The Day to Day

Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening Notes – This particular bit of story has been in my head for months, and I've never found a good place to put it in one of my longer stories. Just a fun little flash of life for the auto-enthusiasts of Jump City.

New Car Blues

Two men stood at the curb outside an old brownstone in the Green Briar residential area of Jump City, just north of the business district. One of them, a tall young man with sandy blond hair, was beaming proudly at the car parked in front of them and the other man was gaping at it.

"Dude! I knew you were getting a new car, but… damn!"

"I know. I didn't really intend to spend as much as I did, but quality comes at a price you know? And I just got that big raise, and I've been saving, so… why not?"

"Shit yeah! Dude, can I drive it?"

"No. This is too much car for you." The sandy haired owner of the vehicle laughed, "Check it out; 2007135i BMW Coupe. N50 type six cylinder engine with 306 horses. Zero to sixty in 5.3 seconds."

His friend let out a low whistle, "Damn. Top speed?"

"155 miles per hour."

"Wow… so it's got a ton of power but it's still street legal. Nice."

"You bet your ass it's nice. The spoiler is a custom job, and so are the headlights, taillights, body-kit, and paint job. The paint is an iridescent blue #344… costs $2400 a gallon. I've got road effects installed under the side skirts in a pale gold that matches the window tinting. And the sound system… man, let me tell you, this thing can kick out some BASS!"

"Alright, that's it." The jealous friend grinned, "Let's go cruising. We can so get some chicks with this car!"

"Hell yeah!" the owner pumped his fist in the air, "I was wondering when you'd get around to suggesting it! Let me run up and get my jacket, then we can-"

He was cut off my a distant boom, and a shout of alarm. A shadow was suddenly flying through the air, blocking out the sun. Both men looked up in time to see that the shadow was the form of a person, having been thrown from two city blocks down.

Two seconds later, the huge frame of a blue and silver titanium robot fell from the sky and slammed right into the sandy haired young man's pimped car. The roof was completely smashed in, the engine bottomed out as the hood flew up and off, and every window in the car was shattered. Various internal liquids flowed like small rivers from the cars bowls, and as the robot started to sit up, he put a hand down, crushing the amp in behind the drivers seat.

The robot turned out to be a teenage African American male, who's body was mostly battle armor. Both young men who had been drooling over the car a moment before knew him immediately as Cyborg, one of the Teen Titans that protected the city.

Cyborg muttered in an angry manner as he stood up, "Flippin' Mammoth. Gonna show him what six hundred pounds of titanium butt whumpin' feels like…" he turned and regarded the car, then the two young men behind it, both of whom were staring at him numbly. He waved with a half smile, "Sorry about the car, man." And he dashed off up the street, where they could see the Titans doing battle with the HIVE Five several blocks away.

The sandy haired young man began to cry and his friend just turned and walked back into the apartments behind them.