Obsidian Mystery

Outsider sat on the temple steps looking in the direction of the ocean, its blue hue could be seen from where she sat. She closed her eyes and entered her thoughts.

"In one of my dreams, I see that beach. The white sand, the crystal clear ocean. The beach I came to know and love. I sit there on the white sand and bask in the sun light. Remembering the good times I had there. In that dream I am visited by a woman clothed in blood red garments. She was beautiful in my dream and yet so surreal. We sat there on the beach, her and I, starring at the beautiful ocean and the way the sun shined on the water. In my dream when I look at her, she looked back and smiled. She then spoke to me, saying that no matter what path I chose, she will help me through. Being part of me as I am her. I asked her if there was a catch and her reply was no. She said that no matter what I did, I still get to go to Heaven. She said I deserved it, for everything that has happened to me. She stood up, she is a beautiful person to look at. I asked her name to received a look and a smile. Her answer was simple, her words held outstanding power and authority. I bet that even the gods and goddesses bow down before her and ask that her wrath be swayed from them.

Her answer was:


Outsider opens her eyes, she slowly stood up and walked down the temple steps. The people are happy that she will remain awake for the rest of her days, her and Knight. Protecting them from harm and seeking revenge on Weyland-Yutani. For what they took will eventually find its way back to her.