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It happens quick. So quick, that you don't even realize what's happened until it has happened. Until it has.

Jail was obvious. They never believed those pleas, those painful calls into nothingness. It hurts to know that they don't listen. They never listen.

But you know the truth…

As do I.

They sentenced confinement for 25 years- the life sentence. I should have said something, but the shock was too much for me. Too much to handle. It was so obvious. It was so obvious!

Then again, I should have known. Those eyes. Those eyes…like mine.

Like my daughter's eyes.

How could someone's eyes be so wonderfully beautiful and tell such a wonderful story? When I look at those eyes, I see pain. I feel pain and I know pain.

Because the loss was too much for me.

She was like my best friend. My blood. My heart. My everything.

She was my everything.

The memories come back so quick. They haunt me. I see the knife. I hear the scream again and again and again and again.

A shriek of misery. Love's last cry. A desperate call of help.

It's like a wake-up call. Every night. Every single night.

The stab in her back was by well you know- and Itachi was stabbed by Sakura. She grabbed that knife and just jabbed it in him. I could tell she didn't want to do it. Her eyes said it all. At the exact same time, the knife was dug into her.

How ironic.

I remember the fear. I remember the scream. That haunting shriek.

And I remember my eyes widening at the sight of her dying. I tried to say something but I couldn't, just watched her fall limp.

Crying? I had never thought to see those tears. How could there be tears? I felt those tears. I felt them and I felt myself collapse too.

This couldn't be happening to me. This couldn't be happening to me.

She was gone.

The realization of it all just hits me.

No more kisses.

No more hugs.

And no more love.

I locked myself.

I shut myself down.

I told everyone to fuck off.

I wanted to be alone.

I needed to be alone.

I never thought I'd fall in love.

Those eyes were just such a burden, that I pushed everyone away from me. The world couldn't see things through my eyes, so why would I let them co-operate? Why would I give in?

I didn't need to get hurt again. I didn't need the same thing happen to me. Who could I trust?

But my heart collapsed. I found someone. Someone who loved me for me. Someone who accepted me for me.

Someone who found the beauty I never thought I could find.

Like a never-ending dream.

And one day it hit me.

The memories would never leave me but I realized it was time to let go. I realized that I needed to move on. I realized that, I needed to wake up from this nightmare.

I'm so grateful that I did.

We dated for many years. I found beauty again. I could love again and acceptance flowed through me. I was forgiving. I let everyone in.

I started over.

We fell for each other and after 3 amazing years we got married. Those kisses were so breath-taking, it was as if, with each kiss, the memories were fading away.

As if I was being reborn.

We had an accidental child, not that it was surprising to me.

I had learned to live with that mistake.

She was a beautiful little girl and she had my eyes. Just like…

When I think about that, the awful feelings come back to me.

How could someone so wonderful, be taken away from me like that? How could they decide to do that to me?

I was all alone.

Had to learn everything myself.

We had to be away from each other. I had to be away from my own flesh. My own blood. My everything.

Couldn't they see the innocence?

Couldn't they tell what was real and what wasn't?

I saw it.

I saw it the moment that step was taken inside that door.

Definitely real.

Sometimes, everything of that night comes back to me.

If I hadn't been so hasty, it didn't have to happen. I didn't have to see what I did. I didn't have to experience those frightening dreams every night.

Why did I have to run out? Why did I have to do what I did? It's all my fault. I blame myself. It's all my fault.

If I hadn't existed, none of this would have happened.

They could have lived their own little happy life.

It was all my fault.

Seeing those tears. Seeing those painful tears fall down that beaten face was something I didn't need to see. Something I could have been happy without.

And a child too.

Father and daughter just staring deep at each other.

Our first meeting.

Of course, I didn't know at first.

Complete strangers and by the end….

We were family?

The news was too much to handle. I already had a lot on my mind and then this?

A family? We were a family? We were related to each other?

I wasn't completely alone...

The funeral was nice. There weren't many people there, but there was a lot of media. I was surprised to see some people, but I'm very glad they were there to wish one of my loved one's goodbye.

I remember the scene of it so well. It was dark but there were green flowers around and everyone was crying. Lots of people loved her as much as I did. Everyone loved Sakura. God, what did I do to deserve this?

I remember looking over and meeting eyes with the person who resembled me. How beautiful.

We held each other so tightly that day. I never wanted to let go and I swear, I felt tears.

Innocent tears.

Tears of love.

So much love.

Love that I would have never imagined from such an unpredictable person.

It was true love.

I come back to reality. I come back to my life I have now. And I just think about it all. Think about everything.

My daughter comes in and I look at her. I stare at her and remember. I remember that face. I remember those times. I remember that one day where the door was answered. Such a beautiful morning. I was just sitting, minding my own business when someone rang that doorbell. She smiled at the noise and half skipped to the door. Her pink hair swishing behind her.

