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Wanting II

Chapter 1

You thought I wouldn't find you...

You thought it was done...

Standing in front of me was Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke. My nightmare. The stalker from my past.

"S-Sasuke?" I uttered slowly, trying to swallow. He just stared at me, with that damn crooked smirk. Just stared at me and I couldn't do anything.

The memories rushed back and they reformed in my head for the millionth time because they had not left me.

I knew the moment I had met Sasuke, it was going to be quite different than other meetings. But that, was eleven years ago. Eleven years ago. 18 back then, and 29 years old now.

We stared at each other for the longest time and I noticed that this man had not changed. He looked the exact same as he had eleven years ago.

"It's been a while Sakura." he whispered, forcing me away from my thoughts.

I was unable to speak. Not in my life did I ever think I would see Sasuke Uchiha again. Never. And there he was his face centimeters away from mine.

I nodded slowly and a small smirk crept upon his face. It sent millions of shivers down my spine and I neared back closer into my house.

"Sakura," he whispered, inching his face towards mine. My eyes began to widen and then he quickly backed away and his eyes neared close together. "I'm sorry."

I gasped. S-s-s-sorry? Did he apologize? Did he actually apologize for what he had done?

"I'm truly sorry."

I just stared at him. Stared forever. His eyes were different. They were the eyes I had once fell in love with. They looked truthful, meaningful...no. Not again was I going to fall for his little act.

"Sasuke, get off my front porch." I instructed calmly. My hand curled around the door and he smirked when he saw it.

"You're married." he whispered, his eyes jeering to the diamond ring on my finger.

"I have a fiancé."

"Isn't that a bit late Sakura?" The way he said my name, had haunted me for eleven years. For some reason, I liked the sound of it, for real.

I wanted to tell him I suffered. I wanted to tell him how much misery and pain he had put me through. How much counseling I had to go through before I was finally ready to face the world again. He had put me through so much. So much. So much. And he had no idea. He couldn't even think. I had much more responsibility now. Much more.

He did teach me one thing though, and that was courage. I had become stronger, fiercer and I wasn't going to let some man push me around anymore.

"You still live here. I thought you would have moved away." he smiled crookedly again, a few teeth showing.

"Sasuke, get off my porch." I said it strictly this time and his smirk widened.

"I came to apologize. I have moved on Sakura. I'm no longer as restless as I used to be." He paused. "I want to be friends."

"Friends?!" I practically screamed. "You want to be friends after everything you have put me through? No, I do not want to be friends."

"That was eleven years ago, Haruno." he answered sharply. "Eleven years, four months, sixty two days, seven hours and twenty five minutes ago."

"Leave me alone." I whispered sternly looking directly into his eyes. He tightened his fist and then sharply turned to me.

"Listen to me. You think, I wanted to come here? You think, I wanted to say hello to you? My counselor told me to do this. The police are a few blocks ahead. They're still watching me Sakura. What do you think I can do? Even though I've been on bail for a year now, they still, will not leave me alone. I have come, because I had to."

The police are still watching after him? I knew he was on bail for a year but I didn't know the police were still watching his every move. It made sense though. Why would they leave him to do what he wanted? This maniac.

"We have to be friends, or I have to keep trying. The sooner you accept this friendship, the sooner I go away Sakura."

"You don't know Sasuke. You don't understand what you've put me through. You don't understand. You never will." I cried out to him, forcing the tears back.

"Will you be my friend?" he said, not caring.

I frowned angrily and I slapped him as hard as I could. He quickly put his hand on his cheek and looked at me. And it was something I had never seen him portray. It looked sad, it looked...sincere.

"I'm sorry." he whispered. "I'm so sorry."

"Sasuke..." I found myself saying.

"I was a horrible person." he mumbled.

"I've changed. I swear I have. I swear." He frowned slightly. "I want to make it all up to you."

This was a side, I had never seen before. It was different. It was sincere. It was truthful. Sasuke, have you changed? Have you actually changed? The memories came back and I was screaming on the inside.

"I can't forgive you." I said angrily.


"Sasuke! What happened eleven years ago has changed me forever. I was idiotic to believe someone like you. What would make you think I could believe you now?" I sneered.

He just gawked at me.

"I won't give up Sakura." he said finally. "I love you."

"Get away from me!" I yelled, pushing him with my hands. He grabbed them and tightened.

"My feelings for you...have not changed. But I'm different. I love you Sakura. I love you so much."

I began to struggle out of his hands and he instantly let go.

