanded coldly. "Why don't you go find Marui or something? I'm sure he'll love going out with you again."

I glared at him. "Look, I'm here to give you this, ok?" I handed him my book. "If you want me to draw something for you, ask me anytime, senpai." I was about to climb down when Niou-senpai grabbed my leg, which made me fall backwards. Ugh, don't you hate it when things don't go your way? I was just going to give him that book and leave, but this happens. Does life hate me? Don't answer that...

"Well, since we're up here, what do you want to do?" Niou asked with that smirk. Oh how I hate that smirk.



That took forever to make! Since I was stupid (hehe, over using the word stupid today) and accidentally deleted the file and I never saved, so I had to restart... wahhhh!! I'm so dumb!! I'm starting to think that I have a NiouKiri thing going on hereā€¦ XDDD

Well, Akaya has the same hobby as Genki, his actor! XD How odd!