I remember the number of swish's. As if it was mocking me.

Six times.

Her hair swished six times.

The devil's number.


She opened that door and I remember her frozen position…

And then I remember meeting him.

Innocence clashed with confusion and anger. I saw it. I felt it but I was unaware. Unaware of it all.

How was I supposed to know that this man was my father?

"Dad!" I screamed, running down the stairs.

He was sitting alone in the living room, gazing at the center. Gazing down at the spot where mom died.

Sakura… speak to me please.

"What are you thinking, Daddy?" I smiled, running into the kitchen and grabbing him some tea. "You forgot to take your pills."

"I don't need pills." He said, pointing a shaky hand at the center. "You know, Tamomi. Your mother died righ-"

"Yes dad." I frowned, looking over at his creased face. His wrinkles and jagged skin really proved his age. "I know. I saw it."

It's wonderful to remember how handsome he was when he was younger.

I will never forget how strong he looked, running at his enemy with that knife. How was he supposed to know he would hit…

"I miss her so much." He sighed, rocking his chair back and forth. The noise the chair made sent him into his own little fantasy.

"I miss her too." I said, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

I love you…

He smirked, his mouth wobbly. He still had that famous smirk. "Let me get a good look at you."

I turned for him in the center of the room and he began rocking his chair again. "You look like Sakura more everyday."

I handed him the pills but he smacked them away with his hand. He sighed deeply, putting his chin down. "Oh Sakura…" he whined. "Come back…"

Tears began to form in my eyes. I hated seeing him like this.

She wasn't coming back Dad. She wasn't. I'm sorry.

This was why he had to take those pills. His only way left of living. The only thing keeping him from doing something he'd regret.

"Please, dad-"

"Tamomi." He said, looking at me. "Tell me again what our life would be like?"

I grinned, happy he was moving on and opened my mouth to tell him the fantasy he loved to hear.

Our life together.

What it would have been without that stupid little mistake of shutting his eyes.

It hurts to know he could have prevented it by just opening his eyes.

Just opening those beautiful onyx eyes.

"Mom!" Sakura screamed, coming in. "I'm home!"

"How was school, sweetheart?" I asked. It was obvious I would name my child after my very own mother.

She was so brave.

I remember seeing Sasuke run and as he did, Itachi turned her around so that Sasuke would hit her. She fell to the floor.

I remember her turning, her eyes watery and teary.

I tried to scream something. I really tried. But it wouldn't come out.

And Sasuke still ran.

She didn't have to get up.

She saw Sasuke. She saw him run.

But she knew he would miss.

Fly right passed him.

Then she noticed the knife beside her.

And as Itachi got ready to jump at Sasuke, my darling mother got up, ready to sacrifice anything and dug that knife right through his heart.

And Sasuke?

It turns out he wouldn't have missed…

"Boring." Sakura sighed, walking in and waving at Sasuke. She had her iPod on and came in upbeat. Teenagers. I rolled my eyes. "Hey gramps."

She ran upstairs before he could reply and I went over and kissed him again on the forehead. He shook his head sadly at her rudeness.

He gazed over again at the same spot in the center.

He loved her so much. So very, very much.

A love my husband didn't even have for me.

"Dad?" I implored. "I want to hear the story again."

He grinned, his teeth still pearl white and nodded his head. He closed his eyes slightly and began to reminisce the times with his beloved.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked, keeping my distance.

"Stuff.." she whispered. For some reason she was inching towards me. Then again, maybe it was just my imagination.

"Stuff?" I whispered, smirking. "Like?"

She paused and then lightly smirked. "You." she was definitely getting closer. She closed her eyes and inched closer. She was going to kiss me.

She moved her hand on top of mine and smiled, her eyes still closed. Her soft lips pushed against mine and I loved it. I memorized it.

I needed her now and what a perfect opportunity. But I couldn't. Not yet. Using all the power I had, I cupped my fist under her chin, trying not to be forceful, and slowly pulled her away from me. I didn't want to, but I had to. It wasn't the right time.

"I'm sorry." she immediately apologized. She turned beet red. I could feel myself starting to flush as well but looked away.

I decided to pretend nothing ever happened but I couldn't force away the triumphant smirk that was plastered across my face. "Do you understand World War One now?" I whispered before inching in and blowing lightly on her face. My heart started to pick up its pace again but I forced it away.

Sasuke…I love you.

He smiled apathetically, a slow tear rolling down his cheek. Sasuke reached over and grabbed the pills from the floor beginning to open it. I sat down in front of my father and he slowly pushed a streak of my cherry-red hair back. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, getting ready to tell me the wonderful story I loved to hear.

I love you too Sakura…

My darling Sakura.

"Even I couldn't tell you why she decided to sit beside me that day. I mean, there could have been other seats available. Why that one? Why beside me? … … …"

Life gives you one chance…

One chance to really love somebody.

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