The Day to Day

Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening Notes – The thing I like most about these stories is that when I come up with a good little idea, I can just pound it out and post it. This one I wrote in five minutes. For those of you wondering, yes, I'm working on my other stories too. I just wrote another 3000 words of Ties That Bind, and while I have JCSymph on hold, I pick at that when I have the time as well. I'm just really busy right now, and don't have much time for Fan Fics. Sorry to everyone who follows those stories, but it's going to be a little while before I can get back to updating them on a regular basis.

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"Stop!" Robin bellowed as he charged down the street after a fleeing Doctor Light, "Give yourself up, or we'll be forced to take you down, Light!"

"Who's we?" the Doctor shouted back, "You're the only one chasing me, Bird Brain!"
Robin scowled. While he hated the insult, he hated the fact that Light was right even more. The other Titans were busy elsewhere.

Doctor Light suddenly stopped and turned on Robin. The Boy Wonder skidded to a halt and threw a hand over his eye mask even as the villain threw a large pulse of white light across the area. Robin winced against the blinding explosion of photons, but held his ground, and even hurled a bird-a-rang at the last spot he'd seen the Doctor.

A grunt of pain told him his shot had been true, and he grinned, opening his eyes. He saw Light running away again, having gained some ground, but now limping from a bruised leg.

"Got you." Robin muttered as he took off again. He ran down the street, jumped a trash can, fired off a grappler, and was pulled off his feet into the air when the cord found purchase on a ledge some seven stories up. He swung through the air and came down right in front of Doctor Light.

"Give it up, Doc." Robin grinned as he slugged his enemy in the gut, then kicked him into the building they were next to.

Doctor Light winced and held out a hand. Robin ducked the blast of light energy that melted a lamp post behind him, and came up with singed hair.

"You son of a-" he started, but Light was already running away again. Robin blinked once, "Wow… he can kind of move when he's scared…" then took off after him again. He saw the Doctor leap over a fence and into a construction site. Robin grinned and jumped the fence as well.

"Ha! Now I've got y-" Robin landed right on a discarded shovel and it popped up rapidly, slamming its handle directly into the Titan leader's face. He went down without a sound and lay on the ground, stunned and unable to regain his senses.

Doctor Light stopped running some fifteen feet away and looked back. Grinning when he saw his pursuer down, he quickly ran back over before Robin could get back up, "Now I've got you right where I want you!" he crowed, and picked up the shovel, "Say goodbye, Robin!"

The shovel was snatched out of his hands suddenly and he swung nothing but air down at the Boy Wonder. Pausing, he turned around to see what had happened to his improvised weapon.

Cyborg grinned down at him and cracked his titanium knuckles, "Goodnight, Doctor."

Light whimpered once before Cyborg punched him in the face hard enough to send him flying ten feet. The white and black clad villain landed in a heap and didn't move.

Cyborg took a few steps, inspected the downed man, then nodded at a job well done. He kicked at the dirt on the ground for a second, then his eye slowly turned down to the crumpled form at his feet. He grinned a little, "That was real smooth Robbie."

Robin's faint and pained voice wafted up to him, "Shut up, and help me hold my skull together."

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