A totally off the top of my head Derek and Mark fan fiction. This is indeed slash, so for those of you who don't like it- suck it up. Nobody's making you read it.

I do not, nor ever will own Grey's Anatomy, or any of the characters.


Chapter One: Lovesick At The Hospital

Derek sat staring out the window forlornly. Meredith was being incredibly annoying once more, refusing to go out for dinner with him. Feeling slightly rejected, he's refused her sex offfer.

None the less, she'd left him at the hospital with a smile. Always the smiling one she was.

Mark poked his head into the room. "Bored? Wanna go out for a drink somewhere?" Derek was about to say no when Mark shot him one of those 'why not?' looks.

Shrugging, Derek grunted in agreement. "Why not," he said getting up from his chair. Mark grinned his rogueish smile.

"Atta boy," he chuckled, clapping Derek on the back. "Forget about Meredith for a night." Derek stiffened at this comment.

"You know, maybe I should just go home," he replied, going back on what he's said just moments earlier. Mark saw his mistake and went back quickly to fix it.

"C'mon, all I meant was that you're under a lot of stress at work- why not have a little guy time?" He quirked an eyebrow up. Derek smiled wryly at this.

"Yes, with the man who stole my wife away." He too raised an eyebrow. Mark frowned.

"You chose Meredith over Addison long before I did anything." Derek grimaced a little.

"Whatever," he grumbled heaing for the door. Mark grabbed his shoulder.

"Still coming?" he asked. Derek cocked his head.

"You can't get rid of me that easily." Mark laughed. They headed down the hallway and out of the hospital. Mark went ahead to his car, but Derek turned back to gaze sadly at the building. It reminded him of Meredith, and more than anything right then, he wanted to be with Meredith.

"You coming?" Mark called from halfway across the parking lot. His car door was already open, and he looked a little impatient.

"Yeah," Derek muttered, way too low for Mark to hear him. With one backwards glance, he turned and headed for Mark Sloan's car.