Obsidian Mystery


"How long has it been since I've seen the stars? Or the light of day? The feeling of warm water on my cold skin or the smell of flowers in the evening dew? Or the cooking of tapir on the open flame during rising of the sun? How I miss these things."

Beginning of Chapter One...

Deep into the jungle of Mexico, in a forgotten Aztec city lost by time, a temple stood tall and mighty. The outside wall of the temple covered in vines and flowers, kept new and trimmed for the Aztec gods. Alas some of the walls were partly ruined from the last time Weyland-Yutani was here. They came here years ago to study the temple like the one in Antarctica only to have deaths here as well. Most were killed by the Aliens inside the temple, some by the traps, while some were killed by a Alien known as Knight, only a few escaped to see the light of day. Knight came to this world unlike the other Aliens, he came from Outsider who impregnated a Great Warrior Alien, Knight came out almost in the instant he was implanted.

Deep within the temple, past the taps and shifting halls, deep within the unnatural cold hidden by a secret door a room trapped in ice. Within the walls of ice thousands of skulls of Aliens of various types and along with the skulls of Aliens, four Predator skull's one with signs of a sword going through its head. In the center of the room a solid pillar of ice, behind the ice a tall tube like tank filled with some strange preserving liquid that halted aging that could last for thousands of years, leaving the one inside the age they were when they entered it. Inside the tube, Outsider slept, the liquid keeping her alive. Her hair swayed gently revealing a few Predator hairs, small silver and black dreadlocks given to her from her mothers side. Her skin a mixture of human, Predator and Alien, Alien armor to cover her privates. Every now and then she would open her mouth from dreaming, reveling her Alien Queen fangs, clear and silvery color. Her Alien armor tight against her chest and her Alien greaves, her cougar shorts short on her slim and sleek body. Black Dawn tight on her back held there in their black sword holder. She soul dreamed of hunting and adventure, her soul could finally rest since she had avenged her parent's murder by her uncle Jihloks.

Having nearly been killed by Jihloks, Outsider's cousin saved her life. Ever since she met death that close something in her changed, everyone noticed.

As she slept in that cold tomb, her knight kept those not welcomed away. She was awaken a few times in the past but now her time was near, she was going to be awakened, possibly for good.

Though time outside has changed only a little, her knight kept her updated on what was going on around the world outside the jungle and yet she already knew what was going on by those who came to the temple. For the being she is, she could now read thoughts. As she stood in that tomb she dreams; dreams of the past, present and possible future... while she sleeps, her strength grows, as she sleeps her being is becoming more well known, even for Weyland-Yutani, they knew she was in there, they had proofs and now they will get what they want.

- - - - -

A lone Predator ship, sat motionless beside the pale moon hanging in its cold shadow. Activity inside was slowly becoming alive for they have come to do the Right of Passage.

Snake-Eater (Gysu), now a High Elder stood at the massive window looking at Earth. His navy green and red cape was marked by battle and time, his dreadlocks ever the same with no signs of grey anywhere, his face had little change on it. His lower mandibles are pierced with small gold and platinum rings, his blood rain eyes still the same full of adventure and youth, around his neck a necklace made of bones from all the snake species across the galaxies.

An adult Predator walks over to him and stands next to him. He stood almost the same height as Snake-Eater, his yucky skin marked with bold yellow showed who he was, his mid-length dreadlocks with silver rings attached to small animal bones were a beautiful sight. He stretched and yawned a bit making Snake-Eater chuckle. The Predator looks at Snake-Eater and smiles slightly, he knew what Snake-Eater was thinking about, Outsider.

"It's been a while since we both seen her." He clicked. "Smile, you'll feel better."

Snake-Eater looks at the Predator, he used to be so young and smaller too. He became a Blooded during Outsider's time, Snake-Eater smiles at him.

"Yes, it has Zombie and I do feel better thanks."

Zombie smiles back at him, they both look at Earth. The blue planet held lots of memories for them both, especially those of Outsider.

"Ever since she gave me that name, why is that I feel such great honor?" Zombie asked clicking.

"It's an honor to get a name from her, she is very special, that's why she must be protected." Snake-Eater said placing a fist on his chest.

"Is that why she has that new kind of hard-meat protecting her?"

Snake-Eater closes his eyes, he remembers well when he first encountered it...


As he walked through the misty halls he heard a metal scrapping metal noise, he prepared himself as the xenomorph showed himself. Snake-Eater couldn't believe what he was seeing. Its crest, its armor, the whole being was different in many ways. Snake-Eater growls at it but it did not attack, it slowly backed away from him not making a single sound. He could hear a faint purring in the distance, the purr of a Hard-meat Queen. Snake-Eater looked down the hall which the new hard-meat disappeared into, there Outsider's shadow was, petting the new hard-meat on the head.