"How do I prove that I love you?"

"You stay as far away from me as you can." I said angrily.

"But Sakur-"

"Stay. Away."


I shook my head angrily. He looked at me one more time and then he slowly turned, his hands shoving into his pockets. The memories of that switch blade came back.

"Who are you?"

Sasuke turned to the sound of someone new. I looked to my horror to see a little girl standing on the porch. I didn't even feel her slip passed me.

I grabbed her and brought her close to me. She tried to struggle out of my grasp but couldn't.

"Who are you?" she asked again.

"It's no one." I whispered quickly, shoving her back inside.

"I thought you said you had a fiancé."

"I do." I said angrily.

"Ah, I see, had a child earl-"

"No." I paused. "She's not mine."

"Oh," he smirked again and I shut my eyes to try and erase the feeling I had in my stomach. This was not happening. This was not happening.

"How's Naruto?"

I opened my eyes at the sound of the blonde.

"He's the one, isn't he?" Sasuke sneered.

"He's gone on a business trip."

His smirk softened. "I knew it."

"He was all I had left. I had become a social outcast and-"

"You don't love him." his eyes shone when he said this. "I know you don't because, you love me."

Was this man insane? How could I love someone who had physically hurt me?

"I could never love you." I said angrily.

"The feelings we had for each other long ago was something I had never felt before." he paused. "I intend on winning you back."

I had had enough. I began to shut the door when he grabbed it and pushed his face inches from mine.

"Don't tell me, you haven't missed me Sakura." he hissed, blowing lightly on my face. Tears began to stream down my face. They just came, even though I felt nothing but anxiety.

He used his thumb to wipe them away. "Don't cry." He said strongly. "I want to start over Sakura."

"Sasuke," I mumbled. "Let me be."

"I want to be, your friend."

I shut my eyes and before I knew it his lips were pushed against my cheek. He quickly stepped back and again I saw that sincerity. But it was fake. I knew it was fake. It was fake.

I shook my head and he sighed. "I have to come back tomorrow. My counselor told me that in order to start new, I had to apologize to you. We have to become friends. I'll bring him if you don't believe me."

"If I tell you we're friends, will you leave me alone Sasuke?"

He smirked when I said that and I had a horrible feeling arrive at my throat.


"I've changed Sakura." I whispered.

Her eyes, her body, her hair, her face, her expression. Nothing had changed. She remained beautiful. She remained breathtaking.


I squeezed my fist. I held in the urge to pounce at her.

I'm one of the best liars. This was only the first step in my plan for revenge. Eleven fucking years she had made me suffer. Eleven years in confinement. Just sitting in that damned jail cell.

I lied. I lied about my counselor. I lied about it all. I'm still the same old me, only stronger. Only better. And only determined to win.

My goal is to kill Haruno Sakura.

I could have killed her right then and there but I didn't have anything on me. No weapon or anything. The urge to kill her was killing me. I wanted her dead, now. Who cares if I got confinement for the rest of my life? Those eleven years was planning on how I would come back. On how I would kill Haruno Sakura. How I would assassinate her.

But today, I just wanted to talk. I just wanted to see if she was the same. If she was worth killing.

She had become stronger, and I don't blame her. But I still see the fear. The fear and the pain lingering in her soul. And I'm still madly in love with her, but I am also angry. I am angry. How could she betray me? How could she stoop to such a low level?

I thought she loved me.

She just stared at me, her emerald eyes shimmering. I love those eyes and as much as I wanted to kill her, I really wanted to kiss her then. I shoved my hands in my pockets and felt around.


I felt a bit insecure without my switchblade but the police made sure that my apartment was free of anything. I didn't lie about the police. They're always watching. That's why I had to be extra careful. I had to make this kill perfect. It had to be when no one knew it.

But how could I kill her if she wouldn't even talk to me. If she didn't trust me, I didn't have a chance.

That's why I had to get her attention. That's why I had to prove that I had changed.

Just like before.

But this time, my urges would not get the better of me. Not at all.

Sakura continued to stare.

"I'm sorry." I said again.

"I know! You've said it one hundred times and if you do not get away from me, I will tell the police."

Damn her, how could I get close? How could I show her that I was caring?

"Fine, Sakura."

She nodded her head and then tightened her grip on the door.

I heard a faint yell coming from inside her house. Must have been that girl.

"Who's kid is that anyway?" I said, a bit annoyed.

Sakura's eyes bore into me and her face contorted into stress and worry.

"She's ours."

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