A/N: I want to have at least 5 more reviews for this story before I update it next

A/N: I want to have at least 5 more reviews for this story before I update it next. That means I want to have a grand total (including the last chapter) of 10 reviews.

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Awendala rode through the forest, she had to get to those mountain thingy's before it was to late (A/N: She's a sue. She's aloud to not know what the name of the blasted mountains is). After a ridiculously short time, she reached the mountains. She climbed up to the top quickly (A/N: Remember, she's a sue, so just because Eragon had to use magic to climb doesn't mean she has to) and walked through the wreckage. She felt something calling to her, and she went over to it. She lifted away a rock, and found a dark blue egg with little white spots, so that it looked like the night sky. Suddenly, at a speed that shouldn't be possible, it hatched. She touched the newborn dragon and she got the gedwey ignasia (A/N: Notice again how illogical this is).


Back in Uru'baen Jubilani Snuck into her fathers treasure room, and went over to a locked box. She then did something she shouldn't have done. She unlocked said locked box! Gasp! The horror! She took the sky blue egg out of it and, just as it did with equally sueish sister, it hatched and gave her the gedwey ignasia with in human speed. Then, after she hid the baby dragon in her room, she went down to Murtagh's room and proceeded to tell him how much she loved him. He in turn, told her how much he loved her. And he started to turn green. Then, poor Murty was, due to the sues spell, forced to do things that, if I wrote them here, would cause me to raise the rating. After several hours of this, Jubilani left, and as soon as she was gone Murtagh, who's face had been slightly green the whole time, threw up, laid back on the bed, and wished that he could die.


Meanwhile, back on earth, Paolini continued his search for DU EBRITHIL. He knew that the best place to look would be the Internet, seeing as that was where fanfiction normally was to be found, and that's basically what this is. Along the way, he had virtually slipped on a virtual banana peel and had been set way back. So far, all he knew was that DU EBRITHIL was young, unknown, and wrote lame to moderate fanfiction. He knew that DU EBRITHIL was responsible for the sue attacks, but he didn't know why he was doing it. He continued thinking.

"Oh shit!" he yelled, as he realized what DU EBRITHIL was up to. He realized that if Murtagh and Eragon were "in love" with the sues, and the other characters entranced by them, DU EBRITHIL could easily take over the fandom. He had to stop DU EBRITHIL. He started to run out of the room at full speed, but slipped on a real banana peel, fell, and fell unconscious.

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