"No worry Snake-Eater, he will never harm you. You are my kin, my family as he is. I am thankful that you visit me, my heart rejoices when you come, even if you don't enter. You need no weapons when you enter the temple, my knight will protect you from the other hard-meat. I'll be waiting for your next visit." Clicked the familiar voice of Outsider.


Snake-Eater opens his eyes, turning around he looked at the two Young Unblooded and one Blooded approached, each one looked tired but they were just waking up. They all walked to him lowering their heads, then they look at him with their youthful faces. This made Snake-Eater remember that he was once like them in ages past... but this year only a few were ready for the Right of Passage, which was strange, they usually have five or more.

"Prepare yourselves for the Trials. We'll be landing soon at the temple where I became a Blooded in ages past. Hurry now." Snake-Eater clicked in boldness.

They again bow their heads and hurry out of the room, Zombie begins to follow them but Snake-Eater placed a hand on his shoulder. Zombie halts and relaxes.

"Gysu, everything will be okay. Don't worry, they will not have the self-destruct panels on them."

Snake-Eater removed his hand, and looks back at the window letting Zombie leave the room. He never wants that temple to be destroyed, for he knows that even if the hard-meat or hybrid were to escape Outsider will take care of them. For in his restless dreams he sees her face, the way the light shines on her skin, those teal eyes of hers, her agility and strength in battle... everything about her. He couldn't get her off his mind, she was his family, his cousin, but it doesn't matter to him. She was like a sister to him for she taught him many things in the past and he remembers them well... even told him to go easy on any hard-meat that was different like Hitachi, oh how he misses her company.

- - - - -

In her dreams she sees many things, her desire to battle was burning at her but this would not wake her from her sleep nor would hunger. Not many things wake her from her slumber, but those in trouble by the Serpents (xenomorphs or aliens) tend to wake her. The Serpents were stirring ever so greatly again. Her knight appeared in the tomb, as he wrapped his massive tail up the pillar he sat before her.

"My Queen, some daredevils have come to do tricks on the temple. They will soon venture inside. This is the cause of the other's uneasiness."

"One of them is a female of my height, at night venture to their tents and take her clothes. I'll be needing them soon enough, the Yautja will be here soon. We never know when I will be released from this sleep, and when the time comes I'll need clothes."

Knight slowly stood up unwrapping his tail and rubs his head on the pillar, he lets out a small purr and soon leaves the room through its only exit. He watched the young humans ride their skate boards, bikes and other things down the temple. He hissed quietly at them, this was even more annoying than it was ages ago when Sky Flower (Zera) came back... when Weyland-Yutani came to the temple. Knight enjoyed the taste of their human blood, the blood of an Weyland-Yutani employees. But they knew who was in here when the few survivors escaped.

'Foolish humans, don't they ever learn that this temple is dangerous. If one of them ventures in to far, maybe I can have a snack.' Knight thought to himself hiss lightly.

He watched them till they left for their tents as night came, he slowly made his way down the temples side avoiding detection from the dogs from the villagers that still lived here. The dogs would growl lightly at the jungle, cougars were starting to get bold venturing close to the small village which gave Knight the chances to come outside and enjoy the night air. Knight halts at the bottom of the steps and kept low in the shadows as the humans speak.

"Night Randa!"

"Night guys, we'll be posting this on YouTube in the morning!"


Knight watched them all enter separate tents even the female named Randa went into hers. Knight crept his way to the tent, he slowly and quietly cuts a small opening in the tent material, he peers inside with his senses and 'eyes'. Randa was at the one end of the tent taking off her clothes, but her undies. She tossed them toward Knight, looking down Knight could see Randa's duffle bag, Knight reaches under the tent grabs the bag and clothes, he hurries back to the temple with the bag of clothes tightly wrapped around with his tail.

Randa looks at the spot where her duffle bag was at. She ran to the spot and tosses around her sleeping bag and other items.

"What the hell? Who took my clothes?"

Knight smiles to himself as he disappeared inside the dark temple while listening to Randa scream her head off, when he reached Outsider's tomb he tossed the bag over to the trap door entrance.

"I have collected the clothes, don't worry there are plenty in it. I even noticed it had some of the female's personal effects."

"Good, maybe I can learn more on what's going on out there. Visitors are becoming more rare these days..."

"I know my Queen, rest now. I will be watching the daredevils from the entrance to ensure that they don't enter. Rest."

"Be careful, something is not right about this..."

Knight silently left the tomb and ventured around the cold halls, any xenomorph (Alien) that spotted Knight fled instantly, they knew better than to fight him.

- - - - - - - -

Snake-Eater sat in the pilot seat and pressed a few buttons. The monitors in front of him zoomed in on the temple, it was still night there. He could see a few humans running about looking for something, yet a few went to the vehicles.

'Must be getting ready to leave, that's good. The Oomans that live near the temple will be ready for our arrival. Soon we will meet again, Outsider...' Snake-Eater thought smiling.